Bento #95 – Saturday School & Porridge

For those with school going kids and especially chinese school students, they have started extra school days on Saturday to replace CNY holiday.  Last week being the first day of school on Saturday (which I usually love), I prepare porridge/congee for the Prince who is in afternoon session.

Nothing fancy as we had the same thing for lunch at home.  We had some steam broccoli & artificial crab claw with REAL! crab claw life insurance.  Further to the back is fried omelet with tomatoes, french beans and shrimps.  And obviously, the one on the further right is porridge.

Not sure about you but I grew up eating porridge for lunch and rice for dinner.  And when I have my own family, the tradition was stuck with me.  We always had porridge for lunch and never, never had rice. lol.  Typical Foochow huh.

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