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Don’t ask me what happen or how it happen cos I really don’t know. By the time I saw them, they already like that.  Is like…. suddenly the nail decided to divorce the finger. *tsk, tsk*    Initially we wanted to bring Prince to the doctor but few days later, a new nail grew and Daddy said the new nail will push the old nail out.  I hope Daddy is correct or else we will put the blame on him.  You all be my witness, ok!

aitelyu, my heart ache when I think of the pain my poor boy have to endure while getting the nail  pull out by the Doctor.  Let’s see how it goes the next few weeks.  Hopefully we don’t need the Doctor.  *sigh…

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Bento Mania #79 – Cream Cheese Cupcake

If you remember a while ago I baked some cupcake during eldest Princess  9th Birthday.  Along with the paper mould, I have some of them baked using the silicon cup so that the kids can have them for their next day bento.  All I have to do in the morning is to pipe some cream cheese on it, sprinkle some Thousand and Hundred and perfected it with a candy heart.

In the evening, Princess came home from school asking for more cupcakes.  Whoa!  Didn’t know it was a big hit!  Guess I’ll be baking cupcakes more often from now on.

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