UGG Boots

During my trip to Beijing, I bought my first pair of ugg boots.  You know how they say to never wear a new pair of shoe for your vacation as they will hurt your feet?  I never had that problem with UGG boots.  They are so comfy and keep my feet warm all the time.

Sad to say, I can’t wear the boots in my country as we had Summer all year round.  So, the boots will have to go in storage till my next vacation and it has to be somewhere cold.

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… of Bubble Gum and Peanut Butter

This conversation happened between my 5 years old daughter, Kharlette and me.

K – Mummy, see?

Me – OMG!  What happen!  How did the bubble gum get to your pants?! (picking up gum with my fingers)

K – Mummy, the TV say use peanut butter.

Me – Urgh!

Apparently, the little rascal picked that up from Astro TV IQ and trying to experimented it herself. This is what we called, “Monkey see, monkey do.”  Very dangerous girl indeed.  Who knows what she is going to do with the box cutter knife after watching MacGyver?  Oh, oh!  Must not let her watch Superman too!

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Baby Samantha @ 2 months old

Before I start with my rambling, first and foremost, YES!  I AM BACK!!!!


Secondly (LOL), I know it’s been a while and many was wondering why I’ve stopped blogging.  The truth is, I have never stop blogging.  Blogging takes up a lot of time especially when I have to drained a lot of juices from my brain for words.  With Facebook, things got even simpler.  The picture speaks for itself and save me so much trouble to think of something to say even though I have nothing much to crap.  Another thing was, whatever pictures I’ve uploaded in Facebook will eventually be  blogged later of the day.  So it is like doing double work.  When I sat down and think about it, I feel bad that some of you have to look/read  things twice.  In one word, all the above summed up to LAZINESS!

Thirdly, I am still very much addicted to Twilight Fanfiction.  They are like my personal bedtime stories.  If you are much a vivid reader like me, you will know it is very difficult to put down a good book.  In one word, it means FAVOURITISM!

Lastly, I think soon I will have to change my nickname from HijackQueen to MafiaQueen. After getting addicted then bored with Farmville, I started playing Mafia Wars on Facebook.  Boy oh boy, it involved so much killings, so many bashings, so my type of game, ok!  So busy can die liddat even no time to enjoy the new LCD TV . In one word, who like to do boring stuff?

So, to summed up  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = I am happy to be back even though I am still lazy to blog but at night can catch up Rob Pattinson in my dream even though the finger now very itching to check out Mafia.  There!  Told you so,  blogging is just like talking crap.  Muahahahaa!

Let’s put a side all the crap and continue where I left the other time.

Right!  I was talking about my newest niece, Samantha.  It is not my position to elaborate on her sickness (psst.. she is just lying!  Lazy say lazy la) but I do mentioned here and there as to what happen to Samantha in Facebook.  After Samantha returned home from her Mummy’s confinement period, I did a simple yet impromptu photoshoot for her.

You get to see more from my Facebook.

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Baby Samantha

Remember sometime during February click here I’ve posted some pregnancy shots of my Sister?  Well, baby Samantha is now a month old.  I haven’t had a proper chance to get a proper shots of her.  I do have shots laying around in my camera’s memory disc but I think those are not counted.  Just by viewing them from the camera, I’ve already knew they are not good.  Anyway, the first week of Samantha’s life was hectic especially to my Sister & BIL.  To keep a long story short, Samantha was diagnosed with Inborn Metabolism Error.  On her 3rd day, she had lots of acid in the blood and required a emergency blood transfusion.  That is when everything go hair wire.  I might write a longer post of Samantha once I get some pretty shots of her.  At the meantime, Baby Samantha is doing fine now.  God wish her well.







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*Gold Coin

While the PayPal was loading the last request to deduct US$150 from my account, I chicken out and clicked X. I wonder how many ppl out there was so addicted by Mafia War that they actually spent money to buy…. NOT real money *slap self*

*If you are not a hardcore gamer especially Mafia War, you will not understand this feeling. Having extra  gold coins meant a lot to us as we can used it to buy more powerful weapons, upgrade energy, etc*

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Repair Bad Paymaster Record

For someone who has turned over a new leaf after a series case of  black listed under Bank Negara or any banks for offenses like unable to settle bank loans, credit card or bankruptcy, your name will be stuck in the black list like forever if you don’t do something about it.  Meaning, you can’t get a new bank loan or apply for credit cards with any other banks.

There are few ways you can go about to clear your name.  One of them involved getting help from credit repair service with some fees implied.  Another way that was proven effective (or has already proven effective in my case) was be good, behave yourself, pay all your dues on time, start building up savings in your bank account again.  Once the bank took notice of you, eventually they will come to you automatically offering their services (credit card).

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The Sleepy Dust Fairy

Have you heard the stories of Sleepy Dust Fairy?  This is one story that I would told Baby Princess before bedtime how The Sleepy Dust Fairy would come and sprinkle dust on little children eyes and they will start yawning and would fall asleep like how sleeping pills helps the adult.  The first time I told her the story, she ask, “If I am good, does she leave me a dollar under my pillow like what the Tooth Fairy did?”


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Food Allergy

Few weeks ago, daughter had allergic reaction after eating only 2 fishballs.  At the beginning, she had a few blemish on her face and we thought they are some acnes or mosquito bites. We even applied acne lotion on the affected area.  Few hours later, the blemish grew a bigger patch and her body started to have show.  Later on, the Doctor confirmed that it was a food allergic.  She had been eating fishballs for the past 10 years and this is the first time she had allergic.  Can you imagine what 2 fishballs can do to your body?  It could be the preservative in it or… I really don’t know.  I find nowadays food is not safe anymore.  Better eat more green veges.

Oh, wait.  Veges had too much pesticide.  So how? So how!

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Julie @ 7 Months

Took this photo for my Sister Julie when she was around 7 months pregnant with her 2nd baby.  Even though she took the best prenatal vitamins I still find her tummy small.  The old wives saying, “that is because she is carrying a baby girl!” By the time I’m writing this post, my sister is about to due in a weeks time.  That is how much I’ve procrastinate with my blogging. *sigh…*

I tried studio style this time.  To be precise, home make shift studio.  The only thing missing here is a studio light.  Look at this 2 pictures and I’ll elaborate further:

My Sister, Julie and my other nephew

CAn you see what is the difference?

Look at the background.  Without a studio light, we tend to get greyish background even though our backdrop is white.  For the 2nd picture, I edge and delete the grey background.  Hence how you have a white background.  This is to say, if you want the real studio effect, photoshop it!

I’ve upload the rest of the photos in Facebook.  Enjoy!

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FGS Dong Zen 2010

It’s been a long time since I have a picture-over-loaded post.  This is going to be one.  FGS Dong Zen is a temple situated in Jenjarom about 30minutes away from Klang.  We go there every year during Lunar New Year for photography.  If you plan to do some photography, I would advise you to reached the temple around 4 or 5 o’clock (depending how long you intend to spent on shooting) for daylight shoot.  Lights will be switched on around 7pm and from there, you can do the night shoot.  Usually I will skip the night shoot as I am not very good in it. Yet.

Okie, less talk and pictures time!

I love these few shots of Kharlette.  Mischivious little girl she is!

That weekend we was there, WWF was having a ‘Save The Tiger’ campaign whilst making a record of painting 1,000 faces.    We are part of the participants. Kudos to all the volunteers from WWF. In fact, this is my first time getting my face painted.  I was very nervous while waiting for the painter to finish her job cos my ‘beauty’ is in her hand. It was such a relieved when she handed me the mirror cos I’ve seen a few people had their face badly painted.  Next time I shall find a job or volunteering job like this so that I can make people look ugly.  Wahahahaha!

I’ve upload more pictures in Facebook.  Enjoy!

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