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Back to school – Part Five (Buying from the canteen)

Princess love roti canai so much the first thing she bought from her canteen is roti canai. Besar (big) some more. The besar is really big, so I told her next time go for small one. She then pull a long and sour face.

… 2nd week of school…

Mummy: What did you buy from the canteen today?

Princess: Roti Canai

Mummy: Big wan or small wan?

Princess: Big wan!

Mummy: I told you not to buy the big ones. It’s too big you won’t be able to finished them. Anyway the small one is only 50 cents. The big one is 1 ringgit. So expensive.

Princess: But Ma, I don’t have 50 cents. I only have 1 ringgit.

(Dunno should laugh or cry)

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My Favourite Movies – Another Meme

I got tagged again in less than a week. Dang! Wah, something like payback time from loctor Bernard leh. Right on…

1. Cars
I did a review on Cars sometime in June 06. I love the storyline, animation and it touches a bit on the history of Route 66. Fantastic scenery! Watch them if you have not done so.

2. Harry Potter
No words can describe how much I love to watch this movie. Can’t wait for Part V to come.

3. Jerry Maguire
“You had me in Hallo” and “You complete me” can send me to cloud nine!

4. Pretty Woman
Can’t deny with Dr. Bernard that Pretty Woman is indeed a good movie. Sometimes when I floss, it does reminds me of Julia Robert. Hey, flossing is good for you.

5. Autumn In My Heart (Korean Drama)
This is not a movie but rather a series drama. It makes the emotional jarboh (ladies) cry and cry, basically in every episod. But I still love them lots. So the romantic can die lidat. I have a set of their CD and VCDs. I even bought the tea cups when I was in Korea in 2003. If you watch the series you will know what teacups I’m refering too. This is what a die hard fan will do, huh. Oh, please! Don’t start on Winter Sonata. I hate them so much. And Beh Yong Jin (especially his hair) is sibeh ugly can die lidat.

This meme shall die with me. teheehee…. not going to tag anyone but I’ll like to see what Hisham and Lilian (Lau) list cos both of them is movie geek.

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Brinjal aka Eggplant aka Aubergine

Geez, is there any other vege that can outbeat brinjal aka Eggplant aka Aubergine with more than 3 names?


Brinjal aka Eggplant aka Aubergine (cut them in strip  stripe)
Minced meat (I use pork)
(marinate with pepper and soy sauce)
Spring Onion
(cut them according to your brinjal’s length)
1/2 cup of olive oil


Heat olive oil and fry your brinjal aka eggplant aka Aubergine till a little brownish.  Drain  brinjal aka eggplant aka Aubergine from oil and sprinkle a little bit of soy sauce. Discard oil from wok.  Saute garlic and minced meat.  Stir fry till meat is done.  Return fried brinjal to wok.  Mix throughly before adding spring onion.  Transfer dish to a serving plate.

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Bandar Sunway Toll Protest

Quote of the day: Rakyat susah payah, Kroni untung Gila!”

There has been some hush-hush in the newspapers, but somehow… news still leak out elsewhere.

With the increased of 60% in most toll around Kesas and LDP highway, this type of scene is expected. Anyway, this type of protest is not the first time. Thanks God I’m not affected by the increase as I use the NKVE Highway to work but I still pity those that affected, that is including Bil.

If you are not a reader at Lensa Malaysia forum, check them out now. They have awesome pictures of the protest and you can see swan swarms of ppl there. I heart to see FRU team’s pic. But somehow I feel the uniform for our FRU (Federal Reservation Unit) team is not umph! enough.

Even the FRU is recording the protest with the tax payer money’s his webcam.

Any idea when is our next election?

Female Reinforcement Office on the front row. *don’t play-play huh*

*Pictures hijacked from Lensa Malaysia Forum for viewing pleasure*


kenneth says: Wah, they get the female FRU officers to stand in front like that i also wanna mogok

Jessie says: ya lor. front line somemore. But some female can be really fierce

kenneth says: yeah lah

kenneth says: tarik telinga and cubit

Jessie says: LIKE ME LA!!!

Jessie says: CAN BITE PPL haha

kenneth says: wah, i don’t mind. But last time you tarik my t-shirt until it expand 2 sizes

Jessie says: aiks! Got meh
<....snip! snip!>

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Meet Wuching and his “Heng” tai

We did not plan for the meet-up. He rang me and I said yes! I was not dress to my nine – work outfit and my hair was bunned. Looks like aunty only. 45minutes later, there he is. Standing right before me with his wifey in tow. WUCHING IS IN TOWN!!! And I’ve had the pleasure to meet Wuheng too. Finally! ….not that I read Wuheng, only once and I didn’t know Wuheng is his brother. All this while I thought Wuheng is his impersonator. *rolling on floor laughing out loud*


I almost freak out I thought I was camwhoring with Bao Jin Tien (Justice Bao)

We had a little chat but lots of laughter while waiting for the food to arrive. Ahem! It’s not easy to understand someone with Aussie slang, ok. Most of the time I’ll goes, “Sorry?” “I bet your pardon?” “come again?” Dem paiseh. Then I have to talk like him also. Dang! That’s just me. Singing away with my chiplak Aussie slang. Funny thing is, his Foochow is still the Foochow that I understand. No Aussie slang in his foochow. See… these ppl, mengada-gada only with their Aussie slang *duck from Wuching’s rotten tomatoes*

And I don’t called myself Hijackqueen for nothing. I hijacked Wuching’s digicam for food pic cos his photography skill beh kua wan. *ish. Hence, all the awesome food pic is with Wuching cos I don’t have my digicam with me and it’s just not me to take food pic with my mobile. No standard lidat la. Cehwahhhh… We had hae bee butter prawns (shell less). I heart shell less prawns and I’m glad Mrs Wuching share the same liking as me. You know… first you have to lick the butter from the prawns and all the hassle to peel them off. End of the day, you left a tasteless prawns. Wuching hate the Kerabu Mango cos it is sour. He should know Kerabu Mango is a bit sour. A bit only can die lidat. Then the bean curd, the stir fried lotus, the nyonya fried chicken. aitelyu, Penang Village serve a sinfully creamy and fragrant Durian cendol. The smell is better than your Chanel no.5 *sticking out tongue*.

There’s another blogger meet on Thursday for invited bloggers only. And if you don’t get this,

or this,

don’t get jelous huh. *ngek

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me – A Meme

Hisham has tagged me for my first Meme for the New year. Here goes:

1) I still drink straight from the bottle in the fridge. It’s a bad habit that is hard to break. Hence, my 7y/o, 5y/o and 21mths baby is pro at that now! Dunno should be happy or sad.

2) I love to bake cookies or cakes. But I don’t eat any of them. Especially cookies. Not even a bite. Weird huh. Good thing I have lots of guinea pig around.

3) My then bf car # plate – 2357 strike first prize in Damacai (back then Magnum) when I was 21 (or 22y/o? Can’t remember) Total winning was RM8,000!!! I told no one about it except one of my aunt. She then told my mom about the winning. Mom was mad, really mad at me!

4) I lost #3 in share market 😡 . How stupig!!!

5) I haven’t had an increment for the last 3 years. I really, badly, seriously, dying for one.

Here are 5 bloggers that I have decided to pass along the meme to. Tagging 2 bloggers from the Hug Hug club, 2 from mummy blogger and one loctor.

1)  LB
2)  little miss may
3)  Jazzmint
4)  My Lovely Rays
5)  Dr. Bernardchan

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Back to school – Part Five (School Shoes)

I have more reason to wash shoes in the washing machine now!

2 pairs of white shoes need to be washed everyweek. Bah! How I hate them.

And I so love this shot. The water splashes looks like a icycles. Makes me wanna lick them. This is how I shots them:

F Value- F3.5
Lens Focal – 6.3mm
Shutter speed – 1/250sec

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Fried Rice Package ala Nasi Pattaya

Nothing to hoo-haa over the fried rice. Stir your usual way. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and make a big round omelet. Wrap the fried rice with your omelet.

Again, it’s for the presentation sake 😀

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Back to school – Part Four (Pocket Money)

When I was in Primary school that is approximately 25 years ago, my dad gave my siblings and me 50cents each person every alternate days as pocket money. Which means on the first day we spent 20cents and the next day 30cents or vice versa. We brought our lunch box to school so the pocket money given was basically spent on junk food. Gradually, dad increased our pocket money to 50 cents each person on daily basis. By that time, the school authority had banned junk food sales in the canteen (cafeteria). I think that is a good move 😉 as the old wives tales says – You are what you eat. Good thing I did not grow up as a junk person. Muahaaahaaa….. now you know why I did not use the word ‘titbits’.

When we enter Secondary school that is approximately 19 years ago, once again, dad increased our pocket money to a one ringgit a day. Boy oh boy! That is a lot of money to spent. I remembered back then, I was already a cheapskates. I’m the only one that took heavy breakfast at home and still bring a lunch box to school but spent the dollar after school hour buying junk. That is how I became a junk person again. *sigh…

Fifteen years later, today I took over my dad’s role as a parent to spoilt nurture and provide my child with education.

After a survey on their menu (wah! So canggih hor) prices has not change much.

During my schooling days, a bowl of noodle is 30 cents. The price on the menu is 60 cents. Hey, that better be a correct one. A bowl of noodle in the coffee shop is 3 dollars, ok? Ah, well. Let’s just assume it is 60 cents. So, this morning I gave Princess one dollar and a lunch box. Told her to buy something from the canteen if she really cannot tahan. You know, some kids just love to spent money and peer pressure.

In the evening, I ask if she bought anything from the canteen.

Kharsyn: Teacher say who had lunch already cannot go to the canteen.

Mummy: You can always eat the food that mummy pack for you in the classroom.

Kharsyn: Cannot. Teacher say later the classroom got ants.

Mummy: Then you eat in the canteen la.

Kharsyn: But teacher don’t allow us to go to the canteen.

Mummy: Can eat at the balcony or not.

Kharsyn: Nevermind la. I think first day cannot go to the canteen.

Wah liao. If some children hungry, then how?

Do you think one ringgit is enough since she brings 750ml of h2o to school. How much did you gave to your child?

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Back to school – Part Three (Lost in the Jungle)

During Princess orientation day, her teacher did ask us at which gate we are picking her up as we are not allow to enter the school compound. There are 3 gates in the school. Side gate (a bit far from her classroom), main gate (traffic congested, too many buses and no shelter in case of rain – so not suitable) and small gate (met all my criteria – checked). Told the teacher my choice and she jotted down on her paper.

On the first day of school, while I was driving to pick her up in the evening, I just let my imagination wonder a bit far and wild. What should I do if I don’t see her there. How about… if she just dissapear or was kidnapped and I can’t locate her anywhere. Neh, I have confidence in Princess. She’s a matured girl. She don’t wander away and i don’t think I’m that sui (unlucky) to have my daughter kidnapped on her first day of school (TOUCHWOOD!!!!)

As I was already 15minutes late, I park illegally, hurried to the small gate leaving son in the car with the engine still running (don’t you dare start lecturing on safety *sticking out tongue*). There’s a teacher and a guard there with lots of little children waiting patiently. My eyes was searching for that little girl with short hair with a rosy chubby cheek. Or at least I’m waiting for a girl to called out at me, “Mummyyyyyyyyyy.” My eyes scanned thru all the little faces. Second scan, third scan. Where’s my girl? I can’t see her anywhere not even at the nearby corridor. Boy oh boy! You can see my panicky face now. The teacher in charge ask me to check at the other gate just in case of any misunderstanding. It’s quite impossible but just to make things sure.

Right after walking 8 paces, a friend of mine stop me by grabbing on my shoulder as I was walking with my head looking down at my foot.

“You are looking for your daughter issit.”

“Ya! Ya!”

“She’s in my car”

“Yaaaaaaa ka!”

“She was waiting at the main gate nervously look left and right for you. We have been calling your mobile. Why no pick up wan?”

“Huh? I’m holding on my mobile the whole day. No ringing also.”

To cut the long story short, the teacher (ahem! Very polite liao hor cos I thought of putting the word idoitic there) bring her to the main gate. Haloooo! I did told her side gate and she even jot that down on her paper. What happen?

And the story about my friend. When I reach her car to look for Princess, I saw her holding on to my friend’s mobile phone. It just snapped me as why my phone is not ringing. MY DAUGHTER DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO USE A MOBILE PHONE. DUHHHHH!!!! She only know how to punch in the numbers but obviously she didn’t notice the send button. Dunno should laugh or cry. But when I told hubby the story, I was laughing at the mobile phone incident. Kids will still be a kids. My friend definitely underestimate my daughter’s ability.

And… and…. the whole road was so freaking congested with cars, I was stuck in the traffic for another 30mins all thanks to the traffic light. By the time I reach home it’s 7.20pm. Boohoo. So I paid that friend another whooping RM100 for chaffering her to and fro!!! Another arm and leg have to be amputated liao.

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