Fried Bean Sprout with Salted Fish

Hubby’s friend bought for us a whole red snapper (I could be wrong though) salted fish from Kuantan. My first attempt is to had them (flesh only without the bone) stir-fried with rice. That was something like one month ago and I’ve totally forgot about the salted fish! So I cook them again last weekend. This is my all time favourite dish – Taugeh (bean sprout) with Salted Fish.


Slices of salted fish
Taugeh (bean sprout)
Tau kua (A harder version of Tofu fit for stir-fry)
Homegrown Chives
Cloves of garlic


Sliced tau kua in rectangular. Deep fried them in oil on high fire till golden yellow. Removed from wok and using the same oil earlier fried the slice salted fish till fragrant or crispy. Removed. Discard the earlier oil. Without washing the wok, saute garlic and chives. Add in taugeh and chilies. Give them a quick stir and pour in 1/2 cup of hot water. The reason why I used hot water so that the water doesn’t take a long time to boil and not overcook the taugeh. Transfer the earlier tau kua and salted fish. Season them with 1/2 tsp of oyster sauce. Once the gravy boiled, removed immediately.

Best served with rice. But I had them with porridge. That is another part of me growing up as a foochow. Old habit die hard – porridge for lunch and rice for dinner.

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  1. sila said,

    July 8, 2008 @ 12:24 am

    dem i looooooove this dish.. *drooooool*

    so long haven’t had it. but a bit hard to get nice salted fish where i live lah.. 🙁

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