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Thank you HSBC! Thank you Osim!

A week after my birthday, I received a birthday card from HSBC Bank – Credit Card Centre . Along with the birthday card, they included a Osim gift voucher for redemption at any Osim Centre for a battery operated toothbrush.

(Manglish post coming up. Soliiiiiiiiiiiiiii.)

Usually, I will ignore their marketing gimmicks. You know la, they say it’s your birthday, no need to purchase anything to get free thing. But hor, where got such a big frog jumping on the street wan. Sekali you go, they will try to sell you this and that. Sai hei. Then one day, I read Sengkor magic post and thought, maybe I should give myself a chance. Anyway, this is electric toothbrush wor. Dem expensive 99. The most I kena lecture few minutes or few hours la.

Then hor…. the usual lazy busy me. Proscrascinate till last minute cos the voucher only valid for one month from the date of my birthday. So, yesterday I went and redeemed my gift. Ear plug all get ready liao.

Once I reach there, I pass them the voucher. That sales girl took them from me and ask for my HSBC credit card and I/C. Then hor, then hor, she ask me to take a seat. In my mind I know what she is up to. Trying to sell me something la. Expected ade. I smile at her and pretending to attend to my 2 monsters. She ask me to sit again saying the procedure will take sometimes cos they need to key in some data. Aiyah, then I ma sit down on their red red dei comfy sofa.

“Oh, this one is the new uPapa”.

Upon hearing that, she quickly walk over to me and ask,

“Miss, wan to try or not.”

Ma try la. Wah lao eh, the uPapa is like a Chinese Drum. Instead of massaging my back, I can imagine someone using a drumstick drumming on my back. Dizzy la wei, lidat. After pretending to be less interested in their product, I ask to try on their uZap. This one very good product but me, boh lui la.

Plus hor, Baby was a bit terrified to see my body shaking. Actually I also beh tahan. Dah lah my tummy so flabby, that uZap can shake it to the max! After a while listening to yeh sou story, I saw my gift ready on the counter liao. So I quickly walk over to claim it. The sales girl again ask,

“Miss, since this is your birthday, we are giving you 5% off the uZap. Very good price liao.”

*smiling and shaking my head* Quickly cabut without checking on the product.

Once I reached home, dem excited liao. First thing I do is try on the toothbrush. Fuyoh, syok 99. like a virgin first time popping the cherry. Somemore hor, the electric toothbrush cleans better than my convention toothbrush. Now my teeth is smooth and sparkle!

Thought want to take pic on the toothbrush but last night too late and lazy liao. Want to sleep ma. So this morning, I google the pic for you all la.

Exactly the same model and colour, minus the toothbrush holder, butterfly and cup.

So I google further. Wah got orange colour also wor. Nice! Thought of buying that for my daughter. Then google again. Aiks! The model name is Osim uKids Sparkle.

For kids wan ah? Dem potong stim liao this time. 666

Still better than nothing hor. A zillion thank you to HSBC Credit Card and Osim. ailubyu 99!

p/s: This HSBC hor, for 3 years liao I’ve been trying to cancel my card but they won’t let me. And for that 3 years I never use my card. Only once when I do “balance transfer”. So you say paiseh or not lidat? They lub me, I lub them too!

p/p/s: Must stop reading Sengkor blog now. His manglish bugs get me this time. No eye see.

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Finally! Moving in to LCD….

What is life like without TeeVee for a week?

Surprisingly, no one put up any grudge except for this poor Mummy who have to deal with more toys lying around the house. Since kids has the bad habit of eating in front of the TeeVee I thought it’s a good opportunity to get them to eat on the dining table. It works for eldest Princess (7 y/o) but not for Prince (5 y/o) who insisted to sit on the floor with his miniature table!

Few days back, Hubby decided to send our Sony to the service centre. He try to hauled the big 29″ ass TeeVee in our Waja but………….. Like I’ve said, it’s a big 29″ ass TeeVee!

Man will always be Man – Instead of putting back the “big ass” on the TeeVee cabinet, Hubby just leave them on the floor.

Kids will always be Kids – What else? 5y/o and 2y/o love to sit on the TeeVee.

Women will always be Women – Expected la. Mummy have to remind them not to play with the TeeVee. The more I reminded them it turns out to be nagging and shouting, “Where is your ear? Can understand or not!” 😳

Finally, after Hubby missed last weekend F1, he decided to set up the projector!


Drink coke, Eat popcorn!

This is just a temporary solution. Will definitely move in to LCD TeeVee when we have the budget.

So, who is up for movie marathon? (but have to one, two, som with my kids la. Sien lor)

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lalala… I’m flying on a jet plane

10 years ago, this is where we go for our pre-honeymoon trip.

10 years later, this is what we planned.

Not bad for a 10th year ‘early’ anniversary, huh.

Today is my last working day. Wish to have a desk like this.

All wrapped up – no dust and no missing stationeries. Aiyah, you will be surprise to hear this. People tend to like my stationeries especially pens. I’m not surprise if it is missing again.

I’ll be gone for two freaking weeks!

I know my keyboard will miss me cos I’m starting to miss them too, that is including my babies at home 😥

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lalala… revealed!

Currently I’m busy with preparation for Chinese New Year and also my trip to Los Angeles. This is also the reason why you don’t see me hijacking your blog that often and goodness gracious! Sibeh busy can die lidat still kena tagged! You know who you are, but don’t worry. I am very sporting wan 😉

I’m almost as blur as sotong now. Dunno should pack for CNY or for the trip as I’m leaving right after my CNY break. *sigh…

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Against Mother Nature

Upon slicing a carrot…. carving! I’ve never seen such a beautiful thing before. How I wish God would made all carrot look like this.

Upon breaking an egg…

It could hatch as a siamese twin.

Try to look out for unusual egg size. It’s kinda huge. My mom said it’s quite common actually. Albeit the double yolk, it’s the perfect double yolk to be use as glazing for cookies. Yeah, Chinese New Year cookies!!!

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Sony Playstation 2

Quick, tell me which game I should buy!!!

I know Athena is crazy over warcraft, so I’ll be adding that to my list.  I need something that is not violent for my 4 y/o.

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Die Hard ‘Cars’ Fan

I think I am more hardcore than Prince.  I’m head-over-heels over Cars merchandises. I can’t resist the temptation of buying each time I saw any of them.  Remember that Essential Cars Guide book that I’ve bought the other time?  This time it was a wind breaker.  Not very expensive cos I bought them from pasar malam (night market)…. sheesh!

It can be folded into a backpack with the fabrics stuff inside.

Not a very good idea as the fabrics was all wrinkle up when you unfold them.

One of the print.


Full front view with the hood on.

Cute leh – Prince also cute right 😉

Back view.  Big bolded prints of McQueen and Mater.

Both of them are just so adorable. I… I mean McQueen and Mater! Seriously dunno why this two brother and sister ended in this position. *gosh*
Oh, and the windbreaker is reversible.  It is orange inside with a simple pencil etch of McQueen.  Totally love it.  Very worth buying for the price of RM35 (US$9.21).

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Smiling from ear to ear!!!

I’m so darn happy!!! I’m so in cloud nine!!! I feel like jumping and dancing in the office!!! But cannot la. Later my kolig thought I crazy liao.

Come, let’s do the boogie!!! I want to do the banana dance. Where to find ah? Nevermind la. I just do the Chicken Little dance. Music pleaseeeeeeeeeeee……

Need to pump up a bit heat in here. ….

errr… you may want to ask why.

Come, let me tell you. You go and download this and install them on your toolbar. From there, you can check the website ranking. After 3 months of blogging and today is their update, I’ve got 4 rank. That is very good already. I am only hoping for 1 or 2 rank. As I know, my grammar and English sucks big time. But 4!!! 4!!!!

Currently I did 5 entries each week. Now can go a bit relaks. But I still want to achieve the 5 rank cos with that I can rent my space for advertisement easily which means pocket money opportunity for me too. That is what I am aiming for.

Don’t want to talk liao. I am so darn happy!!! H.A.P.P.Y!!!!


*throwing coloured confetti in the air*

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Hard Stuff that knock you off overnight!

flab·ber·gast (flăbər-găst)
tr.v., -gast·ed, -gast·ing, -gasts.

To cause to be overcome with astonishment; astound. See synonyms at surprise.

Last week I received a call from Jimbo and says he’s heading back to KL from Johore with Alkapocino with a package for ME! I was flabbergasted! What more when he said it is from Happyghost. Wah!

Yeah, Ghostie mentioned many times to me that he has reserved 2 bottles of wine for me. That was almost a year ago. Just that, whenever he’s in KL for a business trip, his boss will be with him thus make us quite inconvenience to meet up.

Awww…. isn’t that dog cute???As you know, I’m a sucker for cute stuff. So aint gonna sacrifice the Shadow’s run.

And this two bottles of red wine was added to my collection of wines!

Note: These are just part of my wine collections. I have more in the cellar ;). The best part is….. I can’t drink. Just a little. sheesh…..

Thanks Ghostie for the red wines.  And not forgetting JC being the DHL guy all the way from JB and Alkapocino the UPs guy all the way from DP. *muaks!


Oh ya! Talking about wine collections, I am also a hard liquor collector.

As you can see, I am running out of space for display and all those liquor is sandwitch in the small display cabinet thus making them look not so outstanding. I’ll have to think of what to do next.

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Post-mortem from ‘Cars’

If you remember the opening of Cars where Lightning McQueen leap in the air with his tongue out? I think Carlgene looks like him.

Carlgene pick up this book after the movie which I think it’s a good buy too although it’s a bit pricey. But what the heck. Afterall, it’s a book and not a toy right?

It is basically a cars guide book with lots of picture and illustration. I am trying to catch a glimpse of the waterfall or Route 66 but sadly to say, they did not mentioned anything about the history. Managed to show you guys this.

Magnificient view!!!

Yesterday I did a lot of google on Route 66 and was impressed with the journey and history of it. If not with the rising of petroleum, I might make a trip there to conquere it.

Oh ya! Did you notice my new header. Picture courtesy from Eric Swanger took from Carhenge, Nebraska. The Cadillac Ranch, located along the tatters of historic Route 66, was built in 1974, brainchild of Stanley Marsh 3, the helium millionaire who owns the dusty wheat field where it stands. The ten graffiti-covered cars are half-buried, nose-down, facing west “at the same angle as the Cheops’ pyramids.”

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