Crib Teething Protector

8 years ago, I have problem with my first baby where she will chew or bite on the crib rail when she was teething. If we left her unattended in the crib, she will have paint crust all over her mouth. Good thing is my second and third baby doesn’t have this chewing habit. One year ago, I pass the crib to my Sister and lo and behold, her baby has the chewing habit too.

I was relating to her my past experience where we will quickly carry baby out from the crib the moment we heard her woke up. The crib has then been painted for the 2nd time when second baby came along. My Sister then managed to locate a crib teething protector from the crib bedding shop. I find the crib teething protector is very innovative. Nowadays, we are so fortunate to have brilliant people to come up with such a brilliant invention!

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