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Done Busy with Scrapbook

The Photobook voucher I bought last year is nearing it’s expiry date and I have started compiling pictures and scarp elements before CNY so that I do not have to rush on the LO (layout).  During the long CNY break, I managed to do 6 LO only.  And right after the long break, I was burning the midnight old to complete 2 books with a total of 104 LO.  I’m walking like a zombie now O.O  I was so relieved when I finally submitted my 2 books to Photobook which means back to my usual blogging and hijacking!

While going thru tons and tons of my photographs, I realised I have never send any of them for printing since I own a digital camera in year 2003.  Since EOE Online (a first online photo printing in Malaysia) is having a blogger’s review campaign, I decided to jump in the bandwagon.   This is what it is all about if you want to get your photographs print for FREE.  FREE!!!!

  1. Place a print order via eoe Online for 50x4R and 2x8R photos. At the payment page, please select ‘Bank-in’ option. You do not have to make any payments.
  2. Publish your review on our online photo printing service with a link back to the eoe Online website.

The rest of the terms and condition can be found in their website.  After doing step 1 and 2 on the above, you get your photographs print for FREE and delivered to your doorstep for FREE too.  FREE! Another condition is you need to own a blog for at least 6 months and have at least a minimum of  30 posts. Of course frre thing come with a price la.  Sis, if you read this, let me use your blog if you are not interested in the free prints hor.

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Buckle Up Behind

Was driving one day and out of the blue Dotter pop up this question:

Dotter: Mummy, you got RM300 or not?
Mummy: *shock* What is the money for!
Dotter: Di-Di (Brother) didn’t put on seat belt.
Mummy: *wakakakaka*

I was thinking the other day. Usually on our long rides back to kampung, the 9y/o will be sprawling (not strap up) at the rear seat sleeping, and the 7y/o will be sleeping in his car seat. That left with no more space for the 4y/o and she will usually strap up with Mummy in the front seat, sleeping. Yes, must travel during their nap time so that they won’t turn the car upside down. With the new enforcement to buckle up rear seat passenger, I make a little adjustment here. And of course spent a little $$$ so that everyone will travel in comfort.

Since the 3 kids need to be strapped up at the rear seat and I have to think of a way so that they can sleep more comfortably, I get a new booster seat for the 7 y/o and now his 4y/o Sister can have her car seat back. Bought the booster seat at S$26 only and if according to my conversion rate optimization they are only RM62.40. Cheap eh? How about the Big Sista? Initially I planned to get everyone a neck support pillow but too bad, they left only one pillow on the shelf. And my initial, initial plan was to get a inflatable pillow for easy storage. This is the result from last minute shopping so I just grab whatever that is on the shelf and they cost so much for a foam pillow! If the Big Sista is using them, this left the 7 y/o without any neck support. Let’s see which Sista is generous enough to lend their shoulder to lean on. You know how some siblings never allow their sibling to touch them further more, have to endure those saliva dripping. *yikes!*

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NSE & ELITE Highway: Up to 20% Toll Discount

Yes, you hear me right. From 1st January 2009 till 31st December 2010, PLUS Highway is giving 10% on normal days and 20% discount during festive season for vehicles that cross the ‘finishing line’ between 12am till 7am. The PLUS initiative is in line with the Government’s call to give added value to highway users especially during this current economic situation.

This incentive package does benefit us since we are planning to start our journey back to Daddy’s hometown on Friday night. Let’s see, it takes us 3 hours to get to the toll which means we can dilly dally our time packing, dinner, pangsai, pangjioh and estimated time to leave home is about 9pm. Not bad yea. From our entry point to exit point usually it cost us RM36.80. With the discount, it save us… let’s see… RM36.80 x 20% = RM7.36. Did I see that right? RM7.36!!! Wtf, not enough to buy myself a McDonald Prosperity Burger leh!!! zzzzzzzzzzzz

If you intend to take a late night drive, make sure your eyes is as bright as the owl.  For back seat passenger, how’s life being strap up in seat belt? kekekeke…

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Photobucket Account Temporary Suspended

This time, the kiamsiapness (stinginess) in me decided not to upgrade anymore. Previously when I exceeded my 25GB monthly bandwidth, I did a temporary 3 months upgrade at US$11.85 instead of a full year of US$39.95. See, now you know I am so kiamsiap can die! I know, Photobucket is more expensive than Flickr that is why their CEO has plenty of property in Outer Banks rentals. My account will be reactivated on the 16th of the month when my bandwidth usage resets to zero. At the meantime, I am using my other backup account as I do not want to overload the server. Do check back again after the 16th of the month for images on my old posting. Adios!

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The Bogus Police

Oooo…. I better write this down before I forgot about the incident.

Scenario 1

During our last trip to Singapore around Christmas, somewhere along some secluded and shady stretch after paying at Tuas toll, we was stopped by Police for speeding. All along, we don’t intend to bribe them. As expected la, the offer will come. Before I continue, for those who is not familiar with procedure when you are stopped for speeding, the Traffic Police will ask for your driver’s ID then proceed to write you the summon and NEXT, get your signature on the summon too. So this is what happen to us. Conversation has been translated for those who don’t understand Bahasa Malaysia:

Police: Sir, you have exceeded the speed limit. Show me your ID.

*Hubby hand over ID*

Police: So, you want to settle here or summon?

*wah, so direct tim*

Hubby: Summon

Police: Settle?

*I can heard so clearly my Hubby said SUMMON! wtf*

Hubby: Summon!

*Police is bit shock*

Police: Oh, orang Pontian ah? *pretending fiddling with Hubby’s ID* OK, nanti kami pos saman ke rumah di Pontian.

*Give back ID*

Then what, drive off la. Those are bogus police la. They want us to bribe them only! Luckly we never intend to bribe them.  Of course we had a good laugh at them.  They make themselves looks like a fool.

Scenario 2

Sometime after Christmas my Youngest Sister after hearing my story said she had the similar incident happened to her.

Her group of friends was out partying and some of them got drunk except her.  They was stopped by the Police and was asked to go to the Police station to get a breath test done.  They said ok.  But the Police let me off the hook.


PLEASE DON’T BRIBE OUR POLICEMAN, OK? If you know you are wrong, act like a man.  Pay the fine.  If not, please drive at the speed limit of 110km/h.

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The RM625 Subsidy

I know for some people, the RM625.00 subsidy given by the Government from the previous fuel hike is like a donation to them because their working place is just a stone throw away from their home and the previous fuel hike doesn’t burden them at all. After waiting all these month, finally I get my rebates when I renew my auto insurance and road tax at the Pos Office.

Let me related to you my experience.  For claims at the Pos Office by the car owner, they are paid RM625.00 in cold hard cash.  But claims by a representative, you will have a choice to received the money in Money Order or by Bank Transfer.  I choose Bank Transfer as I am afraid the Money Order will lost in the mail.  Remember to attached a copy of your identity card together with the completed form.  Two days later after submission,  the money is in my bank already.  I can’t believe they are so efficient! Malaysia Boleh!

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Yoda Save Yoga


Director: Hijackqueen

Writer : Nazlan J.

Release Date: 27 November 2008

Genre: Cartoon

Plot: Yoga Bear was banned from entering Jellystone Park. Yogi Bear reported the news to his Cousin, Yoga Bear in Jellystone Park. Uncle Yoda came to their rescue!

Cast: Yogi Bear
Yoga Bear
Yoda Master

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Where Has My Saturday Gone?

I have been going out of town every weekend since early October. Week one was the Singapore Trip. Week two Nephew’s wedding, week three Picnic in Morib, Week four FIL’s birthday and then last Saturday we was in Sunway Lagoon for Daddy company’s Family Day. Phew… and can you believe this coming Saturday I will be gone again for my cruise trip? *jumping like a school girl*

Suddenly I have too many things to blog but too little time to do so. I have yet to finish blogging my SG trip and after this week, you will see new photos from my cruise trip again. *jumping like school girl*. That is really scary!

Talking about Sunway Lagoon, you should revisit the place. They have a new kiddie water area. Way cooler than previously and wayyyyyyyyy bigger than before. Even the surf pool had sands now compared to previously, they are just pebble stones.

Not much pictures on the kids this time. Don’t know why. Don’t feel like taking pictures of them. I was kinda bored with all those same ole shots. I took more pictures of Daddy’s telematch so that he could share them with his colleagues.

I won’t be updating my blog till I come back from my cruise. *jumping like school girl* I’ve bought some new gear this time. A straw hat! And a dinner dress that I don’t think I will be wearing. You know in some cruise like las vegas nv, people really dress up in dresses for dinner. But then, we are talking about Malaysian. I will feel very uneasy if I overdress but I know I can’t go wrong with ‘underdress’ (don’t bother checking the Dictionary. There is no such word exist!) cos we are Malaysian!

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Basic on Scrapbooking

Not many people heard of the term scrapbooking. What is actually scrapbooking? In my own words scrapbooking is where you transformed a dull photo into a piece of beautiful artwork. It is not difficult to start off if you have photoshop software or any other photo editing program that is able to do layering and must be able to run .png file.

Next, gather lots of element for scrapbook. You should be able to start working now. For my project, these are the elements that I am using:

Top to bottom: Ribbons, pin, stitches, flowers and alphabets. Not forgetting you need a paper too for the background.

From here on, you can start to create your master piece anyway you like or make them like a storyline. Not sure about you, I get my inspiration from looking at the elements I have, before putting them together.

I did a simple layout for my 11 month old Nephew.

Happy Scrapbooking.

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Pruning the Lime Tree

We are less than three months away from celebrating Chinese New Year. The one thing to prepare myself for CNY is pruning the lime tree now. This is how you should prune them.

1) Trim every branches so that a new branch will sprout out. There is no special skill for doing that. All you have to do is snip every thing like trimming hair.
2) Pluck all the old leaves. This is how you identify old leaves. The colour is usually darker and the texture is thicker.
3) You can go the extra mile rejuvenate the soil with a new one. For my case, I just fertilized them with organic fertilizer.

They should look bare after all the trimmings. Don’t worry as new sprout will appear in a weeks time before the flower starts blooming. If all goes well, everything should go as planned by CNY *keeping my finger cross*.

The result of the trimmings left me with a big basket of limes. I gave them all to the good neighbours on my left and right. And guess what, the neighbour on my left told me, “Sometimes I used to pluck your lime. I love to used them in my cooking.” Ohhhh, the cat is out from the bag. She has been stealing my lime all these while!  Not that I care.  I have too many fruits on the tree. lol.

There’s another thing that I need to do is to set out few brown recluse spider trap in the attic as the spiders have been leaving cob webs in there which can get very irritating to the skin and with the trap I have one less thing to clean up.

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