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Photo Hunter: Hair

Those were the days where we both sit crossed leg on the floor with a comb on my lap and acessories all over the floor, slowly combing and pleating her hair – making her feel so princessy. Whenever she misses her hair she will plead to me to enroll her in ballet classes so that she can keep her long hair. We’ll see about that. Paying monthly RM80 for a ballet lesson just so she can have long hair? Siao meh! (Crazy)

But actually hor, I also wish she had long hair if not for the ruling of Chinese school. I wonder is there any ballet teacher reading my blog that would be so kind to write me an exemption letter? Pretty please?!

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International Handsign Dedication #3 – Service with a Smile?

juling mata – cock eye/rolling eye

Do you guys know that you can get free flow of soft drinks when you dined in McDonald? Want to read a pissy entry? You are most welcome, and oh, don’t forget to grab a popcorn and a coke.

Yesterday we bring kids to McD for a bite. We sat next to the counter and since I am not eating, I was watching their staff working behing the counter. Since McD is giving out free flow of soft drinks, hubby went and get a refilled from a staff who is doing her chore polishing the serving tray. She stopped what she is doing and to my surprised, she juling her mata at Hubby RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! (and of course me cos I’m watching from where I sit). She turn around and grab a jug. This time, her mouth went flat and eyes still juling. I can see she is not feeling happy. Hubby feeling a bit paiseh and pretending to flip the newspaper which was on the counter. Back to that Cik Juling, after her jug was filled with coke, she pour them into our paper cup with her eyes still juling and was looking at Hubby who was pretending reading newspaper cos he doesn’t want to see her *toot* face. WTF! I almost want to go and slap her. And you know what? Instead of using our cup to filled up (that’s what happen usually) the coke, she decided to use a jug and filled in more coke than what is required. She then pour away the remaining. Isn’t that such a waste? I don’t give a damn about that. She then walk away with her eyes still juling. Do I have to mentioned she don’t even bother to nudge hubby who was STILL pretending to read the paper? I stood up and walk over to Hubby and ask if he notice what is going on. He said yes but didn’t want to make a hoo-haa over it.

Don’t mess with the Queen when she is still in her topsy oppsie PMS mood. I walk over to the Supervisor and tell her, “Your staff is showing such a sour face. That is just R.U.D.E!” Ya, when i pronounce the word rude, I go rolling my tongue and do the RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound. I just walk out and over heard the supervisor asking, “Siapa service customer tadi?”

Whatever the saying, customer is always right and since I have to pay the 5 + 10% service tax, I demanded a friendlier service from you. Yeah, you!

Remember I mentioned earlier I was not eating and was watching them working? Cos I was craving for Cheese naan! We went to the mamak stall and even the Ah Neh can service us with a smile. Hear this, Ms Juling? And I don’t even have to *toot* pay them any 5 + 10% service tax.

I don’t want to be rude to McD cos I still love their burgers and free flow of coke, I shall keep my International Handsign and give you this instead…

On second thought, maybe a small one?

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Genting and Mamee

“School Holidays”



These three words make me cringed whenever I hear them. Never, NEVER go to Genting Highlands during the school holiday. Just don’t ask me why. If you don’t have a choice (like me), go on a Friday. You may get a cheaper room rates minus the extreme crowd that is going to pour in on Saturday.

My previous trip to Genting was in November 06. Yea, and I went again last weekend despite the school holiday to entertained my sil from Singapore. Must give her face and accompany them wat.

This trip makes me realised that my kids has grown up. Last year Baby Princess who is 18mths spent her day lazying in her stroller. Now that she’s 26mths, I asked her if she wants to go on the ride and she nodded her head.

Boy, she love the rides and has been going back for more!

This is for baby, ok. If you dare to take the challenge go on the Space Shot.

No, thank you. Not my cuppa tea. I don’t pay to scream my head off.

*Pinocchio nose showing*

Ok, ok. I confessed. I tried the Spinner with Princess. At the beginning, I kept my cool but when it started to oscillates and tilts, my adrenaline shot up. I closed my eyes and started to scream and SCREAM and SCREAM! psstt… and you know what? No one is screaming except me. Dang! I heard Princess calling out to me, “Mummy, this is so fun.” From there, with my eyes still shut, I stop my screaming and pray that it will stop spinning at the count of 5. God didn’t answer my prayer. All I can say is, Princess is very daring. This is her first time too going on the Spinner. I praise her for being so brave and suggested she should go on the rides with Daddy. Wah lau, Daddy lagi cringed!

Now that Princess graduated to adult rides and Baby Princess qualified for babies rides, guess what award Prince get. I was told by Daddy that he tried to jump queue at the Bumper Car, when one of them refused to gave him way, he gave them a fist punch in their stomach. I should have given him a time out if I were there with him. *sigh… Looks like everyone is progressing.

Apart from going on the rides countless time, Mamee was there to organized a colouring contest. And guess what? It was a family event which means mother, father, sister, brother all also can join. So I grab a piece of their drawing and start colouring la. What else.

And guess what again? (wah, today so many guessing hor). 1st runner up leh. Not bad huh.

The prize? One big packet of Mamee, Mister Potato and another tidbits. We stay again for some games and in all, we fetched home 6 (SIX!) packets of Mamee and 3 Mister Potatos!

Are we going back there again? Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s been ages since I step foot in Cameron Highlands. I’ve been talking about it since last year. So, macam mana, Chris?

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Mouth-watering Monday: Jiu Hu Char with Lettuce

On some lazy weekend when I don’t feel like cooking, this is what I had.

I used to cook a big pot of Jiu Hu Char which can last me about 4 meals and store them in the freezer. Wrap them in a piece of lettuce and shove them in your mouth. Becareful not to choke yourself ah.

You can get the recipe here.

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Day 13 (Finale) – Las Vegas; The City of Entertainment

This is my last entry on Las Vegas. Beware that this post is super duper long with 21 pics out of which only 3 are scale down to collages as I can assured you all the photographs is so beautiful and nicely captured. It is such a waste to scale them and squeeze them like a sardin in a collage.

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe in MGM Grand

We spent the last 2 days strolling along The Strip in the evening. No one needs a map as it is impossible to get lost on the street. Do get hold of a pocket booklet as they come handy with all the information as what will be shown in respective hotels and their showing time. Start out your day by walking from one side of the street and back from the other side and you’ve covered the whole Strip.

We set out about 6pm so that we could get some day shots and night shots.

Flowers + Pink = My weekness

City that never sleep but flowers needed their beauty sleep. Better snap-snap before the sky grew total darkness.

Have you seen such a big flowers before?

This is the wonder of what Macro can achieve!

Infact, the flowers are very small only. *ngek ngek ngek*

Want to see something that is really big? Like a big limousine?

Dunno what is big. Big boobs?

Infact…. this is not big. They are……………..

are………………. are………………


The Stretched Limo is all over Las Vegas! The first time I saw them, I go berserk. They charge a fare of US$100 for a maximum of 10 passangers. Even if you are alone, they will still charged you US$100. Just imagine what you can do inside. A wild party maybe? Twosome? Threesome? I’m not letting my imagination run wild here *sticking out tongue*.

Along The Strip, there are 3 major stop in front of Bellagio, Treasure Island and Mirage. These hotel offer free shows by the street side. Like I’ve said earlier, they have their respective showing hour. Check their programme so that you can arrange your time wisely as these hotel is situated quite apart from each other.

Bellagio with its musical fountain. This is not your normal Sentosa musical fountain and something that is 50x 10x bigger and better than our Mines Wonderland (or if you favour the KLCC) musical fountain.

Day show….

Red arrow showing the highest point of the pulsation.

And again, on the way back, we stop by for the night show….

So, you tell me la, such a nice photo how to scale them down jek.

When you are in Las Vegas, everything is double standard. Even their name is double standard like New York New York, Circus Circus or Paris Paris.

The Eiffel Tower loook so real like the one in Paris.

For a person who love art, you will fall in love with Caesars Palace. This is my most photographed hotel. The architecture, statue, taste of Romans….

This is how Caesars Palace looks like during day time. Dressed in white and gold.

When September 11 attacked took place, many people in Las Vegas turned to their Statue of Liberty as show their respect to those who perished in the attacked. People placed flowers and lit candles around the wall the encircled their Statue of Liberty. Firemen, who are famous for their beautifully worked-out bodies by pumping irons and using chin-up bar, are now honored as the heroes of Sept 11.

On this wall, artifacts from fire departments like badges, t-shirts, etc are kept in glass display cases cemented to the wall. Among the contributors are the firemen from Palestine.

Not forgetting to mentioned, the music that was playing from a recorder accompany us while we are browsing thru messages that was left for those who perished. Environment there is a bit sombre. I just stood there, take a moment of silence and say a little prayer.

With this, I concluded my “Malam pun Cantik, Siang pun Cantik” post. (malam = night, Siang = day, Cantik = beautiful).

On the eve before our departure, we learnt that there will be daylight saving at 2am. Which means, all clocks need to be adjusted one hour behind time and we are loosing an hour of sleep. What else can I say? Woohoo!!! I can’t wait to go home to see my babies.

It’s a long journey again boarding Southwest, a budget carrier to Los Angeles at 6pm.

If you are Google Earth user, you might think this looks familiar.

View of Las Vegas skyline – the size of a match-box. Goodbye Las Vegas – The City that Never Sleep.

Hello again Los Angeles.

00:15 – Goodbye Los Angeles.

14:15 – Nice to see you again, Malaysia 🙂 IN ONE PIECE! (Don’t get me bitching as how bad situation in LAX airport.)

Go back to read Day 12 (Part 2) in Cowboy Town here.

Check out Day 1 from KLIA to Taipei to LAX

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PM to get Married on Saturday

Hot news! Hot news! This is real!

Check out The Star online if you don’t believe me. Belum dengar patoh, sudah dapat news mau kahwin. Sai lek. (Didn’t hear their courting but get their wedding news)

*Photo hijack from Sinchew-i

Congrats to our Prime Minister.

This is a community message brought to you by *ngek.


Updated: Check out Malaysia Today for some gossip. The part where they say why Kak Endon refuse to come back from US for her treatment really sadens me. And so, now his sil is his wife and his nephew/niece is his stepchildren.

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… and so, I declared Saturday a Public Holiday!

In conjunction with the Agong’s (King’s) Birthday last Saturday, Hubby suggested we eat out at The Lobsterman in SS2, PeeJay. You think he’s too patriotic issit?

Alamak, photo editing skill a bit cacat today. I have a bad hair day for the above pic. Thought wanna diversified your attention to the lobster. This is not the biggest in the whole wide world but I’ve never seen such a H.U.G.E lobster before!

Do order a charboiled if you wanted to taste the authentic taste of lobster meat. That night, we had:

  • Lobster in XO sauce. It is something similar to kong pou stir fried.
  • For the kids, they had Lobster and seafood rice. To be corrected, the kids had the R.I.C.E and adult wallop all the lobster!
  • Lobster with fruits yogurt
  • Two serving of salmon pasta
  • Garlic escargoat
  • Two serving of Charboiled lobster (the one in the pic)

… and so all the food is gone now, and the red wine too. What are we waiting for? Dessert! We ordered gelato. It came as Green Tea Gelato. We can’t argue right? We should have ask for their flavour. I gave that a miss cos Green Tea gelato or green tea ice cream is not my cuppa tea.

… and so….

… errr….

….errr, I am dem shy la!

… how to put it la….

Nah, read for yourself!

Shy la. Just shy. So old liao wanna announce to the whole wide world that it’s my birthday. To add on to the shyness and paisehness, this New York Cheesecake was from Ms Anonymous! I can’t revealed mia name. Thank you BIG-BIG Ms Annonymous 🙂 . When the waiters and waitresses brought out the cake, they was singing the international birthday song. And you know the line where they go… “…Happy Birthday to XXX”, they pause a bit and was looking at the name on the birthday cake. Hubby quickly tell them “Jessie”. I almost fall off my chair laughing!

So now you know the Agong and Queen share the same birthdate 😉

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Photo Hunter: Art

I have readers in doubt of this Photo Hunter madness thingy that I particated every week. If you are interested to join in the fun, check out TNChick for instructions and some rules and regulation. Basically, we go snap pics based on the theme that was given on her site and post them up on Friday night (our time will be Saturday morning la). Got it now, Jazz? 😉

Well, for this week theme I kinda cheated a bit. Instead of art, I’m showing craft!

I’m using Boungainvillea as they won’t turn brittle. Basically, you use a crayon and draw a tree & branches then smear glue on the Boungainvillea and paste it on your artwork.

Happy Crafting 🙂

p/s: Tomorrow is Agong’s (King’s) birthday *cough*. Enjoy your holiday and your weekends. XOXO

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