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Photo Hunter: Music

I’ve bookmarked my calendar this Sunday at 7.30pm for High School Musical 2!  Yea!  So don’t call me on my mobile, ok?

Have a pleasant weekend and say hi to your Mom for me 😉

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7 more days to go 7 Wonders of the World

To be corrected, it is the finalist of 7 Wonders of the World. *evil smile*

Beside Great Wall of China who won the n7w (new7wonders) representing global heritage throughout history, two other nominated Asian countries are Angkor, Cambodia and Kiyomizu Temple, Japan. I’ve not heard of Kiyomizu Temple but Angkor was no stranger to us, Asians.

7 more days before setting my foot in Siem Reap. This is my first time going on a oversea holiday with my youngest sister and of course without Hubby who have to play babysitter at home *ngek, ngek, ngek* Do I have to mention how excited I am?

Coming back to the n7w, I think Stonehenge, UK and Pyramids of Giza, Eygpt should replace Christ Redemeer, Brazil and Taj Mahal, India.

And Angkor…

“I’m sorry you did not win. Yea, it’s my fault. I was so busy blogging, I forgot to cast a vote for you. I know you lost only one vote behind India. But don’t worry, I am ready to contribute US$40 being the entrance fee to the Wat of which 99% of the earnings go to the officials in the country and maybe 1% of it really goes to the conservation effort to protect the heritage. Well, I’ll keep a hush-hush about that 😉 .”

Ok, I was kidding about the voting part. Ciao…

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While the Baby sleeps…..

… we played a prank on her. lol.

Baby Princess is a weirdo. She don’t suck her thumb but her index finger. The prank is, I used a plaster to wrap around her index finger. The first thing she does when she wakes up is to put her finger in her mouth. Well, we are expecting some commotion and lots of wailing, of course!

We watched her action. Firstly, she tried to peel off the plaster. Then her wailing started. In between sob, she said, “Mummy, si.ti.ker! Mummy, si.ti.ker!” All I could do is started laughing at her antic. Of course I felt a bit pathetic to see her cry. After peeling of the plaster, she resumed her sucking. *gosh!*

Must think of a way to wean her off that index finger. Any idea?

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50th Independence, 50% discount!

3 days before our 50th National Day, New Zealand Natural *PAUSED!*this is not PPP post, ok? *CONTINUE* is giving out 50% discount on all their ice-creams, sorbets and smoothies.

Ahem! So this auntie went and sapu (grab) their ice-cream on 31st August. I could have bought more but refrained myself from spending too much cos I’ve been spending quite a lot lately. With a little self control, I bought 2 flavours i.e. cookies & cream and toffee caramel. My all time favourite is Rum & Raisins. Too bad they are all sold out by 11.00am! Can you believe that?

Since their offer is quite overwhelming, we are allowed to place an order and collect the ice-cream sometimes 3rd week of September. Isn’t that a steal or what? Ahem! So again, this auntie placed an order for one Quart (Big) Rum & Raisins and 2 pint (Medium) of other favours. Teeheehee….

I know it’s a bit late to post this up. If you missed this chance, wait for next year lor *insert evil laugh*

Joking only la. No need next year. I was told that every 30th of the month, they have some discount on their ice-creams. Not sure how many percent but still better than none, right? pssttt… and their price is cheaper than Baskin Robbins too.

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Hokkien Mee

Check out this year virtual Merdeka Open house. I can assured you, it is better than last year’s with different and more variety of food. And dare yourself in Fear Factor! Those sago worms does look fat and juicy. *icks!*

*Mee – Noodle

I hate the hassle of big wok, burnt wok and messy stove so I always go for the easy way out if I wanted fried noodle. Yea, cook the hokkien style then. This is my way of doing it.


  1. Prepare sauces in a bowl by adding 3/4 bowl of water to it.
  2. Stir-fry all your veges. Dish out and set aside.
  3. Pour sauces in wok and add your yellow noodle. Coat them evenly. Simmer till gravy thicken. However, if you wish to have wetter noodle, add desire amount of water.
  4. Lastly, return veges to noodle and coat evenly. Try not to over cook them as the veges is already cook as in step 2.
Lai, lai, lai, Hokkien Mee…

I prefer not to fry veges in sauces to avoid over cooking and immersion of dark soy sauce makes veges not attractive.

… and I forgot something here. THE scramble EGGS! DUHH!

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