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Foot Reflexology

While I was in Penang, I went for my first foot reflexology. Not quite sure if it is Bali or Thai or even Chinese massage cos the owner is a local Chinese who engage Indons reflexologist and using herbs from China. Hmm… nevermind about that.

Firstly, they put something like powders in lukewarm water for you to soak your feet in there.

Within minutes, the powders turn into gel-like and thickens the water. The gel is like “sago”. You know sago? Those tiny white round-round thing in your red bean soup? It also looks exactly like those gel in your baby’s disposable diaper.

As minutes passed, the water gets thicker and thicker.

Then they put in another dunno-what-powder in the gel. Instantly you can feel the water dilute again. So powerful like magic lidat πŸ˜€ .

A Queen ought to do what a Queen needs to do.

Suddenly I felt so pampered. Felt like a Queen!

The real stuff started *jeng, jeng, jeng* with lots of moaning and groaning to set you off some orgasm….



*biting lips*

*tears rolling down*


that’s better………..



Oh, nooooooooooooo

Sini sakit, sana sakit (here pain, there pain)

Pelan, pelan dik… (softly, sis)

hehe… I’m just exxagerating the situation. Reflexology is more about health than relaxation. Our feet is divided into reflexes that were linked to other areas and organs of our body. Reflexologist will then use their hands to apply pressure to the feet and working on a specific points. If you felt tearful when they applied the pressure, it could means a certain areas of your body part is having complication for example, digestive disorder (MY MAJOR PROBLEM!!!), back pain, migraine, hormone imbalance, stressful and etc….

If you have not try them, give it a try. It does you good more than harm. Since weekend is around the corner, go get some relaxation and indulge yourself like a King or Queen. Bring along your mom too if you are planning to go and don’t forget to say hi to your mom for me πŸ˜€ .

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Sacrifices for Beauty

How often do you go for a facial?  Beauticians recommended twice a month or at least once a month.  I’m wayyyyyy less than that.  Something like once every 4 months or none at all 😳

I have oily skin on my forehead, nose and cheek.  They called it  ‘t’  junction.  These few years, I’ve notice a few problem arises on my facial skin – freakles, stuck oil glands and dehydrated skin *shudder*.  All these are sign of getting old.  Yes!  I’m getting old!!!  Don’t even mentioned SKII.  A bottle of cleanser is equivalent to my kiddos school fees.

The most common problem I had is stuck oil glands.

Make sure to get rid of the oil bag or else it will grow bigger and of course ugly too.  It is a painful procedure but bearable.  Hey, there is nothing as painful as labour pain ok.

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This is the reason I’m not around the last 2 days.

Touch wood, hor! This is not mine. This belongs to my mom. She just had her fibroid and uterus removed. The picture above is her uterus with both fallopian tubes and ovaries weighing approximately 564gm. The uterus measures 115 x 110 x 70mm. The uterus contains a large submucous fibroid measuring 80mm in diameter.

The thought of developing fibroid or cyst is kinda scary cos one out of five female will get them. I’m thinking in my next life, probably I’ll opt to be a male. I’m leaving all the medical terms to the expert as I do not want to mislead my readers here and you know how bitchy is our gahment. They can sue you and put you in jail, you know!!!

Well, last Friday I was with my Manager to get a few days off so that I can care for my mom as she is staying about 3 hours drive (Penang la) away from where I stay. Out of 6 sisters, only a few of us can cook. So I volunter to cook for her. My Manager praise that I’m a good daughter. I would think otherwise. This is my duty being a daughter to care for her.

When I was on my 3rd confinement, Mom, who is 56y/o then, drove all the way from Sitiawan (which is about 3 hours journey) every Friday just to cook for me. And they left for Sitiawan again on Sunday afternoon. Mom and Dad travel every weekend to my house for the whole month. Well, if my Mom volunter to do that for me, why can’t I?

But I do need to whine about caring for sick patient. Urghhhh!!!! I almost got my temper blown off. It’s not easy aitelyu. But I’m glad to return back to work. I love my job. I love being in the office and clicking away on my puter. *muaks, muaks! kiss, kiss my puter!*

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Mid Autumn Festival – Part III

Cute or not this piggy? So cute until I don’t have the heart to eat them o_0.

This was given to us by one of Hubby’s business associates. Thanks AMELIA!!!!! You made my day this morning πŸ™‚ . I was histerical when I open up the box to find rows of cute little piggies. They are all so cuteeeeeee.

Oh, before I forget, this is also another type of mooncake. In my hometown, they put the piggy in a red plastic cage. Last year I managed to buy some of those piggy-in-red-cage, but this time round I hardly see anyone selling them. Hmm… I recalled seeing the red cage in the kiddos toy basket. Will try to rumage thru them tonight and show you guys.

The piggies is so cute and tempted me to camwhore a bit. You know me well. I don’t camwhore. I have 3 models to take over the role πŸ˜‰ . But womennnnn. They have crazy hormones!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all.

Remember to call your elders and wish them too. While you are there, say hi to your mom for me. Oh, Simple American can say hi to your mil for me πŸ˜€ .

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*Red Alert*

Mood level – 80% low

Relatively 19.9% better than yesterday.


Have you been in this situation before where you are stuck in between decision to choose between two and both are relatively important to you? I have! And I know it’s not easy to decide.

After going thru this situation twice, I kinda conclude a certain criteria in a person’s life. It might not be you, but i know there are plenty of them out there.

What will you do if you are given to choose between career and family? Well, If you have family but no money, you won’t have a happy family. But if you choose career, what will your family think of you? So I’ll still say that money win!

With money you can have another family (probably get a more beau.ti.ful wife or hensemer husband). Without money you are nothing!!!! -_-

I’m going back to my couch now to think again. Maybe counting petals might help. money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… money… family… *sigh…

*urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh* I’m going crazy -_-

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Grudge 2 on LDP Highway

I’ve been using the same highway to work every morning for the past 6 years and am very familiar with every cornerings or potholes on the road.

Till one morning as I was maneuvering this sharp flyover cornering….





Out of the sudden….






knncbb!!! Scare or not? Scare or not? aitelyu, my heart was pumping so fast. I thought how come morning also got ghost wandering on the highway. You tell me la, where got people put up such a billboard on the highway πŸ˜• πŸ˜• ❗ ❗

Worst of all, it was on a FLYOVER SHARP CORNERING!!! Just imagine this, a women driver with a heart as small as…. as…. a….. FROG! The fright can make her lost control and hit on the bridge rail and cause the car to sommersault and land 12 feet under.

Where is the censorship board when we needed them?

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Don’t trust Women behind the wheel

Ladies out there. What will you do if you are in this situation?

This is what I do.

Reach for my mobile and dial 1-800-HUBBY. Kau tim! I know nuts about car. All I do is get in there and drive.

Oh btw, I have this problem. Eventho I have Enough gasoline, the indicator still keep on blinking. But if my petrol is at the “F” which I presume it’s Finish, the indicator will go off. How weird πŸ™„ .

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Buddha Palm


Core skin and dice not so thinly buddha palm, cut some garlic and dry prawns (hee bee).


Remove the skin on that vege with a peeler or knife. Cut thinly. Heat a spoonful of cooking oil, saute garlic thereafter dry prawns. Add in vege, water and seasoning. Cook for approximately 5 minutes.

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