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Superstar Libra Cruise – Day Three

Day Two
4am – Ship reach Langkawi (Can you imagine the ship sail for 12 hours?)
8am – Passenger is allowed to disembark in Langkawi
12noon – Ship sail again to SG

Today is Day Three –
4pm – Ship reach SG (Can you imagine the ship sail for 28 hours!!!)
4pm – Passenger is allowed to disembark in SG.
7pm – Ship sail back to Port Klang

We have been sailing since the day before at 12noon and today when we woke up, the ship is still sailing to our destination i.e. Singapore. Morning breakfast as usual then it is free at leisure. Actually, everyday is free at leisure. LOL. Since today is our last day on the Cruise, we make sure we camwhore kau-kau. Pictures during breakfast with my Youngest Sister.

We called ourself the ‘Lone Ranger’. She is 7 years my junior, single and still available 😉 . We have each other’s company through out the whole journey. We eat together. Loitering together. Sleep together. Share the same interest in photography. Own the same dSLR model. It was a great experience all together. The first time we went for a holiday together about 2 years ago, (to Siem Reap) I already knew we can get along and has been looking forward to more photography outing together.

I recalled an incident that happened last night during dinner. You know those guy that goes round with a camera taking pictures of you and then put them up for sales? We was tempted to buy a few photographs taken during our boarding with their Cruise mascot that cost us a whopping S$10 (RM24.00). And when the guy came up to us again during dinner in the pretext to take our photographs, we pakat that we should make goofy faces so that the pictures will turned out ugly and that will put us off from buying. And guess what?

The pictures turned out to be so cute! Aiyah. Did we buy that print? No, we did not. They was cute but doesn’t show any sentimental value for remembrance. Nothing like the mascot. You know, at one glance people is able to tell that the pics was taken on a Cruise. We still laugh over the incident.

After breakfast, we joined the crew for games. Remember I mentioned earlier in Day 1 post? You will bored yourself to death if you do not want to participate in any of their program that is meant to kill time catered specially for us. Most important thing is we all have fun. Winning is secondary.

We stayed on for Bingo. No one win the jackpot. The couple that won the consolation of S$400 bought a total of 15 pcs Bingo luck (S$12.50 for 3 pcs of Bingo luck). BIL bought 9 pcs Bingo altogether. On the first night, he left only one digit before striking the bingo. This is pure luck!

More camwhore coming up:

One of the foreigner voluntered to help us took this shot. I mean he really opened his mouth to volunteer. We don’t see any harm to it so we just agreed. You know, harm? Something like “once you pass him the camera, he will run away with it”? That harm?

As usual, my camera was set on multiple shots. Altogether, we had 5 same sequel of this pose and the last one is of us cracking up!

I know, the shuttle sound sometimes is quite therapeutic. I love to hear them too. lol.

My knight and me *ahem*

Some scene that we saw from deck 10th.

Not sure what they are doing but we saw the man leap over to our moving cruise. Dem keng cau like some scene we saw on teevee.

Wanted to switch my camera mode to try some panning shot. And if I do that, they might be gone by the time I press all those buttons. Next time maybe.

We really are killing time on Day 3.

The cruise dock at 4pm in Harbour Front Singapore. Not much shopping can be done since my 6 months old Niece had a high fever and I have to help to look for pharmacy -.-‘

I left my own kids at home and thought I can have fun shopping. Manatau, kena jaga anak orang lain pulak. They have Doctor on board for a fee of S$26 but my Sis was too stingy to pay for it. Now you know why travel medical insurance comes in handy. While for my Parents, they met up with my Uncle and Aunty in Starbucks for a chat. I am so glad about that as they will sure get bored following me running around the mall. I didn’t managed to find a pharmacy but got some Cool Pad gel instead for the baby. I really want to get my stuff but all this running around in the big mall is hampering me. We have to get back to the ship again at 7pm again. Time really flies when come to shopping.

After dinner, we watched some show again called the Singing Bees. Really cracked us up big time. Too much to elaborate here. Since this is the final night, they have program running till late like a disco party or the Wild Wild West party thingy. We won something at last. We took home 3 medals courtesy of Star Cruises souvenir item. All thanks to my Sisters hardship while I just sit there watching and laugh my ass off. That’s all for the night after supper at 12am ish.

Day 4 – Cruise was sailing the day before at 4pm and reached Port Klang at 10am the next morning. Back to the ground where I stepped. Called Daddy at 10am ish and he goes, “What! Reach home so early ah?”

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The Scan Revealed….

It all started about 1 year ago when I felt my monthly flow is very abnormal than usual.  They are superbly heavy with big chunk of blood clot dashing out like the tap water.  This happened usually on the first and second day. However, subsequent days is rated at medium and low.  This took me about 6 months to consult a doctor and a ultrasound scan revealed that there is a fibroid growing in my womb.  And 6 months later today, after another ultrasound scan…. the result is not looking good.

Not only the fibroid is growing, the Doctor discovered more than 3 cyst growing.  If you look at the smaller circle on the left, that is the cyst.  They are now measuring at 33.2mm.  If the cyst grow beyond 50mm, there is a need to get it remove through surgery and I am now on medication to treat anemia.  Even if the cyst did not grow beyond 50mm but the anemia has worsen, it is advisable to get the cyst remove too. Now, on the bigger circle, that is my womb.  A womb is supposed to be oval shape but mine is out-of-shape.  That is because on the bulging part, that is where the fibroid is and they are definitely growing too!

Most women with fibroid did not develop any symptom.  One out of 5 women may get this and they are genetic too.  So far in my household, my mom, one of my sis, one of my cousins (she had gone through 3 surgeries and the fibroid kept on coming back!), all of them has been a victim too. I am not writing this to get sympathy.  I just want to remind all ladies out there to learn to know your body, take note of body changes and go for your yearly check-up.   Educate yourself on cyst and fibroid, check out articles on Google.

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The RM625 Subsidy

I know for some people, the RM625.00 subsidy given by the Government from the previous fuel hike is like a donation to them because their working place is just a stone throw away from their home and the previous fuel hike doesn’t burden them at all. After waiting all these month, finally I get my rebates when I renew my auto insurance and road tax at the Pos Office.

Let me related to you my experience.  For claims at the Pos Office by the car owner, they are paid RM625.00 in cold hard cash.  But claims by a representative, you will have a choice to received the money in Money Order or by Bank Transfer.  I choose Bank Transfer as I am afraid the Money Order will lost in the mail.  Remember to attached a copy of your identity card together with the completed form.  Two days later after submission,  the money is in my bank already.  I can’t believe they are so efficient! Malaysia Boleh!

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Bento Mania #59

For some reason, ever since I mastered the skill of making my own sushi, I hardly frequent Sushi King anymore. Making your own vinegar sushi rice is so easy. There is no rules saying you can’t use your normal cooking rice. The only difference between the fragrant rice and japanese rice is the sticky consistency. Japanese rice is more sticky and they required less water when cooking. So it is alright to use fragrant rice as they are still sticky but less sticky. Get it?

Cook rice as normal in your rice cooker. Once your rice is done, fluff them up with a pair of chopstick. For a cup of rice, drizzle 3 tablespoons of rice vinegar. While mixing, fan the rice (for unknown reason). There is a wide variety of ingredients sold in Jusco and since my kids is a fan of grilled eel I make Unagi quite often. Fish roe is another hit but I doubt they will stay any fresher as a bento meal. For dessert, kids have zucchini, golden kiwi and fresh red dates.

I bought a new tamago pan specially for the tamagoyaki (rolled egg). They are a superb kitchen gadget that I’ve invested so far. And since this is a bento lunch, you will want to make sure the egg is well done to avoid any contamination. I used baran (separator) to avoid the nori (seaweed) from sticking to one another. Not shown in the picture, I have the bento box wrapped in insulation bag with a pack of blue gel ice too. Since the recession is coming, we dine outside lesser now. No more extra expenses like buying the diet pills online.  Self control now to shed the extra pound.

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