Bento Mania #88 – Back to School

10 paragraph essay outline format June 29, 2009 at 2:13 pm · Filed under Bento Mania

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Nothing go to waste in my house. *evil grin*

On another unrelated matter pertaining on Michael Jackson’s death. My 7 years old came home from school and told me this, “I think he put lipstick, then died.” Adoi mak, where on earth did he get that idea.

And for my 9 years old, I showed her some video clips of Michael Jackson and she goes, “HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!”…  “HE IS SO UGLY!” Sorry about that MJ.  I did explained to her why he become like ‘that’. Told her about black turning white, about plastic surgery, what is side effect, etc.  But she still goes, “BUT I can’t believe it, HE IS SO UGLY!” I think she doesn’t like how MJ looks like but she love the song “We Are The World” since she was a child.  Then I thought maybe I should show her some ‘nicer’ pictures of MJ in the 80s.  Too bad the video cards on the laptop decided to do the ‘Michael Jackson’ too.  Wrong timing.

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  1. 2ma said,

    July 1, 2009 @ 8:49 am

    ur kids get all the nice bento meals, and you have to eat all the “leftovers”. poor mummy! but the joy is watching the kids finished up what you have prepared for them hor?

    p/s: gd to know that your back is fine

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