R.I.P…. bicycle…

Before I had the chance to show off post up my bicycle pictures, it   was stolen from my house sometime in April. If you must know,  I REALLY LIKE THIS BICYCLE!!! 🙁

Ever since the petrol price hike, I have been cycling to nearby shop to get anything quick or quick trip.  I find that cycling is even faster than me driving the car to the shop.  I don’t have to worry about parking and queuing up.  And the part I love most is fetching Little MissTroubleMaker from her Kindie (nearby our house too)!  *sobing* 🙁

Mistake was, we did not chain it cos we never thought that someone will want to steal a 5 years old bicycle.  And how did that person steal it?  I think he must have jump climb over our gate and carry the bicycle over the gate. :(  Aiseh, so sad even writing and thinking of it.

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  1. Julie said,

    May 9, 2009 @ 5:55 pm

    And also the rattan baby chair that was on the bicycle. 🙁

  2. huisia said,

    May 9, 2009 @ 9:25 pm

    old has gone new will come 🙂

  3. yenjai.net said,

    May 10, 2009 @ 7:56 pm

    Maybe I should tell you:
    Someone walked inside to my clinic to stole my fish?
    Or that someone actually walk past my clinic, (probably at night), and then stole that Bendera I hang outside? (he cabut together with the pole!)

  4. sila said,

    May 11, 2009 @ 2:49 am

    aiseh… too bad about the bicycle. these days everything oso must chain up… 🙁

    also, happy mother’s day to you and you mom! 🙂

  5. coffeesncookies said,

    May 11, 2009 @ 9:22 am

    sigh… i want a bicycle to cycle to nearby shops but hubs refused, he said it’s too dangerous to cylce. sigh.. i just love the feel of breeze blowing against me when i cycle.
    get another bicycle with a chain this time ???

  6. sasha said,

    May 11, 2009 @ 3:27 pm

    my bicycle last time also kena stolen. so kek sum. Eh what u did to yr blog. Can use opera jor!

  7. wen said,

    May 11, 2009 @ 4:03 pm

    aiyoh, like that oso can kena stolen ah? so bad la

  8. laundryamah said,

    May 11, 2009 @ 4:49 pm

    johhh..u made the scrap look like ur hubs was the theif, riding away with yr beloved bike..bersama ur princess summore!

  9. a-moms-diary said,

    May 12, 2009 @ 1:33 am

    Times are really that bad huh? What do they do with the bike leh? Sell it or use it?

  10. rachel said,

    May 15, 2009 @ 5:15 pm

    maybe time to consider a watch dog.

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