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Post-mortem from ‘Cars’

If you remember the opening of Cars where Lightning McQueen leap in the air with his tongue out? I think Carlgene looks like him.

Carlgene pick up this book after the movie which I think it’s a good buy too although it’s a bit pricey. But what the heck. Afterall, it’s a book and not a toy right?

It is basically a cars guide book with lots of picture and illustration. I am trying to catch a glimpse of the waterfall or Route 66 but sadly to say, they did not mentioned anything about the history. Managed to show you guys this.

Magnificient view!!!

Yesterday I did a lot of google on Route 66 and was impressed with the journey and history of it. If not with the rising of petroleum, I might make a trip there to conquere it.

Oh ya! Did you notice my new header. Picture courtesy from Eric Swanger took from Carhenge, Nebraska. The Cadillac Ranch, located along the tatters of historic Route 66, was built in 1974, brainchild of Stanley Marsh 3, the helium millionaire who owns the dusty wheat field where it stands. The ten graffiti-covered cars are half-buried, nose-down, facing west “at the same angle as the Cheops’ pyramids.”

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‘Cars’ Review

Hubby: Don’t think I’ll join you guys for the movie.
Me: Why not?
Hubby: Nothing as excited as watching Formula One live on TV.
Me: Ya! Right!!!

Meet Lightening McQueen (where lightning comes after thunder) – the latest rookie hot-rod on the racing circuit on his way to a competition that will crown him the new king of the Piston Cup Championship. He lives fast and drives fast and can’t wait to find himself a respectable sponsor.

The opening of Cars involves a drawn out car race and there is plenty of lights, sound and flashes. Not forgetting CRASHES!!! Each angle of the cars was nicely taken which surprise me as how good the animation are. and I should brush up my photography skill too.

On his way to California to the big race, he is stranded in the nowhere town of Radiator Springs a small town off Route 66. Lightning McQueen gets into a spot of trouble there where he turned the town in havoc and is sentenced by the town judge/doctor Doc Hudson to repave the main road in town.

McQueen’s a bit of an arrogant ass so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he has no friends. But he finds one in a rusty, run-down tow truck named Mater (Larry The Cable Guy, surprisingly funny). He also falls for the small-town girl (a Porsche, duh) Sally Carrera and manages to learn a lesson or two from the crabby town doctor (and judge), Doc Hudson who for some reason has something against race cars like McQueen. They and a handful of other delightful characters help McQueen learn the value of friendship and give pause to his overly ambitious fast-paced lifestyle.

Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera – spot the magnificient backdrop. They have more in the movie.

The Cars movie has provided Route 66 aficionados another way to look at the fictional town of Radiator Springs.The gorgeous landscapes especially the waterfall facinate me the most. I wonder if they are still so beautiful in real life. Flies are little tiny cars with wings. And just wait till you see the Cars universe’s version of cow-tipping. They are so cute and funny. In the total make-believe land there’s none a human in sight. The cars drive themselves and even hold down jobs as TV reporters. This is a universe created just for autos. That is including the cow which is a tractor (dem funny) and pit crew members.

There are moments of humor for both the kids and adults. I recommend the film to anyone with interest in fast moving cars. The ending is very unpredictable to me but can’t blame the writer as they put priority of friendship in this movie.

Spoiler – Lightning McQueen did not win the Piston Cup as he agreed with Doc Hudson that Piston Cup is nothing but an empty cup.


Hubby: *&$(*# nothing excited this race.
Me: Ah, why?
Hubby: No crashes at all. Should have watch Cars with you guys.
Me: Ya! Right! Serve you right!!!!

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Bringing the Worldcup into the Bedroom

It’s the football fever again and no doubt everyone is trying to cash in World Cup theme merchandise. You may check out Kings Confectionary near you for their wide range of cakes and over the weekend, spotted some ice-cream too. Dem annoying all those balls!

As very well known, German has been preparing for six years for the tournament that begins today. For many fans, sex is moreof a concern that battalions. The country’s iconic sex store, Beate Uhse, is selling “sporty vibrators”, a ball stuffed with lingerie in various team colours.

Germany 2006 is warming up to be the sexiest World Cup ever with the kick off from three superstars – Germany Michael Ballack (*droolzzzz) and Oliver Kahn and England’s David Beckham. And recently the German erotic retailer tried to capitalise on the players’ extraordinary sex appeal by launching a line of vibrators ‘represented’ as Michael B, OllieK, and David B.

I can’t understand why is the vibrator is not shape like a penis. Don’t all vibrator look like that?

It’s ad claims: “The players muscular torsos arouse women’s fantasies. They dream about spending an hour between the sheets with their fantasy man.” Oh, now true it is. Anyway, they are famous people. Don’t you think these hot-blooded male celebrity would be flattered to be represented by such sexy symbols?

If I ever got hold of the vibrator, i could cheesing announce that tonight I’m having sex with Michael B. 😉

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Hike at Engku Busu Hill

Translation – Welcome to Forest hiking trek in Engku Busu Hill

The highest peak around Lumut is Bukit Engku Busu that is about 350m or 1100feet high. Very popular in the morning and evening among hikers, senior citizens and even a training ground for the Navy members.

I do need this to prepare myself for Mount Kinabalu. A fit and regular hiker takes about 25mins to reach the top of the hill wherelse a slow hike will take about 45mins inclusive of stops.

Surprisingly children as young as 6 years old can hike without any problem with the assistance and guidance from adult.

This is Kharsyn (left) and Aleyxia (right) a friend’s daughter. She has been hiking since she is 3y/o. Don’t ask me how she do it. Throughout the hike, Aleyxia has been holding on to Kharsyn and I can tell that she is sure a experience hiker…. and strong too. It’s not easy to hike and holding on to someone but I’m just surprise that she managed to do that. Hey, she is only 10 years old.

A steeper track will need the assistance of a rope to pull yourself up. Get a good hiking shoes which cost roughly RM15.00 (US$4.05) will help alot from slipping.

On and off you will be greeted with sunlight that filtered down through the lush jungle greenery with monkeys or squirrels frolicking all about but unfortunately luck is not on our side that day.

When you see this big rock, it marked the 3/4 we covered on the hill. Will update again on my next trip there as we are able to see the Malaysian Royal Army’s dock.

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3 Weddings Birthday and a Funeral

I can’t deny I am such a lame bimbo blogger. Other than yakking about foods or vacation, I can go on and on about my children. Be prepared to get bored with this entry and all these pictures. I just have to blog this for the sake of me and not for the traffic readers cos they are someone important and special to me.

I have lots of relative whos birthday falls in the month of May. Two very special person in my life is my dad and hubby.

For your information, I actually planned the birth of my children to fall on the subsequent month so that every month we will have someone’s birthday to look out for that. Kharlette in March, Kharsyn April, my dad and hubby in May, me! in June, my mom July, unfortunately not all women can conceived as and when they like. So Carlgene’s birthday have to fall on September. It’s all God’s will and I won’t question why.


May 13th (ya, ya, I know it’s May the 13th. Just some history about May 13th 1969. Hubby was born the day Malays in Malaysia start attacking Chinese nationwide due to the victory of election for the opposition. Hence, fil name his son å…‰ that is ‘light’ in chinese translation.)

Birthday cake sponsored by my 2nd bil. So thoughtful of them.


May 26th

My mom and my dad. Dad was 68 years old. He does aged alot lately. I’m sure everybody does.

All 6 daughters looking good and proud to celebrate this day with dad.

… and at 67y/o Dad had 9 grandchildrens and more to come down the road. I’m sure!


2nd June – Me! me!

Excuse me for the bad bair especially my son as I am travelling on the highway for 3 hours and by the time I reach my hometown it’s about 11.30pm and sisters surprised me with this lovely mango cake. awwww….. thanks sis! You guys are great.


June 3rd – This is not my grandma’s actual birthday. My uncles tend to celebrated it early every year and since it coincide with my birthday one day earlier, I got the opportunity to celebrate them with my parents and sisters.

Grandma was 91 years old. Still walking strong with the aid of a walking stick. 2 years ago Grandma had Alzheimer but she still remember histories well. She had 3 generation pass down. But I don’t think she will survive 4 generation cos the oldest great granddaughter is about 11 years old and her youngest grandson is 12 years old. haha! Go figure that out. Oh, if you are interested to hear some Malaysian Idol wannabe singing, click here.


April 22nd – Passing of my mil

A year has gone but her memory is always with us. How I miss doing stuff together and get ourselve busy in the kitchen during festive season. The thought of me missing her funeral is sadly place inside my heart. I hope she understand my situation. I hope she will forgive me.

But I do take a peep at the neighbour’s house everyday. I’m there all the time griefing alone hoping for a console like everyone do. But I know you are more than happy to leave this world that has been causing you pain. I am sure you are happy in your bungalow and getting all the pampering there.

Take good care my dear mil.

(Errr…. you need to get a translator. I can’t write chinese.)

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There is a Woman living in UK who is actually due today is freaking out and was planning for an induce for fears to give birth to an anti-Christ baby. Poor lass! She needs a nice sensible husband to tell her that the anti-christ would be 2000 years late for his delivery appointment so stop worrying and go back to sleep.

I wonder if she will even name the baby Damien?

The lady doesn’t seem to realize that the majority of babies are not born on their “due date” and that the “date” set is only an estimate. Since doctors won’t induce her, she could always spend the 06.06.06 watching the remake of “The Omen” which is screening today.

I remember anti-Christ even mentioned millenium year is dooms day. That was 6 years ago and we are still here with the coming and surviving of Mr Tsunami, Ms Katrina and Ms Rita.

But for the chinese 06.06.06 is an auspicious day to get married but I would think 08.08.08 make a better hit 😉 . And the sad part is rumours has been going round that The Church of Satan is going to have a congress in Manado (Indonesia) on the 06.06.06. I thought this satanic worship only happen in USA and other countries but this certainly is new just behind our backyard. So sad 🙁 .

Well, lets just wait to read what’s on headline tomorrow.

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I smile + You smile = We smile

Once when I read Kennysia’s blog on “Product Naming for Dummies”, I almost believe him that Osim has got a vacuum cleaner called …..

Osim sales people almost throw me in the lion dangeon when I ask to look at their iSuck.

“Errr… miss, we don’t have iSuck. You want iEcologi? iMedic? iSymphonic?”

“Got leh. My friend told me got iSuck.”

I just wonder what is so special about ‘i’ that Osim named almost all their product that way. Issit it their marketing gimmick? After they launch their iSqueeze leg massager, they came out with uZap slimming belt. Hey, that is not bad at all. iSqueeze your leg, uZap my crotch. iGallop happily home. iDesire that.

Would you feel annoyed when there are more ‘i’ product in Apple’s iPod, iMac, iBook?

Imagine this. You own a iSoft thumb drive. Walking around the office with them hanging around your neck. Wah, candidates of Brokeback Mountain. They should name the thumbdrive iHard!!!


And last week, when I got a invitation card to a soft opening ceremony of a friend’s dental clinic, the name caught my attention right away that I started to rolling on floor laughing out loud.

This really make me SMILE 🙂 !

After the usual makan-makan, I went upstairs to her clinic for a tour. There is this gentleman greeted me at the door.

“Hi, your first time touring here?”

“Yeah (whipping out my digicam)

“Let me give you a tour in our clinic.”

“Ok. (*what? liddat also need tour. Just ignore his yakking and start snapping away. Hubby is the one listening.)

Omg, the toilet sign is so cute. I want! I want! Peep in the toilet and found the wash basin like the beauty salon that I went too. I would think if she had the aromatheraphy oil buring, it would give the patient a relaxing mind. I think ylang-ylang is for soothing mind. NOt sure.

(I was snapping away but could hear the nice gentleman explaning the concept and layout of the clinic)

“This is the disinfection room where we sterilized all the equipment everyday.”

(Yawn…. brag on. brag on.)Wah look at the corridor. Lot of pictures hanging along the corridor.”

She had lots and lots of pictures hanging all over the wall. This place looks more like a hotel than a dental clinic. My impression of a dental clinic is always stained chair, hand prints on the wall, a funny smell lingering in the air, posters of your denture all over the wall! Ok. I’m feeling a bit more easy and not so tense up.

This is the surgery room cum x-ray room. Partition boards is built with a lead sheet in between them to block out X-rays. This save them space to allocate another x-ray room. Did you spot the LCD screen on the dental chair showing your x-ray? Isn’t that pretty cool?

(… and the gentleman again go on and on and on. I know I deserve a spanking) This dental chair is very special. It has a earphone for you to….”

“Wait. A earphone? Hey, this is pretty cool. Listening to a music while getting our teeth work out. I’ll make sure to blast the volumn as long as I can’t hear all those clink, clong, clang instrument hitting each other.”

This is getting more interesting on the clinic. So I make sure to pay a little attention at this nice gentlement. Anyway, he’s not that bad looking. Kinda cuteeeee!

“Each room is painted in different colour to coordinate on the mood and function of the room. The doctor or misi will not wear the same ole whites. If a surgery is being carried out in the blue room, they will put on the blue robe.”

“Oh…. hey, you are coordinate with the room too. See, green room and green T-shirt.”

Why not let the patient join in the colour coordination? Instead of making them wear a baby bib, put them in the coloured robe. It sure will make them smile a bit.

Even their waiting area is better looking compared to my living hall. But I do find it a bit weird staring at the flat screen LCD monitor. Still prefer a TV screen anytime. And I bet that white, silky, comfy chair is going to regret getting stains.

Errr… by the way, have I mentioned the owner of this dental clinic? She none other than our….

On your right is our beaming proud owner of the iSmile Dental Center. See! She’s not that scary looking at all. Must delete all those sluty, big bumb image from your head. I can tell that Estee Lauder moisturizer really works on her!!!

I’ve got an appointment to see her in 2 weeks time and will definitely let you know how canggih is her equipment. Most importantly is the PAIN!!!

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Move over three zero. Here comes three one!

Think…… (don’t rush to look for the answer)

Think !! how you take off the rope and save yourself from the Lion !





Think ………….. think it strongly…






Don’t peep for the answer ………






THINK lah………………


















THINK……………… MORE………………………









GIVING UP so fast?









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Disneyland is coming to town. Not!

The Star
Wednesday May 31, 2006

Effendi: We’re in talks with Disneyland


PUTRAJAYA: It’s confirmed! The Government is in talks with Disneyland officials in Tokyo and in the US to lure the international icon to set up a theme park in Johor.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Effendi Norwawi said yesterday that the Government was exploring the options.

“We are talking to both Tokyo and US Disneyland. We have to see which one is the more realisable option for us,” he told newsmen yesterday after launching the Economic Census 2006 in Putrajaya.

“This is because we want to make sure that the Southern Corridor is comprehensively developed with theme parks and hotels,” he said, in response to talk that preliminary meetings were being held to get Disneyland to Johor.

Meanwhile, in Johor, the idea of Mickey Mouse and his gang frolicking in Nusajaya has generated much excitement. Read more here.

My thought on the above:

  1. Singapore wants to open Las Vegas Casinos to entice Maysians to spend and gamble so we build Disneyland in we see which one will draw in the crowds and money.
  2. I wonder if really Disneylands are build here as well .. those Water Theme Park .. in few other places .. what will happen to them ar? Eventually die off? Checking the official website, it cost averagely RM 200 per ticket per day just to enter the park and enjoy the facilities. Even if we give a discount 50% Malaysia Boleh discount, the rate can still be very pricey especially when it is a family outing. Even the Sunway Lagoon entrance fees people already ‘kow peh kow boh’ already. – by Pcyeoh
  3. How many Disneyland are there in the whole wide world? Yes, you can even count them using only one hand. Do you ever wonder why they are only a handful of them? It has nothing to do with the 960 hectares of lands or the RM 2 billion in investment. Except for Singapore who have no such land space unless we sell them our sand to create that 960 hectares (now you know why they want to buy the sand from us so badly) such theme parks which is heavy in investment needs the critical mass and technical know how to sustain and grow its existence. What is Johore? They couldn’t even do a good job in maintaining the only Safari Park in Malaysia. I think all the animals there just packed up their bags and left town. Those poor camels who survived the blazing Sahara Desert only to die in our Boleh Desert. What happened to their their grandiose plan to develop Desaru into a world class beach resort? And here they want to talk about Disneyland just because they have 960 hectares of land in their pocket. – by Pcyeoh
  4. Actually I am thinking about all the poor souls in the MICKEY MOUSE, DONALD DUCK, MINNIE MOUSE … whatever in our humid weather conditions. I do hope these souls do not suffocate at all. Donald Duck who has lost his pants somewhere is definitely not coming here to lose his shirt. But Singapore is also hot and humid, and they have companies willing to spend megabucks to build and operate the Integrated Resorts there.Oh, I forgot – IRs will have casinos, and aircon 24/7!

Ooopss… and today news:

By: Sirgalahad

“Walt Disney Park and Resorts spokesman Lisa Haines told Reuters: “There are no existing discussions in Malaysia and we currently have no plans for a Disney-branded resort development in that country.”………….. read full news here

A roll call, please, of those parties in Malaysia which end up looking stupid over this:

Effendi Norwawi – told reporters that Malaysia was exploring options to develop the southern corridor into a tourist hub. He said: “We have been in discussions with Tokyo and also with Disney in the US.”

Pak Lah – according to an AFP report, he confirmed that Malaysia has met a group interested in investing in the project. He said: “Actually, I have not spoken to the Disney people. But there is a group who has shown some interest in getting Disneyland to be there. It is just a preliminary and there is nothing more to say about it.”

Perhaps, Pak Lah comes off looking the best in all this. As for The Edge and Effendi Norwawi – a visit to the headmaster’s office seems to be called for!:)”

My thought on the above:

  1. If Malaysia Disneyland needs clowns, they can find plenty in Parliament.

Apparently, I’ve read that Hong Kong Disneyland are not making money. Attendance are low but their revenue still ok. Will this happen to Malaysia Mickeyland? I doubt not as we are squeeze in between Singapore and Thailand. It is still cheaper for them to fly/drive here.

Whatever it is, I do hope Disney will reconsider as I’m a growup kid. 🙂

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