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Basic on Scrapbooking

Not many people heard of the term scrapbooking. What is actually scrapbooking? In my own words scrapbooking is where you transformed a dull photo into a piece of beautiful artwork. It is not difficult to start off if you have photoshop software or any other photo editing program that is able to do layering and must be able to run .png file.

Next, gather lots of element for scrapbook. You should be able to start working now. For my project, these are the elements that I am using:

Top to bottom: Ribbons, pin, stitches, flowers and alphabets. Not forgetting you need a paper too for the background.

From here on, you can start to create your master piece anyway you like or make them like a storyline. Not sure about you, I get my inspiration from looking at the elements I have, before putting them together.

I did a simple layout for my 11 month old Nephew.

Happy Scrapbooking.

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Bento Mania #52 – Tuna Sandwiches

I have every reason to pack more sandwiches to work now ever since I bought myself a new triangle onigiri bento box that double up as sandwiches box too.

Top to bottom: Tuna sandwiches, blue berries & kiwi.

I was not very fond of tuna as they have a foul smell but the 8y/o love them very much except for the greens. She had a different version compare to the adults.

Yea, just plain tuna sandwiches. The only child that goes after vegetables is the 6 years old Prince and he is the only child that eat whatever I served without whinning. My two girls are the pickiest lot!

Even Daddy was complimenting the onigiri box as they looks cute and useful for storing sandwiches.

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Toast but not Cheers

While I was in Singapore, I savored two version of toast that is not found in  KayEl and decided to make them again for breakfast one fine morning.

Co-incident, a colleague gave me a pack of Otak-otak from Muar that is still in the freezer since many donkey months ago.  I reckon this frozen pack suit my taste as they are less spicy and has chunk of fishes in there but lack on aroma.

What I did is defrost them at the lower compartment in the fridge and mixed evenly 2 pieces of young kaffir lime leaves that has been cut thinly.

I used 1 inch thick sandwich bread instead of the normal bread which is half of the thickness.  Spread otak-otak on the bread and toast them in the oven for approximately 20mins on 200C (or till done).

Serve immediately while hot before the toast lost it’s crunch. It is advisable to used a bread knife for cutting the toast to avoid denting especially on the centre (please refer to above pic :( )

For the kids, I’ve made them something that is non spicy.

Chicken floss toast with drizzle of condense milk.

Happy toasting ;)

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