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Photo Hunter: Hobby

Finally after months of proscratination, I’m ready to hop in the bandwagon joining the rest in Photo Hunter. In conjunction with the recent F1 racing in Sepang recently, I decided to forgo my collection of stamps, miniature perfumes, coca-cola, etc…etc…

Collection of die cast car has been a hobby or rather I’ll say addiction by Hubby and Prince. And can someone please tell me why does man had a weird hobby called “washing-car”? I’ll rather sit in front of the TeeVee watching Formula One racing. Hey, watching F1 is considered a hobby too.

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Day 9 – While The King meets Bill Clinton….

Have you submit your income tax form to LHDN? The last day of doing so is on April 30, 2007. And if you thought of doing it online using the e-Filing, pssstt…. maybe you should read this.

…. the Queen spent her day on hotel hopping *sigh… It’s not fun at all. I have to be my own photographer 🙁 .

I’ll post up a few photographs to give you some ideas on Las Vegas – The City of Entertainment. I didn’t go far from my hotel. What you see is some attractions near to MGM Grand.

Day scene…

Bottom left picture – That is Hooters. You get yummilicious food plus yummilicious “view”. Hmm… I wonder how many people actually went there for their “view”, instead of food.

Night scene…

M&M World – You can find all sort of M&M merchandise here; caps, shirts for adult and children, straw, cup, surveniors, Chocolates, etc…. The only thing they don’t have in there is M&M peanut butter (instead of chocolate filling, this one is peanut butter filling). Yea, US have the peanut butter version! Anyhow, I managed to get them from petrol kiosk.

I’m not sure if photography is allow in their store so I secretly snap some pictures using my mobile phone. And talking about lazybug, the pictures is still in my mobile phone. Basically I google the last 2 pics. They have 21 flavours of M&M chocolate there. But aitelyu, to me, all of them taste the same. Cheh!

Beside M&M world, there is also The World of Coca-Cola cum museum where I pick up a miniature bottle of Coca-Cola to be add on to my collections. Darn happy about that!

Ever wonder why people associates Las Vegas with hotels and casinos? Basically, the whole stretch of street is line-up with hotels and every hotel, there is a casino. Their casino is easily access. Nothing compare to the one in Genting Highland. There’s no one checking your I.D. Just walk in, sit down and roll the dice!

Amazingly, you don’t see any kiddos sitting on the slot machines. I bet all parents is paranoid when come to underage gambling, huh. As you can see, I took the pictures during day time. That is why you don’t see any crowd. Like they say, Las Vegas is a town that never sleep. When night falls, the owl started coming out.

I’ll post again pictures around The Strip in my coming post. Currently some pictures got stuck in my other laptop when the motherboard die on me! $_$

And you must be wondering what’s about Bill Clinton?

U.S. former President Bill Clinton was invited as Autodesk keynote speaker for their 2007 OTC Conference. Nothing great about that but I’ve not seen Bill Clinton in real life before. This is how he looks like today ( I mean on March 7, 2007).

He really is on a mission to still change the world for the better. I have nothing against him so please, be nice to him 😉 .

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How far can you tolerate caning from school teacher

I have this philosophy. No matter how naughty is other people’s child, I will just tell them off for their own good and will not touch (cane) them cos that is not my child. Only the child’s parent has the right to cane their own child.

How about, if you are a teacher, would you cane your student for their own good? For example, Princess who is 7 y/o forgot to bring one of her book. She did not do it on purpose. I know that cos she packed all her books and mistakenly placed that book in another bag. Of course she get caned on her palm. Of course she cried. Of course I am so heart sake to see her cry. It’s not a normal crying. I’m her mother I know her best. She is so tramautized by that incident. She cried like I’m the one lying in the coffin! (*touch wood)

Come on! She’s only 7 y/o and this is the first time she forgot to bring her book. Can’t the teacher gave her a second chance? I wonder who gave teachers permission to cane? I consoled daughter and telling her at she’s at fault, “Take this is a lesson lor. Next time remember to bring your books. Cry also no use. Already get caned.” I know “Spare the cane, spoilt the child” but I have to stand on daughter’s side too.

If I don’t confront the teacher, they are taking the answer as “Yes! You can cane my child.” For goodness sake, it is just a book. She’s not stealing or drawing graffiti or doing something bad. The teacher could at least punish her like stand throughout lesson or something like that.

But hor, if I confront the teacher, I’m putting my dauther at risk. Some teacher have this mentality, “Ok, you don’t like how I teach your daughter then from today onwards I’m not going to care what she do.” So you tell me la. What am I going to do? Just sit there like nothing happen? Some people might say, “Cane on the palm only wert. Can die meh?” So you tell me la. Can die or not. Don’t tell me the teacher never forget things? A child is still human wat. A child cannot forget to bring books meh? Don’t tell me the teacher never forget to bring books during her younger days. The more I say, the more I want to **** the teacher.

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Stir Fry Kailan Stem & Miso Soup

It’s been a while since my return from US, I can’t find the time to cook a proper meal at home. My cooking rhythm is all out tho am slowly picking up bits and pieces (aiyah, laziness la!).

This is what a lazy ass would whip up in the kitchen on a lazy Sunday.

Stir Fry Kailan Stem


Medium Kailan Stem
1/2 carrot
Brown bunashimeji mushroom ($$$)
3 cloves of Garlic
Oyster sauce
Tapioca starch


Use a kitchen knife to tear off the outer skin on the kailan stem. For the bunashimeji mushroom, gently separate them and rinse away dirt in running water. Leave them whole.

Heat olive oil in the wok. Brown garlic and follow by sliced carrot and kailan stem. You may want to add few slices of ginger to take away the earthly smell from the mushroom. Add a cup of water and oyster sauce. Once the stock came to a boil, add mushroom and tapioca starch.

Ingredients for Miso Soup:

Soya Bean Paste
Egg Tofu
3 big bowl of water

Put all the above in boiling water. Kau tim! Takes me less than 30 minutes to serve my dinner. And no. I’m not a vegetarian *ngek.

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Day 8 – Hoover Dam

Many people heard of this place called Hoover Dam but not many people know the history of it.

History – Before the construction of the dam, the Colorado River Basin periodically overflowed its banks when snow from the Rocky Mountains melted and drained into the river. These floods endangered downstream farming communities. In addition to essential flood control, a dam would make possible the expansion of irrigated farming in the parched region. It would also provide a dependable supply of water for Los Angeles and other Southern California communities. – Snippets from Wikipedia

Hmmm… let me. It’s not easy to write about Hoover Dam cos the only thing they have is water + mountains = dam! After bil saw my digital print he even asked me, “why all rocks wan?” Cos…. it is all rocks!!!! But itelyu, the sceneary is really 100x really beau.ti.ful! Even with some slight different camera angle, it makes the photographs look so different. That’s really amazing.

For example this…

… (please ignore the arrow for the mean time)

Increasing the zoom 2x and taking two steps to my right, I got this…

Back to the first picture with the arrow indication, that is the old water marks found on the hills. Can you imagine, long long time ago, without the construction of Hoover Dam, how bad can the flood get.

Water from the overflow river was channel into this big drain (2nd pic) and went in the underground tunnel (1st pic). Please correct me if I’m wrong on this.

This is me, after releasing the zoom and took five steps to my left…

… and another 2 steps to my left…

Sui boh the scenary? That Aunty sui also because she just bought that stretchable shirt from GAP for only US$7!
Every nook and corner makes a good photographic item.

The water is not teh (tea) + susu (milk) = murky like the one we have in Malaysia.

Walking further down along the road to the generator room, we passed by…

Arrow indicating some special effect. Let me show you what I’ve Google. Watch…

Wonder in what situation will the Dam create such a beautiful pulsation. When I was there, all is all quiet and dry. Sui boh?

Hmm…. let see what else ah….

Some random pictures that have no storyline to tell….

On the curbside of the road, there’s a memorial (1st pic) to remember the many workers who die in the harsh conditions that prevailed during the 5 years construction of the Dam. Guys will always be guys – drinking filtered water from the Dam, “Wah, taste sweet hor”. Can anyone remember the name of the movie where Jackie Chan slide (last pic) down to the Dam?

I’ve warned you. It’s all rock + water = Dam.

We drove further up from the Dam and managed to get a nice bird view on part of the Dam.

pssst…. that’s just some lame excuses to show off myself. Where got birdview! What birdview?! *ngek

Driving from LV to Hoover Dam takes only about 45minutes. If you have a big group of friends, rent a car. That will save you lots. Local tour agent is charging few hundred US$ per person.

Watch this space for the next update as the Hijack King is meeting up Mister Bill Clinton.

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This Week is Holy Week

Oh…. and not forgetting, today is also the birthday of God Mercy i.e. Kwan Yin. As usual, roads are expected to get a bit congested near churches and temples today. So be prepared for it.

Enjoy your weekend and say hi to your Mom for me 🙂

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Day 7 – Over Slept and Outlet shopping

For the past 6 days, we are so lack of a good sleep. Most of the days, we need to be up at a terribly early morning. You have to agree with me – there’s too many things to see and do but too little time in hand. Since we have no plan for today, we don’t intend to set the alarm clock and guess what? We woke up at 11:45am!!! We could’ve slept longer if not for the phone call *grrr…. Anyway, glad that phone call came cos we’ve wasted half a day in dreamland *sigh….

Hubby need to run down to the convention hall to register for his conference. Fyi, we are staying in MGM Grand. One of the most posh hotel in Las Vegas, mind you.

Ahem! The cat is out from the bag now. The conference is the one that bring us here. *ngek* Hubby will be attending conference for 5 days. I know I’ll be bored to death.

Hubby: Ah… this one my product. Help me to take picture.

Wifey: Wah, nice view too!

It is freaking cold out there. Around 15C! *brrrrr….

Fashion Outlet is about 45minutes away from MGM Grand. If you are a guest in MGM Grand, they have free shuttle there. That could save you a lot as public transport, especially taxis is not cheap in US. Especially after conversion everything seems to look expensive.

Every outlet we went to, we’ve never fail to leave empty handed. There’s always something to buy. I can’t remember what I’ve bought but found this photo in my memory card.

Pink for Princess – US$24 (RM84), Black & white for Queen – US$29.90 (RM104.65). Cheap eh? I was told the pink ones was selling at RM300 in Malaysia.

I bought a pair of Levi’s jean (baby pink) at US$16. I love the baby pink so much. Frankly telling, I go for clearance item only cos they are throwing price like mad. No point bring back expensive loots, right? I bought another 2 pairs of working slack from Guess? for less than US$16 per piece. Every outlet you go, they have different item on sale and offer different discount. Another big hit is Coach bags. I saw one which is selling at RM800 in Malaysia, in Outlets they are selling at US$98 (RM343). I know of someone who bought 10 Coach bags. *&^%$# I have to help her bring back one of the bag to avoid getting tax at the Malaysian custom *&^%$#.

What’s for dinner?

We had Mexican today. That’s steak and my type of french beans. Love it that way! I don’t understand mexican menu and ended with a steak instead 🙁 . Tasted not bad albeit a bit raw at the centre. Infact, it’s quite raw with blood oozing out. I did not finished that part. Geli-nyeeeeeeeee!

Seabass – This is supposed to be my dishhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Since hubby don’t take beef, I decided to switch with him. It’s my fault anyway. And I hate man that can’t decide what they want to eat *bluehhhhhhh*

One day, I’m going to try my hand making this…

Nacho dip made from Avocado, some herbs, pepper (cili padi), sun-dried tomatoes, lime juice, some white stuff, and I appreciate if someone could tell me is that salt or sugar? This is very healthy and delicious.

We had dinner with Hubby’s boss, kolig, business partner…. about 7 of us. Everyone had a main meal, 2 bottle of red wine, some beer, juices and 2 serving of nacho chips with the dip. Wanna guess how much this dinner cost us in MGM Grand? US$500 (RM1,750!!!) Luckly boss pay, if not die!

Tomorrow we are going to Hoover Dam. Need to wake up at 7am again!

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My Next Vacation Meme

In between break from posting my US trip, it’s good that I’ve got plenty of tagging in hand. This time, I’m killing 2 birds with a stone. I was tagged by Shooi and Giddy Tigers.

It’s not fair to list only one vacation as I’ve got tons of them. Like Giddy Tigers, our initial plan is to go Maldives or Venice. But hubby prefer Venice and me, being a cheapskates would prefer Maldives. Then London came in the picture after our Genting Highland trip. U.S. is never in my list to travel. It just came by chance!

For this meme, I’ll say my “Ultimate Dream Vacation” would be EUROPE! 😀 I know I’m selfish 😆 . When you mentioned Europe tour, that would include places like Switzerland, Amsterdam, Venice, London, Paris…. just make it the whole Europe!

I’m tagging a different group of people this time. Have to dig further in my bookmark. And they would be…

1) Babe in the City
2) Eve Leng Leng
3) Athena
4) Ian Liew
5) Damn Dirty Angel

**Start Copy**

Proposition : Where do you want to go Next, OUTSIDE OF YOUR COUNTRY, for tourism, work , study, whatever.

Requirements: Find some info about the place, itinerary etc, pics if possible so you get MORE Traffic coming in, and maybe some people can find somewhere to go to. Excludes your NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, ie Singapore,Malaysia,Brunei, a country that borders yours.You must register for MyBloglog so we can blogwalk ah…..get it?

Quantity : FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode : Chain Link. 15 of them.
You leave 15 people and their DEEP LINK of their Blog Name and TAGGED POST and hit out for five more. So it will look like

Just My Thoughts whale watching at Monterey Bay

Azrin going Down Under

MaRLinda in Disneyland Paris

Athira Baby and her Balamory Antics

Msau to Japan

Shoppingmum to Europe

Angeleyes off to Bora-Bora

Giddy Tiger snorkelling in The Maldives

Jess to Europe

Immomsdaughter visit World Heritage New Zealand

**Add in the blog you got the tag from and tagged post.** (In this case, for example, you should add “Hijackqueen next vacation to Europe”)

Extra Rules: I don’t like how it sounded so I’m not putting this up. You might want to visit the rest to learn more. Sorry.
**End Copy**

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Day 6 – From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

We only managed to spent a full day (yesterday) with Sherine as this morning, we are driving down to Las Vegas which is about 4 hours from here. In between, we intend to drop by Barstow for outlet shopping again!!!! Darn excited or what?

A group photo we took outside Sherine in-law’s house.

From left: Hmmm….lady in red sweater looks familiar, Mrs Kokaido, Amelia, Amelia’s relative, Amelia’s niece, Sherine and John. Too bad John’s dad went for a game of golf cos I’m curious to know how does a American-Japanese looks like as Mrs Kokaido has all the typical Japanese look in her.

As we was busy loading luggages into John’s truck, Mrs Kokaido came to me with a box of California strawberries. That’s so kawai!

I was still shock of surprise and I know nuts what Mrs Kokaido is mumbling in Japanese. I reach out to that box of strawberries, bend 90 degree and the only words I know is, “Arigato! Arigato! Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Ninja. Haiiiiiiiiiii.” (:lol: pardon the siaoness) I look at Sherine blankly and she helped me to translate, “She say don’t bring out of California.” Aiyah, she don’t have to remind us that. We finished the whole 1kg of Strawberries in the car.

Those are huge strawberries! How come everything in America is huge? Their fruits, their onion, calla lilies… bla bla. No wonder they are so huge in sizes. I’m not trying to be anal. Just something to babble *ngek.

What’s for breakfast?

IHOP – International House of Pancakes

American had an attitude.

“How do you like your egg? Scramble? Over easy? Over medium? Hard fried? Omelette? Sunny side up?”

I have to look at them with a drop jawwwwwwwwwwwww. Goodness gracious me! Just cook whatever way you like. I don’t even know what is over easy or over medium. I’ll just settle with sunny side up cos the bright colour stand up in photograph 🙂

I ordered tea. Instead of a tea bag, cream & sugar, it came additional with 2 slices of lemon, honey and “half and half”. So what I do is, semua pun I hantam. Don’t want to waste any of them. I over look on “half and half”. I thought it is milk as what it is in Malaysia. After I pour the “half and half” into my tea, it started to form tiny curd. Like baby’s puke. Aiyoh, “half and half” is actually milk and egg. No wonder my tea looks like tau foo fah now. But still taste the same! Won’t die!

Even their pancakes have a choice of dry or wet. The one in the picture is wet. I would prefer the dry round type cos it goes great with their buttermilk syrup *slurrppp*

And why do I mentioned all this? I was told American are very fussy with food. Instead of serving what the cook cook, customer was given a choice. I think too many choices. They are so spoilt with choices!

After breakfast, we went for car shopping!

They called this minivan. But in Malaysia this is called a MPV. I’m worried for Hubby as he has never driven a left-hand-drive car before. I’m worry if he handle the big bulky giant. Even their road direction was totally opposit from ours. We wanted to rent a GPS system which cost us additional $35 but the sales person keep on insist that driving from LA to LV is like eating peanut. We’ll take her words. Let’s see how true is it.

What we need is another briefing from John and off we go to Barstow for shopping!Oh, why a MPV? There’s currently 4 adult (Amelia, relative, Hubby and me) and a child with 8 big and medium luggages!!! We even have to sacrifice one of the seat for a big luggage that couldn’t fit in the boot cos the rest of the luggages almost block the driver’s back view. *sigh…

John lead us onto the highway before he has to turn back again. We hope the next time we are in US, we have more time visiting friends – 2 days in Texas, 2 days in Ohio, 2 days in Seattle, 2 days in Alaska… wow! didn’t know I have so many friends in US.

Scenery along the highway was beautiful.

We wonder why the icy-top mountain keep on following us.

From icy-top mountain, suddenly we are on the dessert!

Still, it was a beautiful landscape. Makes me thinks that Almighty God’s creation is marvellous.

If I’m not mistaken, this is part of the Route 66. See the newly tarred road by Lightning McQueen 😉 ? They have only one road sign on Historic Route 66 and I missed that 🙁 and I never bump into another one again 🙁 🙁 .


Hubby bought 2 pieces of working shirt from Van Hausen after much pastering from me cos it is wrinkle free. It’s not easy to get wrinkle free shirt in KayEl or Peejay. Other than hubby, I did not get anything for myself. Yet! Nothing much to hoo-haa of what I bought here.

We continue our journey to LV after 3 hours of shopping and caught up in a stand-still on the highway.

Who say such a scene only happen in Malaysia? Since we are caught in the stand-still, let me bitch to you what we have on our highway that Amalika don’t.

  1. They doesn’t have nice flush toilet. Their toilet is only a small moveable cubicle placed at the curbside and we don’t even see any of them while driving from LA to LV. So make sure you don’t drink too much of water. *ahem.
  2. They doesn’t have nice rest area for makan (eat) like the one in Ayer Keroh. We spotted a few fast food kiosk on the opposit side of the highway. Which means, if we can find our exit to the opposit, we can’t get our butt back on our direction. Go figure. Anyway, we are not taking risk. So make sure you have something to munch in the car.
  3. They don’t have lamp post on the highway.

Other than the above, what you will like about their highway is…. from LA to LV, there is not a single toll we have to pay. It’s FREEEEEEEEEEEE!

I’m done bitching. The vehicles is still on a stand-still. What can we do?

Aiyah, take photo la. The next time when you are caught in a stand-still, don’t have to bitch, “Ini Malaysia Boleh la. Amalika mana ada macam ni”. Nah! Show you liao. Can keep your mouth shut now.

And so we drive and drive and drive till about 5pm and the sky started to turn dark.

We know we are almost there. It’s really easy driving from LA to LV. It’s a straight highway all the way.

Many people doesn’t know that Las Vegas is on a piece of dessert land. So do I, till the day I stepped foot here. And I know I’m in Las Vegas when I see lots of casino and hotel, billboards with lots of flickering neon lights. It is such a happening place.

Welcome to Las Vegas – The City that Never Sleep.

p/s: It’s Friday night. Do I have to bitch to you how freaking jam is this area?

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