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myPhone, iPhone

After months of klang-klang and hoo-haa’ing bloggers made, finally I’m into their club now.

I’m definitely no stranger by looking at the phone. All the little icons was way too familiar not to forget. All the way from the States for only US$399, I was told that they are going to sell this baby at RM2k plus during their launching around June.

I don’t intend to turn this post into a review, but I really could not help myself. I just have to show you guys how cool the phone is.

Nowadays, I can have my own privacy of surfing the net anywhere at anytime I like.

Gone was the day when I have to haul the heavy and bulky laptop to the loo. While I did my business the heat from the laptop would slowly penetrate thru my fat tight.

The SMS is so cool they actually sort messages according to phone numbers.

Now, you can read all of them in a glimpse. (I have yet to learn how to delete the one that I doesn’t want instead of erasing the whole thing.)

And of course, they have the iPod, iTunes, YouTube, e-mail all in a touch of button.

How about this? GPS navigator.

Once I press the button, intelligently the machine detected my location. So you say, chun or not jek? I just need to key in my destination from point A to point B. (If no Wi-Fi can go hor lan liao.)

Now I am Hubby’s little helper.

I remember clearly on the first day when I play around with this phone, Dow Jones was at it low self 111 points. The day I took this photo was at it’s highest 261 point. Wait ah, let me check. As I am typing this post, Dow Jones dropped again to 187.32 points. Wah Daddy, time to buy shares again wor.

And, and the rotating screen.

And the reducing and enlarging of screen by using your fingers (thumb and index) to pinch on the screen.

The phone is not entirely klang-klang. One thing that dissapoint me is their built in camera. No flash, no macro, no video, no nothing! It’s just a camera by itself. Bah!

I’ll do another bad review later. All I can say is, if you are paying US$399 instead of RM2k, it is a good price to pay for a electronic toy. But with RM2k, I think you can get a better mobile phone compare to this. Soli ya… *run and hide*

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Achelli, I don’t intend to show off.  But then, if I don’t, what is the purpose of blogging? Everyone blogs about something (be it a living thing or not) in the pre-text of showing off.  If you don’t called that show off, might as well don’t blog. Right?


I tried to Google for the pic but couldn’t find one.  Not even anything close to it.  But I managed to get the pic for the other two smaller ones 😀 .

May I presents you……

COACH Signature strip Wristlet bags *big grin*.

The other two Coaches that I have is something like a Tote bag.  One is brown with their signature strip.  The other one is full leather light blue.

Since Hubby is going to the States again in April, I might get him to buy me this:

I can’t decide which one to get.  As long as I had any one of them, I will die happily. *slap own mouth.  Choy! Choy!*

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Finally I’ve finished my first Photobook.

These are some scrap pages that I’ve done. I can’t wait to get the book on Friday. Hopefully!

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Ten Fast Fingers

I was hijacking Keeyit’s blog a moment ago and came across a speed typing test he took. The curious and kiasuism me wanted to know how many words per minute can I type. So I took the challenge too.

First Attempt

The nervous me had 4 wrong words. I know I can do better than this.

Second attempt *cracking fingers*!

I don’t care. One more try. I must reach 80 words per minute.

THIRD ATTEMPT! *folding up sleeves*

*Sigh… even thought I’ve made it to 76 words per minute but the number of characters is less.

So, my best personal record is 75 words per minute with 392 characters. How fast can you type?

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Not Exactly Organic

A homegrown is a homegrown but a homegrown. It is a homegrown after all. What do I say this? Well, even tho I have met the standard requirement in producing organic veges i.e. without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste (say bye-bye to babies wee-wee), or sewage sludge (say bye-bye to air longkang), something is still missing here. I was told, organic veges have to be grown in a confined environment and not exposed to polluted air. Duhh, do i need to move all my potted vegies into my living hall? So I failed the ISO thingy. I shall not called my produce “organic” but “homegrown”.

You see, I don’t have a big garden at home but some available ample porch space which is filled with lots of Bonsai and Desert Rose (Mandarin – Fu Kui Hua). However, I’ve started my own little herbs garden and vegetable plot-in-the-pot. lol.

This is how I fertilized my vegies (some are ala self-created):

  1. Whenever you wash your rice, keep the water for your vegies. Same goes when you wash fresh fishes.
  2. Dump any fruits/vegies skin (dragonfruit, papaya, banana, apple skin, carrot skin, potatoes skin, etc) to the soil. Let them decomposed by itself.
  3. After you have removed the head from anchovies, buried them in the soil. Let them decomposed by itself.
  4. Don’t discard baby’s left over milk. Pour them on your vegies. Now your plants will have lots of protein and calcium. rofl…
  5. If you happen to bake or cook lots of egg, soak eggs shell in water for at least a day or two. Water your plants thereafter. Another way to give you plants some protein. rofl….

The above is some example of things that I do. Well, here’s another one. If you are someone who blend your own soya milk, after squeezing the milk, scattered the ‘char’ on the soil. This way, nothing goes to waste. Infact, it is like having a little composite in your own garden.

However, I just learn on trial and error. For example the choy sum. If I throw item no. 2 (above) on the soil, it will attract lots of snail. And these are not big snail. They are so tiny you can hardly notice them and they hide under all the vegies/fruits skin that you thrown. Slowly by days after eating all the vegies/fruits skin, they started to attack your choy sum. By then, the numbers starts to multiply (about 30 snails). This is when i started to get busy again by killing all the tiny snails using a scissor to snip them into half. Then I got impatient cos the snails is really tiny. So I ended up using my fingers to squeeze them. Ok, you can go ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Not only I have green fingers.  Now I have icky fingers!  Aiyah, just wash your hands lor. So now I stop throwing item no. 2 on the soil. Even if the snail is there, I just let it be cos I’m lazy. Eating one or two leaves from my plot won’t die, right?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Other than choy sum, lettuce and bitter gourd, all year round, I have mint leaves, chives (cantonese – kau choy) and basil. All those can be grown easily in a pot.

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Bad, Good and Photoshopped Fireworks Pic

How do you classified if the picture is bad or good. Well, I do believe beauty lies on the beholder eye and I’m grading my own picture not wanting to sound like a professional photographer, ok?!

For example this…

A coconut tree. Good, but not to my standard.

This one?

Bad pic! Too smoky.

This one? Too Smoky also?

Smoky is good lar! This is what we called an art. Don’t you think they looks like an explosion?

We can do this…

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!! (Ya la, I know she looks happy)

or… or….

Charlie Angel!

… or how about some…













Happy 50th Independence Day to all 🙂

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Photo Contest Result is out!

If you are a regular reader of jessielingdotcom, I think by now you will be so bored listening to my bragging of the photo contest. But I promised you, this will be my last entry on the photo contest. But the best is yet to come! *insert evil laugh* I’ll tell you why after this.

This is what I’ve submitted:

This is one of my best and favourite photo from my trip to Disneyland, Los Angeles. Actually, I was thinking of blowing up this pic and hang it on my wall.

A trip to Seoul, Korea somewhere in 2003.

Another pic took from my Los Angeles trip.

Palace of the Elephants, Phuket.

These are just a few lot that I’ve submitted. So, which one make it to the finals? The 3rd and 4th pic. And which one won the grand prize?

None 🙁

I was about to bang my head on the wall. So I wrote to the organizer and threaten to sue him for loss of sleep, stress, fell sick because of stress, no appetite to eat, anxiety, nervous breakdown, etc….

No la, just pulling your leg.

The photo contest result is out last night. So, who and which pic is the winner leh?

errr… but I still like the first pic wor.

Nevertheless, now I have to think of a holiday destination. That is not tough as I’ve always wanted to go Siem Reap, Hanoi or Thailand. My question now is…. who is going with me?

So, any takers? Pay your own Air Asia ticket and we go on a holiday together. Be it a blogger’s holiday ke or ladies holiday ke, I don’t care la. Janji ada teman, ok? Don’t worry. I don’t snore and I don’t fart in bed 😉

Looks like I’m going to pollute jessielingdotcom with holiday pic again. *ngek, ngek, ngek

No need to get jealous la.  I’m sure AsiaYak will organize  more contest in near future. Just make sure you register as a member in their forum and watch out for their contest.  Okie dokie?

Now, where is my calendar…..

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A Pineapple Story

I could still remember my first time buying a whole pineapple from the market. With little confidence in myself, I ask the lady to remove all the skin before bringing it home as I’ve never done it before. Back then I was newly wed 😳 . Somehow, one fine day, I tried experimenting it. Since then, I’ve enjoy doing the chore. It’s pretty easy actually.

This is my way of doing it:

  1. Cut the top and bottom. On how to work on the skin, refer to picture 1 above.
  2. Next, coming to the ‘eyes’. Slanting your knife at 45degree, cute diagonally at the ‘eyes’.

There you go. Pretty easy isn’t it? It is like working on a piece of art!

I was quite surprised when I found out my late mil doesn’t know how to work on the ‘eyes’. She will cut the skin as in picture one, working all the way thru the eyes. Imagine how much you have wasted. End of it, there’s nothing left except a very petite pineapple.

Things are different with my mom. She’s an expert in the field and she never let me cut a pineapple in her house even tho I’ve assured her I’ve done it lots of time. She believe that the knife have to be very sharp and bla bla bla. Failing which, our tongue will itch when we eat them. Neh, I think that is just folklore.

Talking about itchy tongue, does anyone know the reason why sometimes our tongue itch after consuming pineapple?

One more story on the pineapple. My neighbour Sister caught me snapping all this photographs and she thought this is a very lame post on pineapple. *Blueh* So yutelme, lame or not ah?

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What’s creeping?

Some creeps on string…

Some couldn’t find the support…

It has bulb….

But most of them is blooming….

What creeping?

What blooming?

What tok you!

Nah, this one la….

My first bitter gourd in the garden. Actual length is about 2 inches but macro shots make it look so big.

p/s: Which is your fav? Mine is the first pic.

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It’s Sprouting!

Leah, come see this!

Soon, I will have some home grown organic Lettuce and Choy Sum. Woohoo, yeehoo! Woohoo, yeehoo!

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