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Vitagen Collagen

Vitagen has a new release of their cultured drinks.

Vitagen + Collagen

I was pondering at what is the usage of collagen in the drinks. To my general knowledge of Collagen, it is like an “anti-aging” agent that makes our skin springy aka elastic aka more supple. It has nothing to do for our digestive system.

Collagen is definitely not for kids! However, if they consume it, they won’t die la. Well, as we all know, many parents buy Vitagen for their kids consumption. I just hope the company will at least indicate what collagen is on the bottle cos some uneducated parents will just blindly buy them for their kids thinking it has some magic potion.

As for me, I bought one pack to blog try. I have to hide them somewhere in the refigerator so that the kids won’t see them. Like I’ve said earlier, collage is not harmful for kids. It does no usage for them at all. But this new drinks cost double (RM6.80) compare to the normal Vitagen (RM3.80)! So expensive can die!

Loctor-loctor sekalian, any komen?

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*Hilton Head Island

Ever since Athena back from her Europe trip, I have been admiring all her photographs. The sceneary is magnificient it makes me want to go on a holiday too. While I was searching on the internet for vacation destination, I came across Hilton Head rentals.

They offer the type of vacation that I’ve long for – lush greeneries, white sandy beaches, villa rooms and not forgetting all the water sports that they have. I would say it is a good time for the kids to indulge themselves on nature rather than be a couch potato and eyes glue on their portable game machine all the time.

I know I need to save, save, save!

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myPhone, iPhone

After months of klang-klang and hoo-haa’ing bloggers made, finally I’m into their club now.

I’m definitely no stranger by looking at the phone. All the little icons was way too familiar not to forget. All the way from the States for only US$399, I was told that they are going to sell this baby at RM2k plus during their launching around June.

I don’t intend to turn this post into a review, but I really could not help myself. I just have to show you guys how cool the phone is.

Nowadays, I can have my own privacy of surfing the net anywhere at anytime I like.

Gone was the day when I have to haul the heavy and bulky laptop to the loo. While I did my business the heat from the laptop would slowly penetrate thru my fat tight.

The SMS is so cool they actually sort messages according to phone numbers.

Now, you can read all of them in a glimpse. (I have yet to learn how to delete the one that I doesn’t want instead of erasing the whole thing.)

And of course, they have the iPod, iTunes, YouTube, e-mail all in a touch of button.

How about this? GPS navigator.

Once I press the button, intelligently the machine detected my location. So you say, chun or not jek? I just need to key in my destination from point A to point B. (If no Wi-Fi can go hor lan liao.)

Now I am Hubby’s little helper.

I remember clearly on the first day when I play around with this phone, Dow Jones was at it low self 111 points. The day I took this photo was at it’s highest 261 point. Wait ah, let me check. As I am typing this post, Dow Jones dropped again to 187.32 points. Wah Daddy, time to buy shares again wor.

And, and the rotating screen.

And the reducing and enlarging of screen by using your fingers (thumb and index) to pinch on the screen.

The phone is not entirely klang-klang. One thing that dissapoint me is their built in camera. No flash, no macro, no video, no nothing! It’s just a camera by itself. Bah!

I’ll do another bad review later. All I can say is, if you are paying US$399 instead of RM2k, it is a good price to pay for a electronic toy. But with RM2k, I think you can get a better mobile phone compare to this. Soli ya… *run and hide*

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*My House Has Termite!

The first time I encountered termite in my house was about 3 years ago. From there onwards, I have engaged a pest control company to have my house check every 4 months. I thought my problem will be solved while the guys take care of it but little did I know, the termite attacked again on the bathroom wooden door frame.

I was advise by my neighbour to bait the termite and not just killed them as there is a colony of termite elsewhere in my house. She highly recommended Terminix as they have 60 years of experience in pest control. With just one visit, they have solved the termite problem in my house. No more annoying people coming to my every 4 months just to have my house smell of chemicals.

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*What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

American Home Shield is a company that performed professional home check on the property that you are about to buy. They inspect over 400 items including furnitures and electrical appliances before you put down your deposit for a house. If I were to know the existence of American Home Shield, that could save me a lot of sum when buying a second hand house. Why do I say that?

During the renovation for the new house that I’ve bought, the contractor found out that the parquet flooring was attacked by termites. That really blow my renovation budget as I have to change the parquet flooring to tiles and of course, not forgetting, paying extra sum of money engaging a pest control company to bait the termites.

With the professional inspection rendered by American Home Shield, I would have save a lot on defective item that we are not aware of.

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*Green, Green, Grass

Recently I was invited by a friend to her house warming. The moment I stepped into her house compound, the greens attracted me instantly. I can’t help myself but to ask for her secret as how she maintained a big garden and yet, her plants look so fertilised.

Her secret is TruGreen. I see. She actually hired a professional gardener to help her with the designing, planting and maintaining her garden. I have to admit that I don’t have green fingers. My grass look so deadly where else, hers is so green like the one we saw on the golf course. Many people did not know that grass need fertiliser too. And without fertiliser, weeds then to grow on our garden. Gosh, talking about weeds, where do I find the time to tend to my garden? Maybe I should hire TruGreen to maintain my garden as their fees is quite reasonable too.

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Happy Easter Sunday

This year, instead of painting the Easter egg, I opt for the easy way out. Dye them! No more messy-messy kids and save me tones of yelling.

To dye an egg, all you need is a hard boiled egg, a small bowl, colourings and white vinegar.

Use a spoon if you don’t want to have ‘Easter’ fingers. Dry them on a kitchen towel or you can place them on the egg carton to dry.

There you go.

This is the same method to dye red eggs during a Baby Full moon.

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Achelli, I don’t intend to show off.  But then, if I don’t, what is the purpose of blogging? Everyone blogs about something (be it a living thing or not) in the pre-text of showing off.  If you don’t called that show off, might as well don’t blog. Right?


I tried to Google for the pic but couldn’t find one.  Not even anything close to it.  But I managed to get the pic for the other two smaller ones 😀 .

May I presents you……

COACH Signature strip Wristlet bags *big grin*.

The other two Coaches that I have is something like a Tote bag.  One is brown with their signature strip.  The other one is full leather light blue.

Since Hubby is going to the States again in April, I might get him to buy me this:

I can’t decide which one to get.  As long as I had any one of them, I will die happily. *slap own mouth.  Choy! Choy!*

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Finally I’ve finished my first Photobook.

These are some scrap pages that I’ve done. I can’t wait to get the book on Friday. Hopefully!

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How To Get A Free Domino Pizza

Aitelyu, those guy will never arrive late.  If you really want a free pizza from Domino, gotta try some dirty trick.  It happens to me accidentally so I’m sharing my experience with you guys now.

The answer is……:  Order a pizza during rainy day!

Since we are talking about pizza, which outlet do you usually go to?  Currently, my favourite is Domino cos they have this awesome Secret Salmon Pizza aka Salmon Sausage Pizza.

Other than that, their Chicken Lasagna is much better, 100x better than Pizza Hut.  It really melts in your mouth. And, and that cinnamon bread is out of this world!

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