3 Weddings Birthday and a Funeral

I can’t deny I am such a lame bimbo blogger. Other than yakking about foods or vacation, I can go on and on about my children. Be prepared to get bored with this entry and all these pictures. I just have to blog this for the sake of me and not for the traffic readers cos they are someone important and special to me.

I have lots of relative whos birthday falls in the month of May. Two very special person in my life is my dad and hubby.

For your information, I actually planned the birth of my children to fall on the subsequent month so that every month we will have someone’s birthday to look out for that. Kharlette in March, Kharsyn April, my dad and hubby in May, me! in June, my mom July, unfortunately not all women can conceived as and when they like. So Carlgene’s birthday have to fall on September. It’s all God’s will and I won’t question why.


May 13th (ya, ya, I know it’s May the 13th. Just some history about May 13th 1969. Hubby was born the day Malays in Malaysia start attacking Chinese nationwide due to the victory of election for the opposition. Hence, fil name his son å…‰ that is ‘light’ in chinese translation.)

Birthday cake sponsored by my 2nd bil. So thoughtful of them.


May 26th

My mom and my dad. Dad was 68 years old. He does aged alot lately. I’m sure everybody does.

All 6 daughters looking good and proud to celebrate this day with dad.

… and at 67y/o Dad had 9 grandchildrens and more to come down the road. I’m sure!


2nd June – Me! me!

Excuse me for the bad bair especially my son as I am travelling on the highway for 3 hours and by the time I reach my hometown it’s about 11.30pm and sisters surprised me with this lovely mango cake. awwww….. thanks sis! You guys are great.


June 3rd – This is not my grandma’s actual birthday. My uncles tend to celebrated it early every year and since it coincide with my birthday one day earlier, I got the opportunity to celebrate them with my parents and sisters.

Grandma was 91 years old. Still walking strong with the aid of a walking stick. 2 years ago Grandma had Alzheimer but she still remember histories well. She had 3 generation pass down. But I don’t think she will survive 4 generation cos the oldest great granddaughter is about 11 years old and her youngest grandson is 12 years old. haha! Go figure that out. Oh, if you are interested to hear some Malaysian Idol wannabe singing, click here.


April 22nd – Passing of my mil

A year has gone but her memory is always with us. How I miss doing stuff together and get ourselve busy in the kitchen during festive season. The thought of me missing her funeral is sadly place inside my heart. I hope she understand my situation. I hope she will forgive me.

But I do take a peep at the neighbour’s house everyday. I’m there all the time griefing alone hoping for a console like everyone do. But I know you are more than happy to leave this world that has been causing you pain. I am sure you are happy in your bungalow and getting all the pampering there.

Take good care my dear mil.

(Errr…. you need to get a translator. I can’t write chinese.)

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  1. Sisuahlai said,

    June 10, 2006 @ 4:24 pm

    Your “mama” has the most charming smile for a 90+ year old. Great to see her age so well. Wonderful family!!

  2. Odysseus said,

    June 11, 2006 @ 10:02 pm

    Happy Birthday to everyone esp your Granny. She is our family living historian 🙂

  3. sila said,

    June 14, 2006 @ 1:25 am

    Happy Birthday to everybody!! 😀

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