Things That She Said

Things that blurted out from a 4 years old mouth.

Scenario 1

On our way back to kampung while the kids sleeping at the backseat:

Mummy:  Kharlette, since you are up we stop for you to shee-shee (passing urine) ok?

Kharlette:  *nod head*

Mummy:  If later Kor-kor (brother) wants to urine he can always urine in the (mineral water) bottle. *jokingly*

Kharlette:  *giggle* *giggle*

Mummy:  Kor-kor can shee-shee in the bottle or not? *holding up the plastic bottle*

Kharlette:  Can!

Mummy:  Daddy can shee-shee in the bottle or not?

Kharlette:  Cannot.

Mummy:  Aiks, why?

Kharlette:  Because Daddy’s penis is too big.


Scenario 2

One of the night Son gave me a good night kiss on the lips and I asked him to kiss his Baby Sister too and Kharlette said, “If he do that I’m going to use his shirt to wipe! I don’t care!” *while closing her mouth with her hands* LOL!

Isn’t this the best anti wrinkle cream in the world?

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  1. twin said,

    January 17, 2010 @ 12:57 am

    hahaha kids are so smart these days!

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