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Cousin’s Wedding & Grandma’s Birthday

Short Note: Never insult a photographer if you know nuts about photography!

Just some random shots I took during my Cousin’s wedding dinner in Pangkor.

For those that are getting married, make sure you buy this gold Phoenix tea pot. The colour is totally outstanding.

Good thing Cous is 5 months older than me. That safe me one yam char angpow. hehe…

The happiest time would be my 3 kids getting 6 angpow! Syok max!

Lots of bling-bling too.

Which one do you adore? I would say the purple germ gem.

Lots of clowning with my other Cousins.

She is one of them.

Food was good. The one I love most is the yam paste with ginkgo. The Hockkien called them Orh Nee.

I will try to make this one day. Looking at it make me salivating again. *slurp*

Sorry, no pictures of the Bride and Groom till I get the green light from them. Achelli, I volunteered to covered their wedding day this coming Sunday but I think I need more confidence, skills and better photography equipment like a 85mm lens or external flash. If you read this Cous, I am so sorry to ffk you last minute. Am really really sorry. But I will still attend your Bachelor’s night 🙂 .

(Dang! Where is my guts.)

Ok, Cous wedding dinner and Grandma’s Birthday was pre-arrange on the same weekend so that we (from outstation) do not have to travel back to Pangkor twice. So, the next day we celebrated my Grandma’s 93th Birthday. Woot! Never underestimate my Grandma. At 93y/o, she can blow out the candle in one puff. Nak tangkap gambar pun tak sempat. Luckly left one lit candle.

Hubby’s boss think if I were to live till 93y/o, possibly that I could have 2 husbands. Very chim hor, nevermind. A little conversation with Son.

Son: Ah Chor (Great Grandma) got a lot of black spots on her face.

Mum: Yes. Next time Mummy old already will have black spots too *cringe*

Son: At what age?

Haha! I also don’t know la Son. I don’t even know if I can live pass 80y/o.


On an unrelated matter to the title above, while in the ferry from Pangkor to Lumut, guess who I met on board?


No, not you. I mean her nickname is Eat First Think Later. hehe. She is one of the famous food blogger. Do check her out ok? I mean her blog. *rolling eye*

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Muahahaahaaa…… I just came back from my 4 days holiday in Pangkor Island. I can’t help myself but to spam my blog with pictures again. But I promised you. This is something very different. I have never shot anything so magnificent before. The sunset in Pangkor Island Beach Resort (Formerly known as Pan Pacific Pangkor) is really awesome! I have never seen anything so beautiful before.

Pictures taken at 7pm.

At the beginning I thought it is not a good idea to have the coconut in the picture, but the more I look at it now, the more I like it.

This is not taken at Pan Pacific. This is in Pasir Bogak beach. The one in town. It would make a even better silhouette with a couple smooching on the beach.

That’s me in one of the yoga pose called Dancer pose.

This is my favourite shot of all. I was so thrilled to see the Hornbills and the longer I stay, more Hornbills flew down for their dinner.

I shall post more pictures on the outing in my coming post. aitelyu, the hotel is truly out of this world. We love going back there again one day.

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Gooey Birthday

*Back dated and brief post*

My Dad celebrated his 70th Birthday last many many weekend ago.

All went as usual. We had 10 course dinner in Unique Fisherman, Cheras. Location: after Leisure Mall. Food was good. We came here specially for their penis Geoduck Clam (pronounce as gooeyduck) since my Eldest sister has been bitching about this penis elephant trunk Geoduck thingy we thought we must try at least once. And of course the way my Sister elaborate the penis Geoduck size really make us so curious.

Live penis Geoduck. hehe…

To savour this, I am not sure if they even remove the yellowish skin from the penis Geoduck. It was then sliced into thin pieces.

You can either eat them raw with wasabi or blanch them in hot water aka steamboat. I would preferred them raw. They tasted something like sea cucumber and is really good!

This is the look of the shell.

Dad have this habit to say out loud his Birthday wishes. He don’t make a simple wish. He always include all of us, his Wife, his daughters, his son-in-laws and grandchildrens.

But there is this one wish that make all of us rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-out-loud. What is Dad’s special wish this year? He hope that our little Sister will get hitch this year! All of us was woo-ing so loud.

On an unrelated topic:

Ahem! And I had something new to show you guys.


Previously I had a very long waist length hair and now, the hair stylist had them trimmed 3 inches shorter and she layered them wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to much! I really hate it! Just because she like it, doesn’t mean I will like them. And she have the courage to say, “I thought I wanna change your hairstyle a bit.” You say fuming mad or not?

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Bento Mania #11

Today marked the first day of school after 2 weeks of school break. I was so tired that I can’t drag myself up from bed to prepare anything for the kids. One reason is because of the petrol hiked price. No motivation to go to work even and I almost didn’t want to update anything in my blog. Since morning, I just wish that the hiked price is just a dream. And that calculator keep on showing me the same figure. That figure! Even after the rebates of RM625.00 from the Government, I still need to fork out RM1.2k extra per year. *sigh…

Back to the topic, this is post dated Bento box I’ve prepared for Hubby since the kids is having a 2 weeks school break. The night before, I was thinking what type of adult food that is suitable to serve in a bento box. Since I have tiny (very very tiny) anchovies which I’ve bought from my previous trip to Pulau Ketam and organic cucumber lying in the fridge, I thought maybe I should prepare some ‘fake’ nasi lemak.

Rice – coconut milk = ‘Fake’

Which is the factor of a good nasi lemak? Should it be the perfection of rice or the sambal. I would say the sambal. However, the sambal didn’t do justice in the pic. I had the anchovies fried in oil till crispy and drizzled with some sugar. I couldn’t find a tea cup as the mould for the rice so I just the triangle onigiri.

For dessert, we had tulips watermelon. So childish can die!

For my portion, this is how my bento looks like.

I had a bigger serving cos this is gonna be my brunch. And that eggs…. this is resulted from the morning upside down timing I just love it like that. All mushed up! *bluek* Didn’t include the sambal in this pic cos I know they won’t turn out well.

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Bento Mania #10

Good thing the school holiday is here. At least my brain can take a 2 weeks break from all the mind cracking and sleep deprived too. Since I don’t have to prepare food for the school going kids, this time round, I’m going to pamper myself with all the ooo.. and ahh…

For the first time, this is Mummy’s bento consist of 3 mini egg tarts, cherries and chequered rose apple.

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Cautery of the Septum

(Long post ahead)

Cauterization is a medical term describing the burning or ‘welding’ of the blood vessel.

Prince who is turning 6y/o in September has been having frequent nose bleed since 4y/o. We had always wanted to see the ENT specialist but the bleeding usually occurred not at the right time. Either it happens in the day care centre, at night or during weekends. And co-incidently after dwelling with it for 2 years, it finally happens one fine day when I was not away at work.

If a person has been having frequent nose bleed out of the blue, it is most likely caused by an exposed blood vessel in their nose. To prevent future bleeding, we was advised to get the septum cauterized. Nosebleed usually come from the front part of the nasal septum which is rich in blood vessels. When the nasal became dry, the blood vessels burst. The vessels may require cautery called electro cauterization or electro surgery to close them off.

Procedure went well and the child is now back to his usual self. Thanks all for your concern *muaks*. Some pictures I took before and after the surgery.

We was at the hospital at 7.30am. Deposits and papers all signed. Son changed into his gown (he refused to remove his under pant. Who wouldn’t!) and I was brief on the procedures. He looks gloomy and has been very quiet the whole morning. I don’t feel like talking much tho so we have been very quiet. I was not allowed photography in the ‘exchange’/pre-med (the last room you entered before patient was wheel into the OT) area but as a blogger, JUST DO IT! I quickly take a shot when no nurses around.

He is so strong and yet so stubborn he never drop a single tears. He was wheeled into the OT at about 8.30am plus. There on, the time seem to be ticking like a tortoise crawling. Tick tock, tick tock. I called Hubby who is at home with the two girls to make his way to the hospital now. At about 9am, suddenly the OT door flunk open and I heard my name is being called, “Siew Jang!” Yea, that is my chinese name and the ENT surgeon is my school mates too. I was shivering all over and my heart is beating really fast. I felt like my leg is weighting 500 pound.

“We did an endoscope too…”

*oh, please God, don’t give me the bad news*

“… everything in there is fine.”

It was such a relieved! The 500 pound leg now felt like only 5 pound. I walked as fast as I could to the recovery area. Navigating through the corridor, everything in there still looks very much the same 4 years ago. Back then Eldest Princess (3y/o) was in the same hospital, same Surgeon to remove a piece of mattress sponge from her nostril. I remember seeing her crying for me in the recovery room. I would expect to see the same thing too but when I arrived, I just had to laugh when I saw my Son in a trying-hard-to-stay-awake-drugged-head. You just have to imagine la. We waited quite a while at the recovery room making sure his pulse is back to normal. While waiting, Hubby called to ask where were we. I told him to come up to the nursery room and wait for me there. Green light was given about 30min later and I make my way out through ‘the-other-door’ while Son was wheeled through another door so that we could meet at where we first came in. *phew, so long winded*

Now, this is very dramatic. I reached the starting point first but don’t see Hubby anywhere at the nursery. I called him again to ask where he is. He then ask me where is the nursery. OMG! I just want to die. We had all 3 babies in the same hospital and now he ask me where is the nursery. I raised my voice a bit, “Where is the nursery!” A nurse pass by and pointed to me, “Neh, behind you.” Oh gosh, someone slap me. Hillarious like mad but I was boiling inside at the same time. The OT door open and there I saw…. my son was crying. Why? Why does he cry suddenly? I try to be strong but I can’t. My eyes swelled too. At the same time, the lift door open. Hubby and my 2 girls walk out. I tried to hold back and hide my tears at the same time. The first thing Eldest Sister did was to gave his little brother a present. When I saw that, I lagi beh tahan. So touching can die! More tears rolling down. The nurse wheel son into the lift that Hubby took earlier and we took the next lift. Things happen very fast la. In, out, in, out. Now that I am with Hubby, my water still boiling but I didn’t want to ask him anything now. Furthermore, there is still other people in the lift and I am trying to hide my wet eye at the same time. It took a while for Son to settle down. I just don’t see why suddenly he cry. Everyone tries to pacify him including his Eldest Sister.

Even thought this shot is blurry, I just have to keep them. A big pat on the Sister’s back. At least she tried without us telling her to do so. At home, both of them never stop fighting day and night! Baby Sister also tried to pacify kor-kor, “Don’t cry already. Later I tell Doctor ah. Doctor can scold you wan.” Good thing Eldest Sister brought along a present to console him. After awhile, he reached out to the package and opened it up.

The first thing he said, “Jie-jie, you still love yourself or not?” That took me by surprised. The night before, no.2 accidentally got hold of the card that no.1 made but no.1 managed to quickly snatch it back from him. Since no. 2 can’t read he ask his Sister, “Jie-jie, you love who?” No. 1 replied, “I love myself.” From there on, no. 2 has been making hell of noise as he think the jie-jie cannot love herself. It goes on the whole night. That is why when no. 2 ask “Jie-jie, you still love yourself or not?” That took me by surprised. I read the card to him assuring that Jie-jie still love him and bla bla bla… long winded pacifying.

Jie-jie even help him to fasten a loosen velcro. She is so carrying. So touching. DON’T MAKE ME CRY AGAIN! You should know me by now that I am the very emotional type.

He took awhile to gained back his usual self i.e. jumping like a monkey. I took the opportunity to ask him why did he cried earlier.  It seem like he thought I am going to leave him again.  I assured him that the surgery is over and soon we can go home. Poor child was so hungry by 11am. They only gave him Milo ice just incase his body reject food. Lunch was served at 12noon.

No hot piping food for him for the next 2 weeks and a good excuse to enjoy ice-cream and Milo ice for now. After all the gloomy face you see, he can now smile at the camera.

This pic makes my day.

Even though lunch was something normal (porridge, fish, spinach & soup), we was feeling hungry by looking at him eating. Not only I felt that way, Eldest said the same thing too. That is because we have not had anything since morning! The nurse came and put this on his table:

“Lepas makan nanti makan ubat. Oh, lepas makan baru spray hidung la.” Then she walk off.

Son finished the steam fish and porridge leaving the spinach untouched. The greedy Mummy Not wanting to waste food, I dugged into the vege while son reaching out to the syringe, “Mummy, I do myself?” I nodded without looking at him. In a split seconds, Son was chocking from the nose.

Me: Aiyah, how you eat. Why spill all over your clothes?

Son: My nose also have.

Me: *nag, nag, nag*

Son: I put medicine in my nose.


So how ah? He is not supposed to blow from the nose. Dem panic that time. I told the nurse what happen. They also look at me blankly not knowing what to do next. At least they learn something new that day. When I think back of the incident, hey at least my Son understand a little Bahasa! Of course I am proud of him.

The rest of the day, the 3 kids was making hell of noise in the ward. Fyi, they are watching ‘cartoon’ on the ‘teevee’. Oh, before I forget, that is the new bento box I get for Son.

He was discharged same day at about 2pm. I am looking forward to go back by then. We need to keep an eye on him at all time. The cauterization is causing his nose to itch and if he ever remove the crust in his nostril….. big wok! So far we caught him scratching his nose twice. Scare the hell out of us!

Now, back to Hubby. I question his whereabout earlier and he told me this, “I was waiting downstairs.”

“You mean the Paediatrics consultation room?”


“Didn’t I told you the N.U.R.S.E.R.Y room?”

“I thought you mean that one is nursery room.”

OMG! Someone please slap me.

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Alkaline Dumpling

In chinese, alkaline dumpling is also known as kan sui jong (cantonese) or kijang (hockkien). They are not savory like bak chang. Usually alkaline dumpling is dipped into caramelized palm sugar or kaya. They are easier to make too. This is how you do it:


500gm Glutinous rice
3 teaspoons Alkaline water (air abu/kan sui)
Small Bamboo leaves
Another 2 teaspoons of Alkaline water


If possible, buy the glutinous rice from sundry shop and not the one like I used above as those branded packaging is not so pure. They added some rice into it which will later resulted a harder dumplings. Wash throughly glutinous rice. Soak them in clean water with 3 teaspoons of alkaline water added. I soak mine for 6 hours (9am to 2pm). The colour will change yellowish instantly.

As usual, wash the bamboo leaves and the string. Discard water from glutinous rice and you can start to wrap the dumplings. Place 2 bamboo leaves back to back. Shape them into a funnel using one third of the length and work your way up.

Cut away the hard stem on the glutinous rice. You know making dumplings takes a great deal of skills, patience and free time but of course practise makes perfect too. Filled up a big pot of water enough to cover the dumplings. Bring water to boiled. Add another 3 teaspoons of alkaline water into the boiling water before adding your dumplings.

Cook for about 3 hours. Add more water if the liquid drop below the dumplings level. Once done, hang to dry.

For the caramelized palm sugar syrup:


450gm Palm sugar
200ml or 1 packet of Coconut milk
2 leaves of pandan (screwpine)


Put a little water in sauce pot. Cut coarsely palm sugar so that they will dissolve faster. Cook under low fire all the time.

Once sugar dissolve, add in coconut milk. Cook till sugar thicken. That took me a good 1 hour!

I can eat 3 dumplings in a go. They are so lip-smacking good especially the palm sugar.

You can try cooking kaya too if you have the time. Seriously I don’t that is why i resorted to palm sugar instead.

The actual day for Duan Wu Jie falls on 7th June 2008. Early Happy Duan Wu Jie to all since I won’t be around that day.

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