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I Also Have Milk

I was eavesdropping the conversation between Baby Princess and my Sister while she was breastfeeding her boy in my house:

Kharlette:  Wu Yi (5th Aunt), I also got milk.

Wu Yi:  Show me where is your milk.

Kharlette:  In the kitchen.

Haha!  What were you all thinking?  When I heard that little rascal’s reply, I was sniggering at my Sister.  Kena juga dia.

Another incident happen just recently when I was babysitting my Nephew during my Sister’s absence.  This little boy can tell time and he will start crying if he stays any longer in my house.

Kharlette: Mummy, let Jonathan drink your milk la.

O.o Asif I am still productive. Chis!

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Kiddie Talent Time

The Kids Sunday School was having a talent time event last Sunday and none the less, Prince (6y/o) & Baby Princess (3y/o) was one of the participant showing off their talent. If Christianity is not your cuppa, I’m sorry about it. I write purely for the sake of my kids. So, can all of us stand up and say a little prayer??? LOL! Come on, the storyline have to start from somewhere right and I’m totally drawing a blank right now!

Baby Princess is very cute while reciting prayer.

Teacher: Dear God,
Baby: God
Teacher: Thank you for bring us here,
Baby: Here
Teacher: To this wonderful church
Baby: Church

… LOL and the whole prayer she just repeating the last word after the Teacher.

Thereafter, they have some praise and worship to warm up the kids.

The talent time started off with kids from age 5, 4, 3 and lastly 6 years old. When the Teacher announced Baby Princess name, she chicken out! She refused to sing! That really took me by surprise as she look very contended and this chili padi is so talkative. That really shows that this kid DO feel shy in public speaking. So I thought that’s all la, can say bye-bye ade. No more picture of her.

The 6 year old turn. Now the kiasuism Mum not only kiasu, KIASI somemore. Prince went up to the make-shift stage and there he goes, decided to screwed up the introductory line but he was so smart to wiggle out of it as he just simply tembak. Now the Mummy was supposed to take pictures of him at close range but decided to stay where she is, afraid that her Son will make mistake again in his singing. Really kiasi la this Mother. Cannot tahan!

The actual picture is like this lor. So small people only. But don’t have to worry cos I can always crop it ma. hehehe… After cropping:

That is my Boy singing “I Will Make You Fisher Of Man”. Round applause to him as he did very well. Managed to finished the whole song without mistake. I am so proud of him. Every participant was then given a little dragon fly toy.

I am still coaxing Baby Princess to go up the stage to sing if she wants the dragon fly like her Brother. All she does was shaking her head and pull a long and sour face. After many coaxing, suddenly out of the blue she murmured, “Mummy, I want to sing.” Lo and behold, without wasting time I quickly shoved her up the stage in case she changed her mind out of the sudden. You know how kids are, sometimes they got angin (air head) wan. I promised her I will hold her hand while she sings.

She just stood there and was staring at the crowd. Wah lau, really like Princess.

I have to coaxed her again… hold her hand…. encouraging words… and finally she sang, but very very very very soft. Yup! Very very very soft. The audience decided to sing along with her. I think they beh tahan with her also. haha!

Fuyoh! After 2 rounds of warming up, the third round she sang even louder. That is just so her in her real self reciting “God is so Good” the English and Mandarin version. That is a lot of courage to stand up on the stage and sing before the 50 audiences. I don’t think I can do that. You see, my kids can only sing.  You should see the others kids.  Some can sing and recite the 10 commandments!  They are way better than me.  And of course the thing that makes her happy is the dragon fly.

In less than 5 minutes, she broke the wing >.< Ouch!

The mischievous boy with his antic.

One of the beautiful creation by God. Ahem.

ooo… this little girl looks like alli (Ally) McBeal – I was aiming the camera at her and her Mama ask her to smile for me and she did. Just like that. I likey! Some kids will shy away from the camera.

Lastly, the picture that paints a thousand word.

Prince favourite teacher, Teacher Joyce. She was so proud of Prince. Well, all I can say is without their encouragement and support, there is no today. Thank you Teacher Joyce for giving Carlgene the opportunity. He is going to miss you next year when he migrated to the Primary department. *sob, sob*

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Before Internet Rules The World

Eight years ago before I had the so-called privileged of surfing net, I used to have lots of reading material with me – Reader’s Digest, Motherhood, Parenthood, various type of woman’s magazine, etc. To kill time, I love to cut up those little free sample coupon or discount coupon from the magazines and not forgetting, entering lots of contests.

One of the many contests that I was actively participate is the Parenthood magazine. Many a time, photographs of Eldest Princess was selected. The prizes I’ve won previously consist of the usual kids stuff for example Johnson & Johnson and Pigeon hamper. Somehow, the frenzy just stop at no. 1. I can’t recalled things that happened at those time. How weird.

Four years ago, I started surfing the internet and was hooked on it. When no. 3 came along, I was too busy surfing that I’ve almost drown aka addicted la. I don’t even bother to flip any magazines at all. I have WHOLE lot of interesting stuff to read on the internet.

So sorry for the long winded post. I am trying to get to the point as soon as possible. Still working my way there. LOL. Now let’s talk about my next-door-sister. While she is expecting her first child, I pass over the old copies of Parenthood magazines to her. And thereafter, she has been buying the new edition every month. One day…. no. 3 came to me with a copy of the September edition. It takes a while for me to realized she is trying to get my attention on the magazine. She kept on pointing to a picture printed on the magazine but was wordless as how to relate it to me. She is still babbling while point to the picture! So I took a closer look at it and to my surprises……

(I am finally done with the bushes. phew)

I still couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her pic on the magazine!

Oh, it was nothing *blushing*

My Sis send in her photograph for a contest without my knowledge and she won a Fiffy hamper too.

It then reminds me eight years ago….. (scroll up and repeat reading the first paragraph)

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Kids Say The Darnest Thing

What do you called a pair of old socks that has lost it’s elasticity?

I was hanging my laundry when Baby Princess came to me, “Mummy, see!  My socks is so sleepy.”

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Easter Glow

Easter day has come and gone but the memory is safely stored in my hard drive. I can’t stop staring at her photographs as she has grown more beautiful by days. I have no idea as how I should describe that special glow on her face. She really had that glow especially on her cheeks.

🙁 Sorry, I am so Emo and tired today. Please don’t say any mushy-mushy words to me or I may cry. I can’t wait to go home and give this Baby a big bear hug or maybe drop one or two ‘happy’ tears. Signing out….

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Number Three is Three

Baby Princess started play school early of this year. At the same time, I’ve enrolled her in Sunday School too. I’m so glad she love both of it. Everyday, she will ask if tomorrow got school or not. And her tomorrow will never end with Sunday School. She has grown more talkative and her speech was excellent. Sometime Most of the time she will go babble, babble, babble and we have to ask her to stop.

She is getting mischievious by days. At times, I find her antic amusing but most of the time, she is really a trouble maker. She has this ability to charm people. Most of the time, I will fall into her traps. She conversed less in Mandarin ever since she stopped going to the babysitter. Which, is a bad thing la! She used to communicate in full Mandarin with Aunty, but now, Aunty is complaining that she don’t understand a word what Baby Princess is talking.

Coming to her speech, her once upon a time Ki Ki Kau is now clearly heard as Mickey Mouse. *rolling-on-floor-laughing* Lello is now Yellow. Winnie the Pooh is still Winnie Pooh Pooh which I think is cute 😀 . Sometimes, she calls herself Monster Truck and at times, she thinks she is Transformers. This is when she will fight with her brother cos both of them wanted to be Autobot. errr… that’s all the progress at 3 years old.

We almost celebrate her birthday in TGIF if not because of Cheng Beng. So this year, we have different picture compare to the previous year. You know, I am so glad I have wonderful Sister-In-Laws. They are just wonderful peoples (not because of the birthday cake they bought. They ARE really nice people.)

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… of butt in the bin

Well, to reply a few of my readers comment on my thumb sucking post:

  1. I’ve tried minyak cap kapak. But this girl is very smart. She will continuously rubbing her finger on her clothes and taste them occasionally till the spicyness worn off.
  2. I’ve told her horror stories like worms hiding under her nail and she will get tummy ache. But kids don’t buy such a story.
  3. I’ve bought a type of bitter medicine from U.S. to apply on her nail. Either the medicine is not bitter enough or my girl is just too stubborn.
  4. and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Too lazy to list them all.

One fine day, after picking her up from the babysitter’s house, as usual, she will put her finger in her mouth for comfort. So I told her, “No suck-suck finger. Dirty.” Then she will ‘teh’ (manja) a bit. Somehow, dunno why suddenly I reacted this way. I say, “Since you like to suck your finger so much then I throw you in the dustbin cos Mummy don’t like smelly baby.”

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She least expect me going to do that!

Her whole butt sinked to the bin and she is struggling to get up. That is so hillarious. After a while, she stopped struggling and of course I’ve finished with my photoshot and get her out of the bin.

This is when she melt my heart again!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Her million dollar smile.

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While the Baby sleeps…..

… we played a prank on her. lol.

Baby Princess is a weirdo. She don’t suck her thumb but her index finger. The prank is, I used a plaster to wrap around her index finger. The first thing she does when she wakes up is to put her finger in her mouth. Well, we are expecting some commotion and lots of wailing, of course!

We watched her action. Firstly, she tried to peel off the plaster. Then her wailing started. In between sob, she said, “Mummy, si.ti.ker! Mummy, si.ti.ker!” All I could do is started laughing at her antic. Of course I felt a bit pathetic to see her cry. After peeling of the plaster, she resumed her sucking. *gosh!*

Must think of a way to wean her off that index finger. Any idea?

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She’s no Longer a “Baby”

Just yesterday we remember seeing her in her birthday suit. Within minutes, little one was wrapped up in blanket and rompers. Today, her chubby body snugged perfectly under that long flowing dress.

Being the 3rd child in the family, she had to share Mummy and Daddy’s love and attention with her two other siblings. You can’t blame Mummy when she totally forgot about the Birthday cake 😆

And since TGIFriday refuse to give me a discount on dining, I won’t give them another good review nor post up any of the food and that yummilicious creamillious devilish mud pie *blueh*

Nah! Left over from Jurrasic Park *ngek*

I missed Tony’s Roma steak so much. Maybe during my Birthday, I’ll eat my heart out there.

Here’s a video for viewing pleasure if you are interested to know how their staffs make such a stomping ruckus during birthday celebrations that the next country also can hear.

“Baby, tell all the lengchai Uncle and lenglui Aunty how old are you today?”

Oops… bad habit die hard. We will still be calling her “Baby” at home cos she’s still a “Baby” in our eyes.

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Thumb Sucking

Favour of the day: We need you to light a candle of support to destroy the commercial viability of Internet child abuse sites that are destroying the lives of innocent children.

Thumb sucking child is like a drug addict. They need their fix. If you refuse them, they will turn violent and start kicking, rolling and yelling.

If you see a child having her fix, leave her alone to avoid any accidental injury to yourself.

Little do you know, there is not only thumb sucking but also index sucking. Never heard of this before? WHY DO I HAVE ALL THE WEIRD PEOPLE IN MY FAMILY???? Yes! Baby Princess don’t favour thumb. She is a index finger sucker! How weird.

During her fix, she need some companion too. Is either her fluffy baby pillow or her red beany bear with silky ribbon. I’ve seen majority of thumb sucking child with the same habit. They need to feel or smell it while having their fix.

All I can say, ” awwwwwww…. coo chi, coo chi.” Don’t they look innocent and cute?

Neway, I’ll think of a way to wean her off the sucking when I no longer consider her cute, k? See how time flies and today is Friday again. Be a good parents to your children. Spent more time with them but don’t spoilt them! Have a good weekend and say hi to your mom for me 😀

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