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Wordless Wednesday

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Baby Photography. Again.

When my Sister was expecting her 1st child, I’ve told myself that I would try to captured as many baby moment as possible.  Things are easier said that done, other than her newborn pictures and some silly rambling here nor there, in a blink, he is now about 6 months old.  I think the next round of photography of him would be the time when he learn how to walk!

At 6 months, Jonathan loves to crawl on all four like a military man and occasionally toggling his butt back and forth in the air. Cute!

Being a lousy  photographer- wannabe, I get lots of over exposed picture.  If there is anyone of them that I really like, I’ll change it into the black&white mode. Like this:

That way, you can’t really tell if they are over exposed 😉 . Still, there are more room for me to improve.

Tips:  To shoot a baby’s photographs, it is best to aim the camera at their eye level even if you really need to go down all the way to the floor!

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A Parcel from Planet Kambing

One fine afternoon, I received a note from Mr Postman. I was asked to collect my own parcel from the Post Office as Mr Postman could not deliver the package to me cos it is written here:

“Big Package”! I wonder how big it is and from who. The package was left sitting in the mail room for a week before I managed to find time to pick them up. Finally!

The package was post mark from U.K. I wonder who can that be?

And boy, the package is sure big and heavy. NOT!

If I weren’t intend to blog about this surprise parcel, I would have rip them right in the car. So, gonna practise lots of self control and chanting lots of Aummmm in the car.

Once I am back home, I headed for my dSLR and started to rip the packaging. To my surprise it is from Planet Kambing. Everyone say Hi to Selena!

Well, the parcel did arrived safely but not the box.

What matter most is the content. I heave a loud relief. Everything inside is still in one piece.

Can you guess what is inside? (for those who is less

It has got a metal stand with tea light candle.

Nope, not an aroma therapy burner.

It comes with a bowl and four fork.

Goodness gracious me, one of the kids will sure fight for the fork.

Now, there’s 2 clue up there. Can you guess what it is now?

Yes, yes,yes! It is a fondue pot! I am just excited as you do. This coming weekend, I’m going to have a little tea party with the kids. I so loved this fondue pot. Not too big, not too small. Just nice for a family of 5. Maybe I should go out and look for a little cutie green fork to match the other 4 fork.

Thank you so much, Selena! *hugz and muaks* Oh, before I sign out, do you want me to sent back your plastic bags so that you can claim back 6 Green Clubcard points?

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Photo Hunter: Twist(ed)

Some of you may have seen these photographs before. But I have to post them once again cos I couldn’t find anything in my hard drive that goes with this week theme.

Bitter gourd creeps in my garden. The creeps twist-ing on the supporting line for support.

Some was left dangling twist(ed) in the air.

And the creeps just go round twisting on anything beyond their way!

* Photograph was shot using Sony T-10.

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Easter Glow

Easter day has come and gone but the memory is safely stored in my hard drive. I can’t stop staring at her photographs as she has grown more beautiful by days. I have no idea as how I should describe that special glow on her face. She really had that glow especially on her cheeks.

🙁 Sorry, I am so Emo and tired today. Please don’t say any mushy-mushy words to me or I may cry. I can’t wait to go home and give this Baby a big bear hug or maybe drop one or two ‘happy’ tears. Signing out….

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… of milk bottle, used condom and diapers

Of late, some of you may notice that I have added a new category called “Children’s Education Fund” and an asterisk (*) will be added before the title. This is also to tell you that I have joined the bandwagon writing some paid post to fund my latest hobby i.e. photography. I am now targeting to get an external flash which will cost me around RM1.5k and a 100mm or 150mm lens, also costing about RM1.5k. That is a whole lot of money!

Let me tell you a very hillarious incident. There was once, a friend (male) came to pick me up for lunch. When I stepped into his car, there I saw, a week old milk bottle laying on the floor. I just have to laugh when I see that. Furthermore, it is a week old bottle with all the stains on it. Eww….! Can you imagine my reaction if the milk bottle is a used condom? That is double Eww….! and of course, so hillarious can die lidat!

And another very hillarious thing he told me. Recently, he is hooked in a forum and wanted me to guess which or what forum it is. Out of 6 answers, I got them all wrong. And his answer is…… (pssst… Sis, quick go register.)

My spontaneous reply was, “HOLY COW!”

For the love of his son or maybe the freebies?  I don’t know.

That really makes me rofling. Ok. All Mummies out there with little babies, go join the forum and grab some freebie as currently they are running a lucky draw for a very cute Starbunz Cloth Diaper.

And no, this is not an advertorial. I just think those cloth diapers is a die for. Too bad Baby Princess is now fully toilet trained. You know, some of the design has got a tail sticking out of the butt. So cute can die lidat!

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Steam Tofu with Bonito

Last night, I was in not exactly in a mood for Japanese but somehow, I ended cooking a full Japanese dinner.  We had Miso soup minus the egg tofu because we already had steam tofu with bonito and on daughter’s special request, we had steam Salmon trout.

Check out the recipe for miso soup by clicking on the link above.  And here you go, the recipe for steam tofu with bonito.  Pretty simple and doesn’t required tedious cooking.

Bonito (dry fish flakes)
Oyster sauce or fish sauce

Steam tofu and oyster sauce for 5 minutes.  Remove from wok and garnish with bonito.  Pretty easy right?  You may add spring onions or sesame oil if you like.

The above picture is just for show.  In actual, before we dunk into the tofu, we have sky high of bonito you don’t even know there are tofu underneath.

I bought my bonito from the Japanese section in Jaya Jusco for about RM10.90 if I’m not mistaken.  Can anyone suggest other way of eating/cooking bonito?

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Things that makes you go Awwww……

The tiny little hand that grip.

The tiny little pair of foot that curl.

From Big to Small some say from wearing pampers to g-string

Aunty hijacking 3 months old Nephew as model. hehe.

The adult hand is mine but the adult foot is his Mummy’s.

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Dotter New Hair Cut

(If you have not read how pitiful Eldest Princess was caned by her Teacher, please read them so that you can understand what is being said here. But if you don’t, please don’t make yourself looks like a fool commenting what is not relevant at all.)

If I were to write the hate post on the day my daughter was caned you will see lots of flowery language in here. And so the story continue from the Mummy’s point of view la.

So, since kena caned already, I might as well bring her for a hair cut. After dotter sat on the chair, the hair stylist usually will ask which hairstyle we want. Since I want my RM10 bucks worth, might as well get a designer haircut. So I ask for his opinion. And he goes, “How about MY hairstyle?” I almost choke to death. rofl….

Let you be the judge then.

Somehow, this magazine cover caught my eye.

Hey, they looks nice tho. I could have fooled the Teacher. The back hairstyle is usually short like an inverted moon shape with longer fringe. The hair style looks nice on my dotter and of course suit her too as she has really thick and dark hair. And since I have 15 minutes to kill time, I just flip thru the magazine.  Guess what I saw!  Remember Gillian scandal news with Cecilia?  Some of you is wondering who is Bobo.

May I presents youuuuuuu…….

*drum rolling*…..


Get lost if the picture makes you wet.

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Number Three is Three

Baby Princess started play school early of this year. At the same time, I’ve enrolled her in Sunday School too. I’m so glad she love both of it. Everyday, she will ask if tomorrow got school or not. And her tomorrow will never end with Sunday School. She has grown more talkative and her speech was excellent. Sometime Most of the time she will go babble, babble, babble and we have to ask her to stop.

She is getting mischievious by days. At times, I find her antic amusing but most of the time, she is really a trouble maker. She has this ability to charm people. Most of the time, I will fall into her traps. She conversed less in Mandarin ever since she stopped going to the babysitter. Which, is a bad thing la! She used to communicate in full Mandarin with Aunty, but now, Aunty is complaining that she don’t understand a word what Baby Princess is talking.

Coming to her speech, her once upon a time Ki Ki Kau is now clearly heard as Mickey Mouse. *rolling-on-floor-laughing* Lello is now Yellow. Winnie the Pooh is still Winnie Pooh Pooh which I think is cute 😀 . Sometimes, she calls herself Monster Truck and at times, she thinks she is Transformers. This is when she will fight with her brother cos both of them wanted to be Autobot. errr… that’s all the progress at 3 years old.

We almost celebrate her birthday in TGIF if not because of Cheng Beng. So this year, we have different picture compare to the previous year. You know, I am so glad I have wonderful Sister-In-Laws. They are just wonderful peoples (not because of the birthday cake they bought. They ARE really nice people.)

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