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Red Wine Mee Suah

This is a typical Foochow rice red wine going thru a month of fermentation before extracting the wine from the rice. Yup, I’m Foochow if you must asked. This red wine is not your usual Chardonnay where you can drink right from the bottle. It is more suitable for cooking especially dishes for confinement mothers.

Noodles such as Mee Suah (vermicelle) goes perfectly with this rice red wine. Coming up is the recipe for it minus the process of fermenting the rice as it is a bit tricky but I promised to blog about it in my next assignment.


Whole garlic (don’t remove the skin)
Sesame oil
Red wine
Mee Suah


Heat sesame oil in a wok. Dump in ginger and garlic. Cook till fragrant. Add in chicken. Stir for few minutes before adding water as the soup base. Simmer on a low fire for approximately 20 minutes or till chicken is tender. Lastly, pour Red wine in the chicken stock and simmer for another 5 minutes. Amount of red wine is up to individual preference but reduced quantity if you have kids eating them too.

In a seperate pot, boil water to blanch the mee suah (vermicille).

If you buy saltish mee suah make sure your soup is not too salty.

Whenever I cook this dish, eldest Princess will yell from the living hall, “Mummy, I know what you are cooking. RED NOODLE!!!”.

As a Foochow, we used to cook this dish during birthdays too. Mee suah significant longevity and the red wine? …. just a tradition I think.

Queen: Aiyah, forgot to cook A hard boiled egg for Ah Boy.
Hubby: Ya lor… Eh, where got ppl cook only one egg.

(Go figure out the conversation 😉 )

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Thumb Sucking

Favour of the day: We need you to light a candle of support to destroy the commercial viability of Internet child abuse sites that are destroying the lives of innocent children.

Thumb sucking child is like a drug addict. They need their fix. If you refuse them, they will turn violent and start kicking, rolling and yelling.

If you see a child having her fix, leave her alone to avoid any accidental injury to yourself.

Little do you know, there is not only thumb sucking but also index sucking. Never heard of this before? WHY DO I HAVE ALL THE WEIRD PEOPLE IN MY FAMILY???? Yes! Baby Princess don’t favour thumb. She is a index finger sucker! How weird.

During her fix, she need some companion too. Is either her fluffy baby pillow or her red beany bear with silky ribbon. I’ve seen majority of thumb sucking child with the same habit. They need to feel or smell it while having their fix.

All I can say, ” awwwwwww…. coo chi, coo chi.” Don’t they look innocent and cute?

Neway, I’ll think of a way to wean her off the sucking when I no longer consider her cute, k? See how time flies and today is Friday again. Be a good parents to your children. Spent more time with them but don’t spoilt them! Have a good weekend and say hi to your mom for me 😀

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Kenko Diet Plum

I started the plum diet on 11th September (gosh, 911!). It was supposed to ease constipation and clear up undischarge stool on the wall of the intestine. I’m one of them that doesn’t poo daily. Something like 3 days once and when the stool gets harden, I bleed. When I was carrying my 3rd child, my constipation get worst and I had piles. It’s not funny. I was in pain for 7 days.

I’ve tried all sort of diet; papaya, prunes, prunes extract, banana, nanana, babana, what ever you can name them it’s just fruitless. The moment I heard of Kenko Diet Plum I told myself I must try it. It is not cheap tho but I just want to try it out of curiosity. It also claims of giving you a slimmer waist line. Wah, double bang!

This is how it works. The diet plum help create bowel movement, and perform internal cleansing by excreting toxins and faeces. Therefore, you might find yourself visiting the toilet more often after consuming the plums. What you eat will flush out the next day.

For first timer, you need to consume 4 plums after dinner. And so I did. After Hubby took 2 plums, I warned him about the regular bowel movements. He swear like hell. lol. The next day, I poo in the morning (like usual). 5 minutes before arriving the office, I had chicken skin. OMG! I told myself must CONTROLLLL! From there onwards, I had 4 poos. Keng leh. Hubby called and swear again!

Subsequent day, you just need to consume 2 plums. At this time of writing this entry, I had sore ass. I asked myself, do I need such a frequent deposit? 4 times a day not counting one in the middle of the night! Crap! Finally I realised how the plum actually work. You eat and discharge. Eat and discharge. That is how you can stay slim too. I’m puzzle as think whether my body will received the nutrients from the food that I took before it was process and discharge? Don’t think so. Maybe I shouldn’t take it on daily basis or maybe I should reduce it to a plum daily.

Since I’m was planning to cook bird nest this weekend and looking at the way I deposit, I doubt the bird nest will go down the drain. Bah. I’m asking for trouble ye?

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Remember during the Hungry Ghost Month, the moon was so bright and round and you feel like howling like a wolf?

The moon looks like this,

Ok, I lied. This is a weird morning sun the day after. Wakakaa..

This is the moon.

Picture taken using Sony T-30 which was fixed on a telescope. Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ll promise to make an entry on the telescope if time persist. See, if you don’t have cable channel at home, can be your online Discovery Channel. :D  Now get back to work!

Neway, I’m on half day leave.  Will be going to Jaya Jusco Member Day sale. Yahoooooo!!!

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Offically MBA Holder

… but her ambition is to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) >.<

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Konnyaku Jelly


1 pkt Konnyaku jelly powder
250gm sugar
Malic Acid
Essence & Colouring
Assorted Fruits


Amount of water defer from individual jelly powder that you buy. So please refer to instructions at the back of the packet. Pour mixture in to moulds and add in fruits.

You may use fresh fruits or canned fruits but remember to well drained all the water from the fruits. This is what I prefered – (Fresh) Strawberries, kiwi, dragon fruits, (canned) mandarin oranges, pineapples, peaches, cherries, nata-de-coco, longan.

The purple is from Ribena and the rest is colourings. Note: Ribena + Glucose = purple. Original ribena = red :).

Check out another dessert recipe here.

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Craft: Wooly Lamb

“Baa… baa, black sheep, have you any wool?”

No instuction for this craft as I bet is easier than scramble an egg, right? You just to colour them and paste cotton on the lamb. For the finishing, cut out the shape of the lamb and you can pretend to have a little farm play with your child.


I’ll be doing lots of travelling over the weekend to the north (Penang) and therefore to upper north again (Kedah). I’ve make some Konnyaku jellies (recipe on Monday) and cendol jellies for my niece birthday party tomorrow. And on Sunday I’m travelling to Kedah early in the morning for my 5th Sister’s graduation. Feeling tired at this moment just thinking of all the travelling. I hate travelling far especially with my kids who can’t sit still and they love to fight!!! I have to stock up lots of sweets and junks to keep them down and you know how sugar increases their hyper metabolism after that *glup*.

Enjoy your weekend and be good :). Say hi to your mom for me too. 😀

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Die Hard ‘Cars’ Fan

I think I am more hardcore than Prince.  I’m head-over-heels over Cars merchandises. I can’t resist the temptation of buying each time I saw any of them.  Remember that Essential Cars Guide book that I’ve bought the other time?  This time it was a wind breaker.  Not very expensive cos I bought them from pasar malam (night market)…. sheesh!

It can be folded into a backpack with the fabrics stuff inside.

Not a very good idea as the fabrics was all wrinkle up when you unfold them.

One of the print.


Full front view with the hood on.

Cute leh – Prince also cute right 😉

Back view.  Big bolded prints of McQueen and Mater.

Both of them are just so adorable. I… I mean McQueen and Mater! Seriously dunno why this two brother and sister ended in this position. *gosh*
Oh, and the windbreaker is reversible.  It is orange inside with a simple pencil etch of McQueen.  Totally love it.  Very worth buying for the price of RM35 (US$9.21).

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‘Pissed Off’ Entry

Yesterday I was so darn pissed in the office. I was working and printing 320 pages of A4 size documents since morning, nonstop. Didn’t even have time to pee except for 20minutes lunch break and back to work again. Little did you know I am still using Canon bubblejet printer here. Yeah, I hear ya. So uncool and slow. Anyway, I can live with that.

It all started when someone much much much more senior than me accidentally kick the printer off the table. I know accidents happen anywhere, but at least you apologize or pick it up. Instead of that Your Highness have to bent down and exposed my butt in the air while picking up all loosen parts and he just walk away…. lidat!!! I told myself, “Nevermind, I can live with that.”

Now, the printer just refused to work after that. Grrr…. I was so desperate at that moment as I have another 80 pages and 2 hours left before I head home. Worst thing is, this document needed a special program to work on it and there is another collegue who have it in her puter. Went over to ask her if she can lend me her puter but she said she’s working something on it. “Fine!”

So went and complain to my Financial Controller that my printer kaput (spoilt) and need a new one. Oh, she say, “Wait la.” Wah, I have a two hundred thousand cheque in my hand waiting to be bank in and she ask me to wait. Now getting more desperate, went and complain to my Manager that I have no printer, my collegue said she can’t lend me her puter and FC not buying a new printer cos she’s waiting for a new one to drop from the sky!

Then my Manager went and talk so NICELY to that collegue telling her how urgently we need it done and the cheque is waiting to bank-in together with the documents. Then that collegue reply, “I’ll help her print them from my puter.” FFS! I thought she say she has work to do????!!! She seems so afraid to let me use her puter. Why? I think she had lots of porn in there!!!! That is why!!! Then again my Manager have to explain lots of thing. The way I see her pleading at that collegue is getting on my nerve. So I told my Manager to forget about it. I have no printer and it is not my fault and I’m sitting on the two hundred thousand cheque.

Conclusion, I was so darn mad and pissed, I went and kick and kick the printer. Then… then…. woot!!! Working liao. Woohoo!!!

aitelyu, I couldn’t care less if I can’t get my things done on time. The company is at the loss actually. Not me.

*sigh…* I don’t usually rant about my office stuff here but yesterday i was so darn pissed at their tidak apa attitude. If I were to put up this entry yesterday, BOY! aitelyu, it’s gonna be so flowery in here with lots of centre finger flying here and there. I also learn another thing. Give yourself timeout. Count 1 to 10. If didn’t work, count it backward. If still didn’t work, count 1 to 100. If still can’t work then go and bash that person up or flatten his/her car tyre. Ooi, just kidding la. I don’t do that type of thing. I’m such an angel. *cough*

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New Food Not to be Missed


But I think it’s on the shelf almost a year now. No chance to taste a bite. Princess gobbled up the whole packet in 2 days time all by herself!!!

So colourful I wonder how much colourings is in the choco chips. :mrgreen:

Kit Kat

Malaysia only have the cappucino flavour. Dunno how’s the taste like.

But if you happen to be in Singapore, must try their various flavours like cheese cake, strawberry sakura and many many more which I can’t remember all!

Pink to me is always for strawberry flavour and for goodness sake, does japanese eat their cherry bloosom? This is sakura flavour!!! It taste….. bland…. HORRIBLE!!!

Of course Lemon cheesecake tasted better than eating a flower, right. It has a tinge of lemonade sour. Just a little tinge. Nothing to shout about. I’ve tasted other finger wafers that is better than Kit Kat.

For your information, I bought the sakura flavour from Singapore which cost me S$5 (RM10), whereby the Lemon Cheesecake flavour is from our local Giant hypermarket which cost me only RM2.99 for TWO!!!


After the 1st try, I still go back for more. I simply love the cheese and less crust that is what matter most!

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