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Bento Mania #29

I have been asked by bloggers if we can use local rice to substitute Japanese rice.  To me,  if I intend to make sushi, I will opt for Japanese rice as they are more sticky compared to our local rice.  But not necessarily.  It all depending on how firm you roll or press down the rice.

For this bento, I used the local rice and since the rice is less sticky, all I need to do is press them down a little harder so that they are firmed in the rice mould and won’t break when I removed  the mould.  I used bits and pieces of seaweed from furikaki (rice flavouring) for the facial details.

From left to right:  Rice, alphabet chicken nuggets, scramble egg with sliced button mushrooms and YAY, it’s the fruits season now.  The rambutans was given to me by my colleague.  Bless her kind soul.

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The Flapping Wings

Can you guess what is the smallest bird in this world and how long is the length?

The answer is Hummingbird (no space in between please) and the length is 2 inches long 🙂

Took another flapping wings of the bee.

If only the bee is flying somewhere other than that black patch, I would have a clearer picture of the flapping wings. Not all thing happens to be how we wish them to be.

Took the shots from our recent trip to Avillion, Port Dickson. They have a Lotus pond too. I missed the chance as it was pouring heavily.

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Trip to Avillion, Port Dickson

This is the 2nd time Daddy pack us all in his luggage during a business call with more of his business partners, Principals and his Boss doing the same for this is not some doggy hotel that we are staying in Port Dickson. We are talking about the Avillion Port Dickson who is famous of their water chalets. Daddy got me all excited when he told me about the chalets.

We was supposed to leave for Port Dickson on Friday but since Eldest Princess have some commitment in her school and can’t skip classes, Daddy went alone as he has got a meeting in the afternoon. Daddy drove back to fetch us at 10.00pm and by the time we reached Avillion, it was almost 11.30pm. We was more excited than tired when we step foot in our room.

Four poster bed. No way! Look at the linen. It looks like someone just did some ironing on it. I can’t wait to roll on the bed!

Son trying out the durability of the bed 😉 Far behind is the kids bed.

Son was shock to see himself surrounded by water when he rolled up the bamboo blind. This is so awesome! I can’t wait for the morning to be here. We then took a stroll around the poolside since all of us are fully awake from the excitement.

Can’t help laughing at the white umbrella in the foreground. Daddy ended up playing pool (mini snooker) with his business partners and I tried to shot some night scene but failed miserably. Went back to the room feeling so dissapointed 🙁 .

The next morning after a scrumptious buffet breakfast, Daddy left us for his 9am meeting again. It is going to take the whole day! I so hate that when I have to run after the 3 active kids all by myself.

Been there, done that. It’s me again hiding under the shades playing ‘Baywatch Babe’ aka lifeguard. Kids spent two hours dipping in the pool, which is a good thing.

We camwhore a lot by the pool side.



I have to get Sasha bla bla bla to put the above two pics into gif file to save the bandwidth. Thanks Sweetie for your help. My kids has grown comfortable with water now. Previously they are not that brave to dive in the pool like that. Hey, jumping in the pool is considered safe as they did not dive head down so I just let them have a little fun. No harm since we are on a holiday.

While kids was screaming their head and lung off, I entertained myself shooting here and there.

The hotels is surrounded by lush of greeneries. There is shrubs here and there. They give me a real tranquility feeling. I managed to shot a humming bird with it’s flapping wings. Will post them in my next post as I think it is special.

Four peacock suddenly appear from no where. The above must be a female peacock.

Now you should be able to tell which is male and female.

Last night I tried to take the signboard but all the pictures turned out blurry. Blame it on low light.

Yes. And the photographer too! *sticking out tongue*

I was squatting there for almost 10 minutes trying to get a near-to-perfect shot if I can. One of the night guard with walkie talkie came up to me and asked what am I doing. Duhh! Cannot see meh! A woman squatting there with a camera must be taking photograph la. Takkan lah I squat there to shit. I just ignore him and pretending looking at the camera display screen. Not really pretending la. Trying to be ignorant and at the same time, I was really looking at the display screen deleting all 20 pictures! Bah! Still prefer the scene at night with all the spots light shining on it.

Oh, oh, oh. Did I forget my job as Baywatch Babe? I was too engross taking photographs and by the time I take a peep at the kids, this is what I saw:

Must go over and piak his butt. Boys being boys. He had fun asking everyone to slide under him. Gosh! Two hours (10.30am) had passed and the pool area is getting hotter. Was supposed to adjourned to the beach but we got lazy while stopping by our room to collect the beach toys.

The kids had a shower. Yes a shower! Don’t miss this part on the shower room. They are so awesome!

Picture this, you are in your room with the window ajar and is able to see the bathroom. And when you go nearer…

… it is a open space shower room. See that sky? Awesome isn’t it?

One is in the tub, another one taking a shower. Right opposite the window before the brown rail is another open space where you can see the sea water. I never allowed the kids to open the window. *gulp*

After the quick shower, we had more camwhore session at the balcony.

Can you spot the Astro satellite dish? All rooms are equipped with Astro (certain channel only). Isn’t that awesome? (Sorry ya, watch too much Kung fu Panda)

Baby Princess trying to impersonate us hence now you see why she had ‘Aunty’ poses. Cute!

Next itenery would be the kids room. While walking towards the kids room, I tried to capture few more shots. With this, hopefully I can change most of your perception on Port Dickson’s beach.

Not even a single debris, tree branches or dead seaweed on the beach. Can you believe that? This is so awesome!

View from the patio overlooking the beach.

Around the hotel is very very cosy. You will feel very relaxed.


A steel bench under the hot blazing sun. Who the hell would want to sit there? More for decoration purpose. We spent the next one hour in the kids room and shortly, Linda (Hubby Boss’s wife) came and join us with Xavier. psstt… they are Caucasian. Another opportunity for me to brush up on my photography. Linda commented that I am good. I reckon she had a beautiful son. I’ll post the pics up in another post. I have posted the photographs up.  Do check them out.  I had a good chat with Linda over lunch. We talk a lot about our Hubbies. We are both living in each other shoes and we know exactly how we felt when our Hubby is often out of town.

Ding dong, ding dong the time is probably mid afternoon when Daddy finished his meetings. We was definitely tired as Daddy and me konk’ed out while the kids dunno what they do that few hours. I bet watching TV plus eating lots of tidbits. And when we woke up about 5pm, the kids want the pool again! OMG! ….

Off we go again to the pool. I shoo them to the beach shortly after that cos I haven’t take any pictures of them at the beach and I have few project lining up too.

We both get a new tankini swimsuit after our previous trip to Pangkor Island. Reason was because I have put on weight and my previous tankini pants makes my tight look so fat. Women are vain for a reason. No? With the tankini skirt, at least they hide my ugly looking fat tight. I feel more confidence walking around in my new tankini. Really!

Baby Princess rushed over when she saw us posing at the camera again. It is not my intension but the pics all turn out that I was not looking at the camera. How crappy!

I can float! I can float!


Tree Pose – Previous tanned marked is still there.

We left the beach at 6.30pm as we need to get ready for dinner at 7.00pm with Daddy’s other business partner. We’ll come back to the beach again tomorrow I assured the kids. Funny how I don’t see any sunset at all. You mean the sun doesn’t set in Port Dickson? *tsk, tsk* During dinner, Prince make a new friend with Jonathan just because he had a Nintendo game! Well, good thing as we are able to bribe him like, “See, Jonathan put on his seat belt” and he quickly put on his seat belt too. Or when he refuse to co-operate we will threaten him, “Later I ask Jonathan not to friend you and share his Nintendo game with you.”

Back from dinner, we all have a good night sleep except for Daddy. Gee! He continue drinking and entertaining the business partners. The next morning I ask if he drank. He said they had whiskey but not for him. He ordered a Milo instead. Wakakaka!

And guess what?

Can you imagine if there is a tsunami now. *yikes*
It has been raining since 7.30am!!!! Gawd damnit! So early in the morning. We waited for the rain to stop but it wouldn’t stop! We have no choice but to used the umbrella instead. All our plan has to cancel. After breakfast, we managed to visit the hotel’s petting zoo for a mere 5 minutes and it rains again!!! Spent the next few hour in the kids room again. OMG! At 12 noon, decided to check-out and head to Seremban for the beef noodle. That’s all for the 2nd day. There is nothing we get to do at all. What a weather!!!

We will definitely come back to Avillion Port Dickson instead of going to Pan Pacific Pangkor. Haha! Not double standard but going to Port Dickson is nearer than going to Pangkor Island.

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Bento Mania #28

Mummy:  Do you know where goes quail eggs came from?Dinosaur? *teasing*

8 y/o:  Hmm… eagle?

Mummy:  Haha!  No.  Quail eggs came from quail bird.  *teasing*

Frankly speaking, I don’t know the answer either.  Upon checking them on Google, quail bird seem to be a beautiful looking bird.

On the above, the main meal is make out of rolled Japanese rice with chicken ham and quail eggs.  I packed some Kikkoman  soy sauce in the little pink bottle to be eaten with the quail eggs.  I was surprised the soy sauce was untouch.  According to kiddos, the eggs tasted as good on it’s own.  I’m glad to hear that!  For dessert, my Parents came for a visit and they bought us some yellow kiwis.  Frankly speaking, yellow kiwi is wayyyyyyy sweeter than the green kiwi.

The yellow spoon came with kiwis that we bought sometime ago. All packed in the bento box fasten with homemade elastic bento band.

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