Malacca Zoo Trip

During the 4 days of Hari Raya break, we was invited for a open house makan-makan in Malacca. We decided to make it a day trip since my parents bunk at my place to visit my other sister who recently gave birth to a baby boy.
The only fun and interesting place a child could visit is the Zoo. It was indeed quite a rush trip in the zoo as we try not to tired ourself as Hubby need to drive back to Klang again. All I can say is…. I’ve seen what I want to see. I need something more spactacular.
I mean the ANIMALS! lol

It was a wet and humid day. Each of us has a total of 4 ice-creams to cool ourselves and quenched our thirst. This marked our latest record of most ice-creams consumed in 2 hours. lol. It’s a holiday afterall. The kids get to eat whatever they like πŸ˜‰

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Grandma’s Birthday cum Pangkor Island Trip

After meeting up with Chiwiland, we went to Pangkor Island. That is where my Mom’s hometown is and where my maternal Grandma is residing after she got married to my late Grandpa. Fyi, Grandma is a Penang lang.

Tip: If you plan to go Pangkor Island, remember this. At the Lumut jetty, ferry operator is selling the tickets at Rm10 for tourists and RM6 for Pangkorists.

Not many people know about it. More like a hush-hush thingy among authorities, but my Mom warned us beforehand that we should pay for the tickets at RM6. I mean, we are still a locals and these people hike up the price to earn from tourist. So, what happened was…. my Mom went and bought the ticket.

“Sepuluh ringgit.”


Of course, the ticket seller was caught by surprise and was dumbfolded. πŸ˜€

We made a stop at my Grandma’s house. As usual, my aunt had prepared a big pot of asam laksa. That was our favourite! Maklumlah, ikan kembung (mackeral fish) originate from Pangkor. And… and… do I have to add? Aunt uses the traditional way to cook the stock, i.e. by using charcoal and clay pot! Syok 99!

During our younger days, we used to stay over night at my Grandma’s house. Nowadays, you know… our family members have multiplied by 4. There is no way to accomodate so many of us plusssssssssssss I CAN’T SLEEP WITHOUT AIRCON!

Off we went and checked in at the hotel near the beach. Woohoo! Suaku city people like me love bitches beaches.

I have sea phobia; sudden drop + big wave + swept by wave + drowning. It all happened again when we recklessly assumed one of us is watching the kids. I’m sorry baby. But when unexpected things happen, please don’t blame the other to make yourself look innocent. Ok? But, didn’t I tell you to play at the beach and not in the water???!!! Huh! Huh!

We had fun digging a hole and burying Baby Princess in it. At the beginning, she was smiling and laughing with us. After sometime of wiggling, she found out that she can’t move any of her body part. She was wailing for help. All we could do is continue laughing and mummy is so bad to camwhore with her. lol

Beach isn’t complete without going for a stroll for seashells. And I stumble upon this right before my big toe.

I have seen and picked star fish but not this type of seashell with an engraved star on it. Overall, we found 4 of this. Isn’t God creation marvellous?

I waited whole afternoon……

… where art thou?

By the time I finish writing this post, it turn out more than “Pangkor Island Trip cum Grandma’s Birthday”. lol

So, Grandma is turning 93y/o this year. Still going healthy and strong.

Typical chinese with typical red eggs.

Dinner so-so only. Nothing much to show off but I’m sure this is attractive!

Mantis prawn in steam egg. The taste? Really nothing to shout about. This is not my usual food angle. They look a bit crappy to me. What to do? I’m sharing a table with my other cousins and they can’t wait to dig into this dish.

The whole night I have been bribing my kids with this,

“Who did not finish the rice, tomorrow cannot sit fast-fast boat.”

“Who is naughty, tomorrow cannot sit fast-fast boat.”

“Time to sleep. Don’t talk. If not tomorrow cannot sit fast-fast boat.”

So, be good ya? Tomorrow I bring you go sit fast-fast boat πŸ˜‰

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My Old Man’s Day

Last weekend was my Dad’s 69th birthday. As usual, we will book a place for makan (eat) preferably in a private room so that the kids can run wild without distracting other patronage.This year, we had the dinner in Palace of The Golden Horses.

Every year, the number of family members is increasing tremendously. I’m talking about baby boom! From one grandchild to three, then 5, then 9! Next year, my dad shall have a new addition of family members. That is a big number of 10! And of course Dad will have a big bash when he is 70! Wow! Look at all the numbers here.

My wishes for Dad is 白倴偕老 倀比南山
(white head till old aka Longivity) and 身体ε₯εΊ·(Good health).


Of course we camwhore!

We took turn to pose with my parents and Prince insisted that he wanted to be a Superman.

There we go, Superman! *sigh… Then, he wants to be a Spiderman! Aiyah, we quickly shoo him away. Ka-ka-ciau-ciau (disturbing) only.

While at the lobby, we camwhore a bit too. These are my favourite photos.

With Mom and Youngest Sis (psst… still single and available!)

Ever since I started blogging, my parents kinda accept my siaoness in photography. For example:

“Ma, what time are you cooking the fish head curry ah?”


“Aiyah, wait for me to come first.”


“Want to take photo la.”


Nowadays, they are more willingly to pose for me.

“Ok, both of you hold hands. Back facing the camera. Head turn back…. Body don’t turn! Only the head!”

Aiyah, like this la…

(psst… my youngest Sis is still single and available)

Of course when I say “like this”, I’m showing my Mom what is captured on the camera’s monitor. Then she will go, “So small. I can’t see la. No spect.” That’s my Mom -_-‘

Not bad hor. Look at the hotel’s corridor and light-up ceiling. Blend well with the lovey-dovey couple. Hmm…. photo a bit bland without decoration.

Let’s see…


Recently, I’ve upgraded my Photofiltre version to Studio 9. I’m crazy over the new tools! I love them so much. Of course this one is trial version. Sienz.

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Random Post – Crafting, Mischevious, Birthday, Talented & Hero!

Crafting: Easter Eggs

Kids + paint = DISASTER! *sigh…

For the sake of Disaster Easter Day, I let the kids paint the eggs with tight supervision. But gawd knows why i have to keep on running to the kitchen for some towel and more towels. Baby Princess was frustrated with the painting, that’s when she started to paint on the newspaper. Cleber girl πŸ˜‰ .

Not only that, she cleaned her stained hand on her shirt! I have to bleached her shirt, clean the chair pad, mop the floor and the wall cos gawd knows why the paint fall from the table and splattered all over! That’s end of the painting for her. The two eldest carry on with their painting with lots of arguing – “That’s my egg!” “Yours is so ugly!” “Boy don’t use Pink, OK?” *shudder*

Mischievious – The Story of the Poor Bin

Trying to act cute?

I don’t find them funny anymore. I had enough of her! I carried her down. She climbed up again. That’s when I used the clothes hanger and piak her butt and dragggggggg her down! She refused, struggled and started yelling and crying. The situation turned so chaotic I can sense the neighbour is going to dial 1-800-CHILD-ABUSE.

Birthday – 7 wonders of the year.

Sometime last week, Princess celebrated her 7th birthday without making a big hoo-haa over it. She wanted a party but Mummy is frighten of the aftermath clean-up. Infact, she was caught in a total suprise when we gave her a surprised birthday cake in Baskin Robbin.

She almost shed tears of joy when the waitress bring over the cake along with us singing to her the international birthday song. As usual la, Mummy is the emotional type. Was singing while choking and holding on to her tears. After all, she’s still my baby, ok! A big and heavy baby.

“But Mummy, my birthday is tomorrow.” Well, this is what we called a ‘Surprised Birthday Celebration’ *ngek.

Talented – The Musician and the Dancer

Princess was practising on her violin while Baby Princess was watching. Out of a sudden, she got up and started dancing.

Swirling and showing off her flare.

Makes me feel like I have a small concert at home. lol

Hero – Is that a bird? Is that an aeroplane? NO, it’s Superman!

Let the picture do the talking….

Who need Daddy when we have a Superhero at home?

Clap hand la, everybody.

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She’s no Longer a “Baby”

Just yesterday we remember seeing her in her birthday suit. Within minutes, little one was wrapped up in blanket and rompers. Today, her chubby body snugged perfectly under that long flowing dress.

Being the 3rd child in the family, she had to share Mummy and Daddy’s love and attention with her two other siblings. You can’t blame Mummy when she totally forgot about the Birthday cake πŸ˜†

And since TGIFriday refuse to give me a discount on dining, I won’t give them another good review nor post up any of the food and that yummilicious creamillious devilish mud pie *blueh*

Nah! Left over from Jurrasic Park *ngek*

I missed Tony’s Roma steak so much. Maybe during my Birthday, I’ll eat my heart out there.

Here’s a video for viewing pleasure if you are interested to know how their staffs make such a stomping ruckus during birthday celebrations that the next country also can hear.

“Baby, tell all the lengchai Uncle and lenglui Aunty how old are you today?”

Oops… bad habit die hard. We will still be calling her “Baby” at home cos she’s still a “Baby” in our eyes.

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My Prince is 4 today!

How on earth did I get 5 candles up there??!!!

Since I didn’t want to rush things on a weekday, we had an early celebration over the weekend as some of you might have already notice.

Apart from serving mee suah (vermicelle) and hard boiled egg (make sure you serve 2 eggs and not one! (Lidat only balance wat πŸ˜‰ *hint, hint) for the birthday boy, later of the day we went to T.G.I. FRiDAY!.
I love TGIF. I love their food, environment and their service especially if you are celebrating your birthday there, they will give you a slice of chocolate moist cake and a small presentation by their staffs. Kiddos love the place after we celebrated Baby Princess’s 1st Birthday there.

Prince with one of their waiter.

Don’t worry. Not every staff dress up like him. You would have though you had stepped into some circus but… hey, basically every of their staff has a bit of resemblance of graduating from the University of Circus! I mean, gosh! Look at their uniform, wonder where did they get so many badges?

Can you see the difference between staff in plain uniform and staff with lots of badges? I think they looks so cool don’t they? Below pic is a small song dedication to the birthday boy. Prince love their reggae/rap (what ever you called them). He has been impersonating their clapping ever since and shouting something that we can’t understand. But we know he mimic the staff in TGIF. So cute can die lidat.

Even tho we bring along our Birthday cake, they insist we had that slice of cake as it is their tradition. See, everyone had their own tradition. Not a bad thing, huh. “Kasi tapau boleh ka?” (“Can I have a doggy bag?”) lol. Before I could say that, kiddos munch them all up.

This is what we had for dinner. The rest that is not featured here is nothing to shout about.

Three of US!

If you browse thru their menu carefully, majority of their steaks is served in Jack Daniel’s sauce.

aitelyu, this is the best sauce that I’ve eaten in my whole life and it would be in my “10 Food to Eat Before I Die” list!

Dessert – Mud Pie

Lipsmacking, gooey, creamy, chocolatey Mud Pie! So sinful yet a die for!!! You can trust me on this. I don’t blog anything that is not worth bloggin especially in a thread that is dedicated to my son and now it almost turn out to be a food review blog *slap forhead*. The chocolate is so delicious that I have to scrap the remaining and lick the fork. Well, if I were at home, I’ll lift up the plate and start licking right there!

Now you know why I like the place so much. First the staff put up an amazing presentation, then the food is so yummilicious I must ask them for the Jack Daniel’s recipe. My guest also in a happy mood and decided to camwhore a bit.

Phee weetttt…

Me? How to be happy when the bill came. RM180++ !!! (bye bye $$$) I patroned that place so often and I think I deserved a discount card or at least something la. Must go claim from them or else won’t give them another review when I eat there, hor.

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