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Another CNY goodies without a name


Popiah Skin
Icing Sugar


You roll a piece of popiah skin and spread some corn starch to fasten the end.

Snip them using a pair of scissors about 1 inch length or less.

Dry them under the sun till harden and deep fried in hot oil till brown and crisp.

Removed from oil and sprinkle icing sugar on crisp.

Hmm…. maybe it does have a name.  Should I call them a crisp, something something?  Whatever!

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Jiu Hu Char & Pie Tee


Chinese turnip (shreaded)
Carrot (shreaded)
Jiu Hu Ciu (Dry cuttle fish)
Chinese Mushroom
Cherry Blossom (kidding! Kidding!)
Minced Pork (marinate with pepper and soy sauce)



100gm Rice Flour
30gm Wheat Flour
1 egg
230ml coconut milk
Oil for deep fried

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lalalala continue… but a bit nervous…. (updated!)

I have an interview tomorrow morning at 8.40am. A bit nervous as there are so many question pondering in my mind like, what type of question are they going to ask, will they suspect me of being a terrorist or undercover or even a HIJACKER or will they just reject me cos they don’t like me or… or… I DUNNO!

Anyhow, I’m going to do my best and please wish me luck! Will update tomorrow if the interview is a success *mucks*


February 2nd, 2007 – 3.00pm


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