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A Fresh New Day, New Month and New Year

This is what happened on the eve of New Year’s Day.

After we got ourselves 2 pints of Baskin Robbin’s ice-cream, we headed to the petrol kiosk as Hubby has received numerous smses on the price increased for petrol. As usual, we expected a horrendous queue at the kiosk.

I went to bed as I don’t intend to stay up for the countdown while Hubby and Prince stay up to watch Cars on Disney Channel at 11:00pm. I was awaken by the midnight fireworks from the nearby newly opened mall when the clock strike 12. I dozed off again.

This time, I was rudely awaken from my slumber by fireworks again. I cursed under my breath at 1 o’clock in the morning! The thunderous sound tells me that the fireworks is just a stone throw from my house. I went and check from my room window and saw the fireworks sparked right before me. I told myself, “what the heck. Since I am already up, might as well go get a shots or two with my dSLR.” I quickly ran downstairs, grab my cam, changed the lens and dashed out the door. Hubby thought I was walking in my sleep! Muahaaahaaa! Cos I heard him asking where am I going. I don’t have the time to answer him as the fireworks has been going on for quite a while. I need to be quick before it stop. Anyway, common sense wat – camera + fireworks = take photo la.

I only managed to get one shot. That’s it. The fireworks display ended. I cursed under my breath again and went to bed.

The next day when Hubby came home from a golf session with Datuk, he said, “Cilaka wan. Petrol price did not increase.”

I just laugh.

He added, “Datuk laugh at me. He say election is coming soon. There won’t be any price increase as of now.”

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