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New Food Not to be Missed


But I think it’s on the shelf almost a year now. No chance to taste a bite. Princess gobbled up the whole packet in 2 days time all by herself!!!

So colourful I wonder how much colourings is in the choco chips. :mrgreen:

Kit Kat

Malaysia only have the cappucino flavour. Dunno how’s the taste like.

But if you happen to be in Singapore, must try their various flavours like cheese cake, strawberry sakura and many many more which I can’t remember all!

Pink to me is always for strawberry flavour and for goodness sake, does japanese eat their cherry bloosom? This is sakura flavour!!! It taste….. bland…. HORRIBLE!!!

Of course Lemon cheesecake tasted better than eating a flower, right. It has a tinge of lemonade sour. Just a little tinge. Nothing to shout about. I’ve tasted other finger wafers that is better than Kit Kat.

For your information, I bought the sakura flavour from Singapore which cost me S$5 (RM10), whereby the Lemon Cheesecake flavour is from our local Giant hypermarket which cost me only RM2.99 for TWO!!!


After the 1st try, I still go back for more. I simply love the cheese and less crust that is what matter most!

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Ketchup Wantan Mee

Black soy sauce wantan mee is quite common everywhere but if you are in Pontian Kechil (yes! with the ‘h’ please), do not get alarmed if your wantan mee turn out red instead of black.

Wonder where does the orgin came from – ketchup wantan mee. Funny thing is, the whole town is selling ketchup wantan mee and no one is selling dark soy sauce wantan mee. Right amount of seasoning (i.e. light soy sauce + sesame oil) and sauces (ketchup + oyster sauce) makes one float in heaven with just one bite.

This stall owner has been in business for almost 20 years now. There are 2 shops that is quite famous of their wantan mee – Heng Heng Wantan Mee or this, 933 (yes, the Sillyporean radio station 93.3). I’m ok with either one. The noodle tasted the same anyway.

I’ve been eating this since 12 years ago when I first set foot in Pontian Kechil.  And whenever we go back to visit the old man, life is not complete without having a plate of wantan mee. Like the saying goes – Bread can’t live without butter, wantan mee can’t live without the pickle green chilies.

Not sure about you but I have a bad habit. Every mouthful of noodle must have a ring of the pickle green chili to goes down with it. And of course, there must be a bowl of wantan (pork dumpling) soup to go with the wantan mee.

errr…. do you want me to go on as how bouncy the fishball is? aitelyou, it can do 5 bounces on the table before rolling off the table!

Read on some goodies from Pontian Kechil here. 

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Sandwich for Lunch

What do you had for lunch today? Malaysian usually had rice or noodle for lunch. On very very rare occasion do they take a sandwich. To me bread is for breakfast as it is less hassle to prepare. On occasion where you see I had sandwich for lunch is when I am really really broke or on a diet 😉 .

But… today is neither one of the above. One of my sis make me sandwiches for breakfast. Not one but TWO sandwiches ❗ Hmm… I wonder why. Maybe the other sandwich is for hubby but he is on a business trip this morning and I forgot to remind sis about that. Oh, fyi Sis is staying next door where we tore down the fence so that we could actually cross over at each other compound easily without ringing the bell.

I finished one sandwich in the morning and darn! Told myself I gotta blog about it. aitelyou, it was so so good!

3 pieces of white bread with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, mustard (*slurpppp), mayonese, ketchup and chicken patties. Told you it was good. See, even the caterpiller (with legs???) enjoy them. Not forgetting a cup of hot English tea to go with it.

I took a bite, then another one. Wow, check this out…

This is double chicken patties! She had never make sandwich as good as this. I would have to admit. This homemake sandwich win hands up to those cafe’s sandwiches.

I have to say sandwich without mustard was bland. I am totally head-over-heel in love with mustard. You should try Ikea’s Hotdog ala self serving of mustard and cucumber pickles which is so so good.

The mustard still linger in my mouth and around my teeth joint while I pen this down. Ahem, excuse me while I get some flossing here.

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Klang Dry Bak Kut Teh

I’m sure you have heard lots of good review about Klang BKT and the ever famous and common type is the soupy with lots of herbs in there. There is a shop selling dry BKT.

Dem! Makes me hungry again by looking at this pic.

They are cooked in savoury thick gravy with shreaded cuttle fish (yau yee). For first timer, they will thought that it is salted fish. But to someone who cooks, wtf, the smell of cuttle fish is so different from salted fish, you know!!! A few ladies finger was added to the sizzling claypot. My view on this? It is better than the soupy type. At least something new to my tastebud as we have been eating BKT for donkey years. Also a bit sien liao.

This is my favourite part. It’s the end of the leg. I’m not a lean-meat person. Basically of the mixed type. Fat skin and a little lean meat in them. Yummy.

Location wise leh…. just those shoplot outside my house and if you want to know where my house is, kindly e-mail me. Anyway, Klang not very big la.

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JeXXX Ice cream coffee house

Me: This is all you have for your ice-cream?
Waitress: Yes.
Me: And you called yourself a ice-cream house for nothing?
Waitress: *smile shyly*
Me: So, it is basically a name only la…. wah liao.

Can’t remember their name but I’m sure it start with ‘J’. It’s a corner unit at the Klang, Bukit Tinggi shoplot.

I’m sure you used to drink longan brew which is brownish in colour. They serve an unusally special way. That is milk longan drink.

With the added evaporate milk makes the drink rather creamy.

Brazil Coffee with ice-cream. I’ll still go for the milk longan anytime.

Marmite Chicken Rice

I would say it is better than Port Klang’s marmite crab in termed of marmite serving which they used it generously.

I still think that food pic goes well with a flash. This is the outcome without using flash. Blueh….. or I could blame it on their dimmed lighting???


Update:  23/06/06 – After photoshop the last pic.

Looks more edible ya?

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History and Art of Zongzi

… or the the chinese called it 端午节(Duan Wu Jie) is on 31 May this year or 5th month and 5th day on the lunar calendar. One of the saying is that this festival is to remember 屈原 (Qu Yuan).

Read the Folklore on how this festival came about here.

To add on, why dragon head are used and not others;
The dragon is a mythical monster in fairy tales and legends. For a long time the dragon stood for evil. Tales of serpent monsters roaming the earth devouring everything in their paths have been recorded for centuries. However, the Chinese adopted the dragon as a symbol of nobility. Until 1912, the dragon was the national emblem of China. Many Chinese consider the dragon a god, one to be worshipped. Therefore, dragons appear in every area of Chinese culture. The dragon has always played a major role in Chinese literature. Children’s books are full of the legendary appearances of dragons and, frequently the dragon is found helping a poor or unfortunate victim overcome his enemies. During Dragon Boat Festival, giant heads of the serpent, decorated with fierce markings are painted on the front of the boat, helping the crew to victory.

On Dragon Boat Festival, parents also need to dress their children up with a perfume pouch. They first sew little bags with colorful silk cloth, then fill the bags with perfumes or herbal medicines, and finally string them with silk threads. The perfume pouch will be hung around the neck or tied to the front of a garment as an ornament. They are said to be able to ward off evil.

Back to the Art of Making Zongzi. Each region of China has its own special form of zongzi. For example, in southern China you will find Savory versions that may have Chinese sausage (xiang chang), Chinese ham, Chinese dried “bacon” (la rou), chestnuts, dried mung beans, peanuts, dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, dried scallops, and salty duck egg yolks packed in the middle.

Meanwhile, Beijing zongzi is the Sweet and plain version to be be dipped in sugar or honey prior to eating for an instant sweet treat. Sugar and whole red beans may also be mixed with the rice prior to being wrapped. This method creates a sweet and colorful zongzi. Sweetened red bean paste, dried Chinese dates, nuts, or fruit jams packed into the center can also be used to liven up zongzi. There is also plain zongzi or the hockkien called it kijang, made only with glutinous rice + alkaline water and to be eaten with kaya, honey or sugar.

Zongzi can be many shapes, but the most common shape is pyramidal or triangular.

Making zongzi is a difficult proposition. Even experienced Chinese cooks find it a challenge to manipulate the bamboo leaves into a funnel shape and place the rice inside. But if you want to try, here are a recipe to help you celebrate this truly unique event.


Long glutinous rice
Pork (I prefered with lots of fats!)
Dried mushrooms
Salted egg yolks
Soy sauce
Chinese five-spice
Borad Bamboo Leaves


Wash sticky (glutinous) rice and soak for three hours.

Chop pork into 4cm long and 2cm wide strips.

Soak mushrooms until tender, remove stems and cut into strips.

Mix soy sauce, Chinese five-spice, salt, and sugar. Let pieces of pork and mushrooms soak in above mixture for two hours.

Cut salted egg yolks in halves.

Thoroughly clean soaked and softened bamboo leaves and string.

Shape two long bamboo leaves into a funnel shape using one third of the length of the leaves. Fill the funnel half with rice and half with pieces of pork, mushroom, and egg yolk.
Cover the “funnel” with additional rice, and then wrap the mixture tightly with the remaining portion of the leaves.

Tie string around zong zi and cook in a covered steamer over medium heat for two hours.

Please note that making zongzi takes a great deal of patience and free time.

Of course the art of eating the zongzi is straight from the bamboo leaf. Try them yourself if you don’t believe me.

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Bite of Satisfaction

Culinary art that explores new possibilities;

Looks that rekindles sweet memories;

Ingredients that epitomize fine quality;

Sensation that melts all barriers of restraints;

Flavors that reveal moments of truth in gastronomy art.


Hubby says: haha..mummy i got a new notebook from office..
Hubby says: but not too new also lah..
Hubby says: because got 3 ppl resign so i took over their notebook..
Hubby says: very high end.
Jessie says: as long as you like them ok
Jessie says: did you take over their salary also ?

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Why it must be Ampang Yong Tau Foo?

There are three restaurants serving these delicious Yong Tau Foo – Ampang Homeland, Orchard View and Fong Fong. Now, it’s therefore almost impossible for you not to get a seat in any of them, but then, which is the best of the three?

In this case of Ampang Yong Tau Foo (f***ing too long, I’ll initial it as YTF), it’s Fong Fong which is most packed and arguably the best. Orchard View is a close second, while Ampang Homeland is a distand third. I’ll go anywhere depending on the crowd. However, if you can’t speak Cantonese or Mandarin (what a shame!), then you’ll have to settle for Ampang Homeland because it’s the only one that has a menu with colourful photos where you can point out the items that you want.

YTF are actually fish paste stuffed into items like smooth taufoo, ladies fingers, fried taufoo, chilies, slices of bittergourd or brinjals and also wrapped in thin soya skin (foo chok) which are then served in soup or deep fried.

Shallot for garnishing are fresh from the stove and not some instant pre-pack shallot from the supermarket.

Ah Lian: Aunty, can I take pictures ah?

Ah soh: Oh, can! Can! Take la. (She’s smiling at the camera and not knowing that ah lian is directed the camera at the food and not HER!)


Ah soh: Where are you from ah?

Ah Lian: *paiseh…. no la. From Klang only.

Ah soh: *face turning like whore asking… knn, so suaku meh, never see YTF before.

The secret of Ampang YTF is the smooth white taufoo and the use of good ikan parang. Above all, there’s very little oil used (except for the fried items) and therefore a reasonably healthy diet.


Yesterday was my first stamina training getting myself ready for a climb in Mount Kinabalu. Manage to run 800meters and walk 400meters nonstop. I almost couldn’t believe my own ablility cos the last i ever track run was when i was 17y/o. It’s just the start of the training and I vowed to be as discipline as possible.

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Get ready to go on See-food Diet!!!

It’s a shame if you are in Klang and miss the BKT and also seafood in Port Klang. Those are the ‘must-try’to be in your list. And so last week, Sis Woei bring her Professor Kim

… who was in KL for 3 months sabbatical. What a lucky devil.

We suggested some kind of ‘adventure’ type and unusual seafood restaurant rather than the normal one. Tell me if this is ‘adventurous’ for you a tourist.

One of the scene that greeted us at the entrance leading to the restaurant. A bit ugly…. wait till you see the inner beauty.

We have to walk thru narrow lane with some wooden houses lined along it. Quite scary if you are not used to seeing such a scenario. To me, it’s beautiful cos I used to grow up 1/6 of my life in Pangkor.

A bit of a scenary before reaching the restaurant. (Ahem! Enough staring at my sister)

Wooden walk way at where we eat. Cool yea?

Just in time to catch the sunset. It looks awsome with the pier at the background.
Now, let me talk about food, as usual.

Lala fried bihoon. Delicious but the lala is too small compare to the one I had in Telok Gong.

Noynya Steam Fish – Sourish and Spicy.

Drunken prawn – My sis claim that I cook this dish better than them. Fyi, drunken prawn is cook in VSOP, ginger and black fungus. Generous amount of VSOP really bring out the taste in it. I presume they are stingy in it. No doubt, VSOP is really expensive.

Salted egg yolk with crab – First time for me and still my sis said that it’s only 5/10. They have tried the one in Glenmarie and they are good. We had marmite crab too but didn’t manage to snap any pic. All the food was gooble down pretty fast. And the marmite crab was not that good cos the gravy was supposed to be thick and stick to the shell whereby the one they serve is quite watery.

Since the satisfaction of licking finger is not enough, we actually went to other restaurant just few blocks away from this just to savour their marmite crab (there is where patron if we crave for marmite crab).

At this point, I almost got my camera throw in the sea by my sista! (Boohoo…)

Don’t ya think it looks pretty good in pic? First you lick the marmite coated shell + peel them off + dipped the crab meat in the remaining gravy on the plate + eat = finger licking good!

Walnut cracker is a helpful tool. But I still prefer the hammer. Bang, bang, bang! and the person sitting next to you will have one or two gravy splatted on their shirt.

Just want to thanks my Sis Woei again for the lovely dinner and a few jokes and wisdom we learn from Professor Kim. Also thanks to Professor Kim, without him I would not get to blogged on this without paying for the meal.

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Dim Sum Brunch at Tai Thong

As usual I’m the kiasu type. Shop only during sales, dine in a posh restaurant only when they have a promotion. This is my first time having dim sum at Tai Thong.

Funny thing is why they started serving at 11.30am only? I thought folks usually take dim sum for breakfast? Well, being a kiasu Ah Soh, I make sure that we are first in queue cos I heard that the crowd can get pretty bad cos of the good promotion. We reach there at 11.15am and it’s already full of people…. eating! Hey, it says from 11.30am onward. Well nevermind, the place is sure not crowded but it was pack with people.

Chinese food especially BKT or dim sum goes hand-in-hand with a cuppa nicely brew chinese tea.

Our first round of dim sum….

Since it is RM1.98 per tray, we make sure that we ordered some expensive seafood and not some cheapo stuff.

And my all time favourite is Har Gau (prawn dumpling).

I’m a prawn lover if you must know.

Char Siew pau for the kids…

You know, my kids are so weird. They take only the bread and throw away the pork in them. They are always like that. If I had a choice, I’ll order man tao for them.

You want some pau? This has got my saliver on it. *tehehe..

Porridge for the baby…

Look closer in the photograph. That is not ginger. That is artificial ginger!!! I thought I am cheapskates. Tai Thong is cheapskates also!!! It is actually deep fried grass noodle. Good trick but spoilt the taste for the porridge.

Black vinegar pork…

Looks yummy right? But taste so lauzy!!!! It was supposed to taste sourish but I can hardly get any sourish taste. It is more like those normal soy sauce pork. Reminder for me. Never order this dish again. My mom can cook 10x better than this. Boohoo! This dish cost me RM4 and not RM1.98.

This is all we had that day. Can’t order too much cos there are only 2 of us plus hubby is a small eater. One thing I hate during dim sum is being seating on a table at the farrrrrrrr end. Those waitress won’t serve you at all unless constantly you have to wave them over. That is what happen to us again. They have a small list of photostated menu in CHINESE!!! Me dunno how to read lehhhhhh!!! I saw on our way out later that they have chee cheong fun and many many hot piping dishes. So disappointed :(.

Anyway for a good brunch in a posh restaurant, it cost me only…

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