The Tuxedo Man

I couldn’t find a better title for this post so the title is just for fun only. There is no tuxedo man except the suit that Daddy usually wear for important occasion (work related). I love this shot very much. This is the nicest photo of Daddy them that I’ve ever shot. To tell you the truth, I have not seen Daddy in suit before and don’t even get me started on office attire. During working days, I will be the one that left home first while he is still snoozing in bed. The only time I get to see him in his office attire is probably at night when he comes home after work and that is if I am still awake. Let’s see, if according to my statistic, out of 22 working days, probably I get to see him only 4 times. The rest of the 18 working days he walked in to the house carrying his Zero Halliburton Briefcase while everyone was fast asleep. Is it just me or most husband out there work so late?

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  1. Binky said,

    October 30, 2008 @ 2:40 pm

    Well, I know for sure my husband works late too (10-12 hrs each day) if he is not traveling, so you are not alone! But for my case, not only does my husband works late, he also travels overseas 1-3 weeks per month, and for this month, I only see my husband 7 days. 🙁

  2. Daddy said,

    October 31, 2008 @ 9:21 am

    Wow…look it my girl girl as beautiful as her mummy.

  3. HL said,

    October 31, 2008 @ 10:33 am

    I feel much better after reading this post. You are not alone dear, my hubby works late and he travels pretty often too. He traveled again last week and one morning my daughter woke up, turned around to her daddy’s side of bed and said “daddy not sleeping here again, notty daddy!”

  4. allthingspurple said,

    October 31, 2008 @ 11:25 am

    you never see your hubi in work clothes. i never see my hubby for dinner. msot time we were all in bed when he getshome.

  5. chooi peng said,

    October 31, 2008 @ 6:16 pm

    he looks like Japanese in this photo. LOL

  6. Rachel said,

    November 2, 2008 @ 11:33 am

    Daddy and daughter…looks very “chan mud”
    Apple of daddy’s eye…

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