Meeting Nephew and Wife-To-Be

Well, everyday is an obstacle for me to perfect my shots with my Canon 400D. Previously, I’ve grasps enough of outdoor scene. This time, it is in a place that I hate most. I’ve never like taking pictures in a restaurant as they are using yellow lights which makes your picture yellowish and it seems like everyone is down with jaundice. So, lots of trial and error again this time.

Back to the event, my Nephew, Alex who is residing in Singapore was down in KL from KK with his Wife-To-Be, Lily, after a successful ‘negotiation’ with his future Parents-in-law. Eventually we met up with him for a dinner with Hubby’s other siblings. Well, this is my first time meeting her too.

While waiting for the rest to arrive, this is a shot of my eldest bil. I think he can’t make up his mind of what to order.

When I showed him this pic, he can’t remember himself engaging in that posture. lol.

The honorable guests arrived shortly. The moment they walk in, Lily had that glow in her eyes that catches my attention. From there, I whipped out my camera and started snapping secretly.

I have to say, she is really photogenic. Makes my life easier too. haha… She felt very awkward when I keep on aiming the camera at her. Ah well, I told myself to tone down as not make her feel uneasy.

As for food, since CNY is just around the corner, we had Low Yee Sang. Woohoo!

While I was thinking how much exposure/shutter speed to set my cam, suddenly all of them started digging in.

A little of havoc there but I still managed to cheat thru screen. haha…

The happy faces of toasting.

What did I mean by ‘cheat-thru-screen’. In low lights, I set the ISO to 1600 to get a brighter result without using the flash. But anything with high ISO, the picture will turn out grainy. Obviously if you resized them, you can’t see the noise at all. So, this type of picture is not suitable to be printed out. So sad isn’t it.

Well, another trial and error here.

Since I’m using 50mm F1.8 lens, I should have increase the aperture to F4.5 to avoid the blurring image on the left. Well, at least I learn a new thing today.

After all the makan-makan and some socialising with………. (what do you call my nephew’s wife ah?) ………… LILY, she got all excited with the pictures I shot. Ahem! Of course kembang la. This is her comment, “Wow! Never in my life someone captured my photographs this way.”

She then actually started posing for me.

I can’t help myself to scrapbooking again. What a lovely couple they are.

I get Alex to do monkey face at the background. See what he did?

Potong stim. That is not money face la. That is like Mr Bean!

We ended the dinner with CNY dessert. The ‘Nien Kau’ coated with grated coconut.

This is the way how I usually eat them! Now I can’t wait for Chinese New Year to come.

Some people called it ‘the chinese bubble gum’. lol

On the way out from the restaurant, I can’t help myself with one last shot of the ang-ang decoration.


Chinese New Year coming liao lor. Tong, tong, chiang…. tong, tong, chiang…..

p/s: My eye getting an eyesore from the jaundice. Ouch!

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  1. sasha said,

    January 22, 2008 @ 2:11 pm

    i hijack first!

    I still cannot see yr BIL face!!!

    Eh nice! and i hate to take pic in the restaurant and room too!

    The Queen says: Don’t worry about BIL’s pic. He’s not available anymore.

  2. Bernard said,

    January 22, 2008 @ 4:02 pm

    Wah… all photogenic.

    Including the “ti kuih” .. yummy.

    The Queen says: *dust away grated coconut* Next time I chia you pure ti kuih.

  3. Kyels said,

    January 22, 2008 @ 4:53 pm

    Uhm, I never knew that you can actually ‘lou sang’ so early. Anyhow, I never liked it because it tastes weird to me. I just toast … Haha!

    The Queen says: It is the marketing gimmik. Something like bak chang. You can get them 360 days, anytime from the market. Me don’t like to toast. But I like to eat them. Don’t want to get my hands dirty just incase some very kiasu people really toast them high.

  4. koky said,

    January 22, 2008 @ 6:40 pm

    Time to start spending money buying new clothes….. 🙂

    The Queen says: Don’t forget new underwear too!

  5. laymank said,

    January 22, 2008 @ 8:44 pm

    although I am not a fan for lou sang, but I have always love the company to lou sang with…

    haiz… cannot lou sang this year…

    The Queen says: Yea, same here. It’s the joy of being together. I’m sure there are Chinese community in Phoenix.

  6. Kimmy said,

    January 22, 2008 @ 10:26 pm

    Nicely done. Your skill 1. 😀

    The Queen says: 🙂 Thanks! There’s more to improve like the white balance.

  7. jazzmint said,

    January 23, 2008 @ 5:38 am

    u are not alone with the yellow lights :P.

    try to play with the wb…..and perhaps the exposure, it will help a bit, but basically flash!! why u never try ur pop up flash thing 😛

    The Queen says: Next time must remember to set the white balance to ‘Incandescent’. I tried the flash diffuser. But they don’t turn out nice.

  8. daboss said,

    January 23, 2008 @ 10:24 am

    i like the photo with you bil making monkey faces in the background… quite professionally taken… 🙂

    The Queen says: That is my nephew la. Anyway, I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks! You are a good candidate for goofy pictures too. Can’t wait for the next gathering with you guys.

  9. sila said,

    January 23, 2008 @ 11:16 am

    i’m liking your experiments! i think the one with the person on the left blurred out is such a cool effect, even though you weren’t trying to do it that way! 🙂

    The Queen says: That was like so wrong! I was embarrased of the shots and dare not show it to my sil. Just incase she get offended. And currently, I am head-over-heels crazy about my cam now. *stroke-stroke Sila’s tummy*

  10. Kharlene said,

    January 23, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

    the pics make me wanna go home!!

    ps: nice cam

    The Aunty says: Your door is always open for you. Book your ticket and come home lor.

  11. Daddy said,

    January 24, 2008 @ 12:23 am

    Ya lor and look at your Daddy pictures. He was thinking when will my dear Kharlene’s turn to share with us that she getting Married…!!!

  12. athena said,

    January 24, 2008 @ 9:35 am

    hehehe…jang..ur new family member very cute le…:)

    how come you can eat the nien gao so fast?? ppl belum pray pray lagi!

    The Queen says: I had a shots with her but decided not to post it up here cos I really look so old in comparison. hehe…

    Errr… if pray liao I don’t eat!

  13. Allan said,

    January 24, 2008 @ 1:48 pm

    Hi aunty jessie,i have inform Lily by email to visit your website,as soon as she check it then she will know…(but in her singapore house dont have internet connection wor) -.-”

    Anyway my blog update liao….

    Your gong xi fat chai picture very nice wor…( got bee some more haha~)

  14. Giddy Tigress said,

    January 24, 2008 @ 4:12 pm

    Wah so fast lou sang already ah? Here’s a present from me to you! Sorry cannot make use of your camera for this one… 😛

  15. Eden said,

    January 26, 2008 @ 2:19 pm

    Huh that guy is handsome. Who is he?

  16. Chiwi said,

    January 26, 2008 @ 6:18 pm

    Hey you are getting very good with this picture taking thing! :p When do you plan to make it a professional career?? 🙂 Give me discount ar when you do! :p

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