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I saw Nicole Kidman in Planet Hollywood!!!

Talking about Planet Hollywood everybody also get excited liao. hehe… Really! Nicole Kidman was there. I’m not pulling your leg. Let me show you the choronical of that night. And who say only angmoh country got blue sky? Look at the 1st picture above and tell me what colour is the sky. BLUE!!! It’s BLUE!!!

A week before, I called up Planet Hollywood to place a booking. The conversation goes like this….

Aminah: Heloooo
Me: Hi. Can I check with you a few things? Do you allow children to dine in your restaurant?
Aminah: Hold on.

(And there I am, holding on. And still holding on. And holding on…. till the line disconnected. I called them for the 2nd time…)

Aminah: Helooo.
Me: Hi. Do you allowed children to dine if your restaurant?
Aminah: Hold on.

(And there I am AGAIN, holding on. And still holding on. And holding on…. till the line disconnected. I called them for the 3rd time and this time I’m kinda pissed.)

Aminah: Helo.
Aminah: Hold on.

(She just yelled across the room which I can hear very clearly. “Bang, tak tau aper dia nak la”. Wah lau, you tell me you angry or not? When that abang take over the receiver, I gave him a piece of my mind! “For goodness sake, if she don’t understand English just say so la.”)

Oh, excuse me for a moment. Son need to go wee-wee.

My oh my, see how elegant is their gent washroom.

Wait! I can explain on this….. Oh, nevermind. Who’s interested to hear anyway (*whistling away)

I better go check out the Ladies washroom.

Wah, why so scary wan? The shark is supposed to be in the Gent’s and not here. Nevermind. I love them anyway. It brightens and cheer up the atmosphere in here. “Can I bring my food in here?”

Talking about the food, I’ll give them 7/10. Some dishes are really nice. But their salad is nothing to shout at.

Presentation skills was excellent.

Every nooks and corner in Planet Hollywood makes you die for camwhoring.

They are all so nicely design with a taste of Hollywood basically everywhere.

They even have a shisha’s room. This is me again… camwhoring in the shisha’s room 😳

Hmm… very familiar huh. Where did I see them before…… oh, it’s my new banner. Duhh.

Do you know what is a Shisha?

shishapheeweett…. sui jar boh.

And we eat, and talk, and laugh, and argue…. A big happy family with 11 adults, 5 children and 3 babies!!!!

Which Planet are you from?

How do you make a blogger happy? – throw her a digital camera and give her all the permission to click away. That is all what a blogger ask for πŸ™‚

I’m saving the best part of the event for last. Nicole David Kidman!!!

-_- Check out the small print at the bottom -_- Looks like they sent the lip print for colour copying and distribute to all the outlet. Potong stim hor…

This is not all. I have tones of pics of the place safely store in my memory stick. For example the hand prints of celebrity on the white cement. You should check out Mickey’s hand print and his signature!!!! I love them so much!!!! And they have table football to entertain the children and adults too. Not forgetting the live band which started at 11pm so that you can jam away. But I won’t go back there for their food that’s for sure. Wanna know what’s the damage???

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Siao Bai Chai & Shitaki Mushroom

After 2 weeks without posting of what I’ve been cook, today I’m back again. Woohoo!!! Something very simple yet elegant. Not to mentioned, and healthy cos it is organic.


Organic Siao Bai Chai (I’m so sorry I couldn’t recalled the english name.  The nearest name I’ve found in Google is Baby Bok Choy)
5 fresh Organic Shitaki Mushroom
Olive Oil
Oyster sauce


Blanch Siao Bai Chai in half cup of water. Removed the vege and safe the water for gravy. Arrange blanched vege in a serving plate.

For the sake of presentation, Dear – if you want to impressed your love ones πŸ˜‰

In a wok, heat olive oil and brown the garlic. Add in the earlier water and bring them to a boil before adding oyster sauce and mushroom.

Place the mushroom gravy at the centre of the vege.

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Ipoh White Coffee and Curry Mee don’t blend well

I had Curry Mee for lunch today with a few ex-schoolmates somewhere in Sunway Mas today. If you were to ask if it is good, I’ll give it a 6 out of 10. A very big dissapointment to me as I’ve always been a big fan of see-hum (clam) but they have none at all!!!! To me, a good bowl of Curry mee must have lots of taugeh (bean sprout), lots of see-hum (clam) and mint leaves. Instead of see-hum, they gave 6 slices of siew-yoke (roast pork) which I would say…. acceptable. But I’m still looking for the see-hum!!!!! I want my see-hum!!!! πŸ™ Ok, enough of that.

Next, I had 2 big cup of iced Ipoh White Coffee. I’m not a coffee lover but somehow, dunno why this afternoon I seem to have the urge for coffee. I had the 2nd helping cos whenever we meet for lunch, we will talk till the cow comes home and will joke and laugh so loud others will thought we are insane. aitelyu, if you put Foochows together, you will need a earplug cos Foochows can talk real loud as tho we are fighting. No joke!

And today is also a special day.


Yes, Sir! He’s my ex-teacher and also cousin’s of Sultan Azlan Shah (let’s see if anyone believe this, tehehe)

Oh, and why I say Ipoh white coffee and curry mee don’t blend well.

#1 – I found out I am caffein intolerance which makes me drowzy or I may say sleepy. Seriously! Too scary to even think of it. Thanks God I’m able to keep myself concious while driving on the road with lots of yawning and tugging of my hair to keep me temporary sane!!!
#2 – I had a bad nausea at 6pm today which makes me wanna throw up.

I’m feeling much better now. Thank you very much.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIR!!!

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Traffic Warden Wannabe

During the last festive season, the Road Transport Department urge the citizen to become their traffic wardens by sending pictures or videos of traffic offenders.

First they implemented “No-mobilephone-while-driving”. Now they encourage us to take picture of traffic offenders while driving. Huh?! You tell me which is more dangerous? You will know the answer after reading #2.

Let say, that day you are very sui (unlucky). You snap a picture of a traffic offender. He is none other than the Pa Sang Tai Kor Tai Tai (Klang Gangster Head!)!!! Now he tailgate you and make you stop at the road side. Of course he’s treatening you to hand over your mobilephone failing which be prepared to see your obituary in Nanyang Siang Pau (chinese newspaper). Now that you’ve gave them your mobilephone and deleted the pic, next they want to take a picture of you from their mobile phone. It’s a warning if anything happen to them, they will come after you. At this moment, that Pa Sang Tai Kor Tai Tai koncu-koncu (assistant) arrived at the scene. Want me to go on or not????

So, you think so easy ka. Don’t be so kay poh (busybody) and simple take other people’s picture unless you do it secretly. But then hor…. read #3.

You spotted a traffic offender. You took out your mobilephone and still mingling with the keypad trying to switch them to camera mode at the same time keeping your stearing wheel from swirling beyond your boundary line. Suddenly Mr. Mata (Policeman) on 2 wheels appear beside you. No need me to finish the story liao. I bet you know the answer. Say bye-bye to your $$$.

So, do you still want to be the Citizen Traffic Warden. Think again. JPJ did not promise you any reward. On the other hand, there’s so many consequences you have to consider.

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Latest Headline on TheStar

Former Prime Minister hospitalised after suffering from a heart attack. Read all on TheStar online news.

Wished him speedy recovery. Can’t bear to hear any bad news happening to him as this will weeken our already week Ringgit. What else? It’s year end and it’s bonus time. You know how evil is some bosses always with the excuses – “Bad Economy!!!!”

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Meet my Future Son-in-law


Day in, day out, Princess has been talking about this boy called Terrance. Our conversation would go like this at time:

“Mummy, next time my birthday I want to invite Terrance. Then he must sing High School Musical song to me.”


“Mummy, you know next time I want to marry who?”


“Yes! And one more person.”



or… she will be teasing her brother and they will start arguing…

“Carlgene is not a basketball gamer. Terrance is a basketball gamer.”

“No, Carlgene is a basketball gamer.”

“No, Terrance is a basketball gamer because Terrance can sing High School Musical song.”

Did you notice Terrance is associates with High School Musical? According to Princess, Terrance can sing and dance very well. Hmm…. this is for Mummy to find out. Finally during her Kindie Concert, I get to see his boy called Terrance! And again our conversation….

“Mummy, I want to take photo with Terrance.”

“I don’t see him around. I think he went home already”

“No la. He’s in the toilet.”

“How you know?”

“There! That is his kor-kor (big brother) waiting for him.”


When Terrance is out from the Gent, I teased him…

“You better pose something like High School Musical because Kharsyn say you very cleaver!”

See this? See this? I HEART TERRANCE also!!! No wonder Princess has been talking about him day and night. He’s such a poser! Oh, before I go on, I must tell you this. Both my children (6 and 4y/o) is crazy over High School Musical. They will listen to their song everyday!!! Yes, that is everyday whenever they are in the car. If Channel 61 air their MTV during time-slot, omg, you can hear them screaming so loud. Sometime our conversation will go like this again…

“Mummy, next time my birthday, can Gabrella and Troy come and sing at my party?”

“Wah, you think Mummy is Spice Girl or Michael Jackson ah? Very expensive la.”

“Please! Please! Only Gabrella and Troy. Sharpay no need to come. She is bad girl.”

If you watch the movie, you will understand my conversation. I was wondering kids nowadays is exposed to adult world at a very early age. When I was 6, gosh…. I think I’m out in the garden playing with pebbles! These kids even know how to enjoy adult teenager movie and oogling over them. Gosh! But I can say High School Musical is a very good movie especially the Dance along version.

Can’t help to be cheeky πŸ˜€ .

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Talking about Christmas thissssss early?

Did you feel anything amissed on Monday while reading my blog? Yeah, I am supposed to post picture of what I’ve cooked and it’s been 2 weeks now that I’ve gave them a missed. As you know, I’ve been busy travelling due to the long holiday. Either that, I have my hands full with kiddos, halloween and more spring cleaning getting ready for Christmas. ooOOoo… look at how fast time had passed and Christmas is just another month to go.

Talking about Christmas, I’ve been attending a cookery class to brush up my western cooking skills at Recreational Cooking Classes. Thanksgiving is a good excuse for me to show off what I’ve learn master especially my pasta cooking skills and whipped up some western food especially pasta since kids love them so much.

So much talking of pasta, this post is not perfect without a pic of pasta.

hehe…. there you go.

Who would need a recipe book when I can get all my pasta recipe from this website? 30 pasta recipes!!! I will experiment the recipe one day each. Wow! Just right on time for Christmas before deciding on which to cook. Any volunter as a guinea pig?

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Krista Kindergarten Annual Concert & Graduation 2006

This will be the final kindie concert for Princess (6y/o) and the first for Prince (4y/o). The show kick off with a drama by the final year students (*Jessie passing pop corn around the audience* πŸ˜€ ).

The Ugly Duckling

Princess play the role of mother duck. Seen here, she is keeping her eggs warm. lol.

Four out of the five eggs hatched.

… fast forward….

Mother duck protecting Ugly Duckling from some swans who came and tease…. her?

Can someone please tell me the gender of Ugly Duckling? And so the drama was pretty boring and the tape was snipped by the Director which is ahem, Me! *The End*

Prince was in a dance called Batty Bat.

Batty (left hand up), batty (right hand up), one two three open (both hands open and let out a leg punching).

Look at his punch. Full of umph!

Another pic of him with the Bat’s thriller soundtrack.

The Batty, Batty, Batty thriller soundtrack has been playing in my head the whole day. lol

This is Princess again with the dance called Chicken Little.

Check out that awsome gigantic green spectacle almost similar to Chicken Little.

… and the dance end with John Travolta trademark.

This is the graduation girl with her principles.

The one in blue shirt is a Sitiawanese too. What a small world huh.

Fellow comrades!

Can’t fit all of them in the picture πŸ™ . Vowed to myself must learn the art of photo stitching.

Three Stooges!!!

They have been attending the same kindie since 3 years old and a very very very closed buddy too. Sad to say, the three of them will be in a different school next year. Hope their friendship will last forever with the new technology advancement called mobile phone and internet!

Now, this is the final pic and the end of the concert and graduation night. The prize giving!


On your left is 3rd runner-up. On your right is 2nd runner-up and also one of Princess best friend and also the overall best student. It is such a relieve to me knowing that all my hardwork (nagging), time spent (chauffeuring), strength and sweat ($$$ RM90 p/m!!!) has paid off. Of course it’s her hardwork too. She deserved all the praise and credit. Like the saying goes – Behind every successful child, there is a kiasu mother 😳 .

Prince: Me leh, me leh. What did I get?

Mummy: You ah? …..if there is a prize for “The Naughties Student”, I think you will be the winner.

Short Talk: Before planning a vacation, you will need to do quite a lot of homework on cheap hotels as well as the existing vacation deals being offered at places. DonÒ€ℒt forget to have a look at the cruise deals too.

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Whenever I watch western movies on teevee where the whole family would sit around the dining table to have a proper meal, I felt ashame of myself realising I’ve failed to creat that ambience and what some of them called? The bonding and quality time spent on the dining table.

My 2 elder kiddos age 6 and 4, prefer to have their meal in front of the teevee while the baby age 20months is BANNED!!! from having her meal anywhere near the dining table. I love my Ikea breakfast tray. Kids can use them as a makeshif dining table or a writing table.

Once you’ve started the bad habit, it’s hard to implement again the meal-on-proper-dining-table. If you have not started any of those, better don’t. Bad habit is hard to break.

p/s: And you should think why i’m putting this post under “Joy of Parenthood” category? I need a new category called “Dilemma of Parenthood”.

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Custard Apple & Jujube

Custard Apple come in green or magenta. They are soft when it’s ready to consume. Apply some pressure by pressing on the skin.

The flesh is milky white. It tasted juicy and sweet. The art of enjoying them is, take a mouth full of flesh, wiggle your mouth with the coordination of your tongue and teeth to seperate the flesh from the black seed.

Don’t swallow the seed!!! Spit them out. Repeat the whole process again.

JUJUBE aka Red Dates

The usual red dates found in Malaysia is sun dried. They look like this.

Common huh.

This is the fresh ones from Beijing. And no! I didn’t go to China.

You can see some is still green but the fruits will turn red when it is fully ripe.


Taste sweet and crunchy. But the skin is a bit hard. So it makes them… chewy.

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